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2023/1/20 2:16:26
VR180 3D Muvizu Zombies I was interested in seeing if Muvizu could be made to work in 3D VR180 which it turns out it can.

This video can be viewed on normal Youtube but, for obvious reasons, it really needs to be viewed in a VR headset for the full 3D VR180 effect.

2017/1/3 18:53:37
My 1st 360 video OK. Don't know why the Youtube link didn't work but if you search for the following on Youtube you will find the video by Chipper Videos.

"Blender Beginners Tutorial: Basic Video Editing Using The Video Editor."
2017/1/3 18:48:09
My 1st 360 video Loved it. Nice idea for the video and the video looked lovely and crisp when viewed through VR. Looking forward to some more in the future.

I did a couple of 360 demos but they are in 1080p and the videos really have to be 4k for VR.

If anybody else is thinking of doing a 360 video but hasn't got a 4k video editor then I've found that Blender has a good video editor that does 4k and is all free. You don't need to know how to use the rest of Blender to use the editor- just use the following tutorial.

If you are looking to import an image sequence then just click the add tab which is on the video editor then browse to the folder with your images. Press "a" (may have to press it twice and it is just "a", not ctrl a) then this will highlight all the images and just then press enter.
2016/12/15 22:51:30
Ha! Its not easy to use a short time period and make a point that works as well as that one does! I love it!

Your inner manager did a great job of delegating all the right tasks to others so you could actualize the idea!

"Direct... don't animate!"

Thanks Pat.
Don't like the idea of having an inner manager though.
2016/12/15 20:51:41
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Here is my absolutely 100% original creation... except for the set that was by Urbanlamb, the gag that was pinched from a 30 year old Robotman comic strip and the music supplied by Kevin Mcleod and Mr Orff. The crumbs left over- that's my creativity.

I wanted to do something quick and silly. Would have taken a lot less time if I didn't get a fatal error from Muvizu when I had finished 90% and lost most of it. I'd hoped Muvizu had stopped doing that sort of thing.Damn Computer..

2016/2/29 13:17:34
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
3. Apparently it's a technical problem:
Ctrl+f for windows 7 and you'll find the relevant bit.

Cheers Doc. Presumed that was probably the case. Might have to consider windows 10 at some point if I really want to do a 4k 360 video (I don't mind windows 10 but still prefer my nice, reliable windows 7 though)
2016/2/28 21:44:39
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs mcmillan-ra wrote:
Just a few things about this release.

  • The 4K is available on windows 8 or above and only on the 64 bit version. Your mileage may vary when using it as it is really down to the power and memory of your graphics card. Older cards probably won't work.
  • The issue in MrMuviz's post with the video playback will be a codec issue. These are generally a nightmare to figure out and are pretty much out of our hands. Jamie had something similar at one point in testing but uninstalling or re-installing some codecs fixed it, I think.
  • The build now targets Windows 7. It may work in Vista, but will almost certainly not work in XP.

Fazz, were you doing anything in particular when you got that crash or was it just starting up? If you haven't already, it's probably worth uninstalling it completely - and then re-installing it.

First up- big thanks on adding the 360 option- didn't expect that to come up and it's going to be fun to muck about with.
A few questions;
1. Is the 4k option available on 360 videos?
2. Is the 4k ever likely to come to win 7 or is it a technical limitation?
3. Might this lead to an introduction of the ability for bullet time shots in the future?
4. Unrelated but any chance of being able to direct cameras when they're grouped together as presently if you move a camera that is grouped, it just moves the single camera.

2016/1/13 20:57:49
Coming Soon 2016 Really looking forward to seeing that. Always wondered how dark you could make a movie in Muvizu with the characters being so cartoony.
2016/1/13 16:22:13
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
he looks "pensive"

His next line is "Did you ever bury any of them, Ted?" I'd be a little pensive too if that's the sort of questions I had to ask

This may be a daft question Ziggy but is this going to be a comedy video? It's going to be seriously dark if it is- couldn't see the two ronnies doing that sketch!
2015/12/6 22:33:58
Danimal Really sad to hear this.

RIP Danimal
2015/10/16 20:08:23
Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick Basically the video is a static panorama picture in the background and then all of the characters were just green screened or layered on. The software to combine video streams is mucho dosh so this is the only way I could do it.

If anybody fancies having a go, I'll quickly go through how I did it (with the caveat that there may be massively easier ways of achieving this).

The panorama proved to be a pain. I had to use 12 images which I later stitched together. Try not to have anything too close to the cameras.

I put 6 cameras in the middle of the set in a circle with the lenses literally meeting in the middle. Then i tilted them roughly 45 degrees down and made a split second video as tga from each camera(so first tga from each camera is the image to combine into the panorama). Numbered these in folders 1 to 6. Then tilt the cameras up enough so there is an overlap with the original images and repeat making the split second videos and put these into folders 1a-6a (numbering like this seemed to make combining the panorama easier).

I did then have to convert the first tga from each folder into a jpeg using irfanview (free download).

Downloaded Microsoft ICE (google it) as this seems to do the best for combining panorama.

Within ICE- Use "New panorama" and add jpegs. On next page click "Strucured panorama", zigzag option and angular range 360 horizontally. You may need to play with options for overlap/search radius if it doesnt quite work (experiment basically). I didnt crop the image, just exported it.

Then resized the resulting photo to 1920 by 780 and it doesnt look too stretched in the resultant video. Use this as the background in your movie editor. Now just green screen or layer on characters on your video editor (by the way - thanks to the good Mrdrwho for his post on how to import tga's into Sony movie studio- I've been doing it wrong for ages!).

When your video is done then you need to download the google 360 video metadata app from . Run this and load your video then click inject and save it with a different name to the original as the resultant video format is the same as the original (this last bit only takes a few seconds).
Upload and 360 goodness is all over your video.

Now I come to write it all down it seems ridiculously longwinded but the videos can look fun. For me, my video works as an effect but I'm less happy with it as a video (a bit meh by the time I'd finished but I'd invested too much time at the start not to finish it). Something a bit more abstract might work better- some videos online are literally just people dancing in a circle so there's definately scope within Muvizu.

Anyway- off on hols tomorrow so if any questions then add it to the forum or message me and I'll answer when I get back.
2015/10/16 1:07:00
Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick Loooong time since I've posted on the forum.

I've uploaded a video which I've made in 360 degrees.

I've included instrtuctions in the video description but basically this can't be viewed directly from the Muvizu site.
It can either be viewed on a PC via Youtube on Google Chrome (not other browsers) or (ideally) it can be viewed on the Youtube app on a mobile or tablet. Newer phones will let you view round the scene by just moving the phone; older ones may require you to swipe around.

This works pretty well with Google Cardboard (a cheapo VR headmount for a mobile phone which is far more effective than it has any right to be). Wearing Google Cardboard makes you look cool as der cucumber of course (even more so than 3d glasses).

The video looks a bit blocky as it is effectively a 1920 by 1080 stretched over 360 degrees. Make sure you are viewing it at full 1080 resolution on the app even if your screen isn't 1080 as it does make a difference to the video quality. Unfortunately I have Sony Movie studio 12 which doesn't do 4k and to be honest this is a one off video and the only time I would need 4k so I ain't rushing out to update it.

If you enjoy the gimmick (I think it's quite daft fun) then just search 360 videos on youtube- there are loads of them now (Time Couch is nice n silly)
2014/12/24 21:21:00
Merry Christmas Happy Christmas to everybody.
2014/8/12 0:06:35
Muvizu Staff picks Cheers. Thanks for the reply.
2014/8/6 22:51:16
Muvizu Staff picks I've not posted on the site for an age but there is something I've been wondering about and want to raise (hope I don't come across as a grumpy old geezer).

Why are the Muvizu staff picks and videos on the main Muvizu intro page never updated nowadays?

The reason I ask is because I've had a very enjoyable hour going though the gallery tonight and I'm amazed at the quality of some of the videos and saddened by how few views they get. In the past the videos that are really good would get a staff pick and are much more likely to get more views. This seems to be a good reward for the videos and something for the filmmakers to strive for (and acts as as a great advertisment for Muvizu I would have thought).

One example of how important positioning on the site can be is my own video for one more piece. I'm very grateful that it is on the Muvizu intro page and because of it's location it has got a large number of views. However, I am fully aware that a large majority of the views are simply because it is is the first video on the main page and it has been there for some time so anybody checking out Muvizu for the first time are more likely to click on it.

There are loads of good videos in the gallery but two recent ones I would have picked out as a good advertisement of what you can do with Muvizu (and I appreciate that this is entirely subjective) are "The man who lived twice" by Fazz and "The eyes of the ranger" by Grindhouse.
Fazz is probably the person at present who has most stretched what you can do with Muvizu and produces amazing reults.
Grindhouse's video looks brilliant but is also a master class in what camera movement can add to a video.

So come on Muvizu HQ. Please start doing staff picks as a regular thing again and update the videos shown on the main intro page. Seems like everybody wins if you do.
2014/5/22 19:57:00
Just One Piece Competition Congrats. They were great vids.
2014/5/15 22:43:00
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP No problem.

Mind you, I'm not sure about being Mr 00. Would that make me Mr Zero or Mr ooo! ?

2014/5/15 1:01:08
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP I'd have to say that Mr Hamster is pretty much spot on about the pause where the doc is smiling at 50ish seconds and the arms a little later on. The run at the end needs some "footsteps on stone" sound effects but I assume that you were going to add that when finishing it off. Like Hamster says, please take the feedback with a grain of salt as the cartoon is already way better than anything I could do! The look of it reminds me of "Butt Ugly Martians" that my kids used to watch.

Your cartoon really does look superb. The voice acting/lighting/look of the cartoon are spot on. Very professional and slick.
Looking foward to seeing the finished article.
2014/2/12 14:59:24
Share the love! Only partly Muvizu but it is from one of the most iconic, romantic scenes ever (well ones that involve animated dogs anyway).
2014/2/12 9:52:39
How do I put a Muvizu Character into reality? When I have combined real life and muvizu, I've used Sony Vegas. There are lots of editors that do green screen but vegas happened to be the one I already had.
Don't know if you have vegas but for reference, the link below has a youtube vid from Guerillabill showing how to do green screen (he's adding a person to a studio background but the principle is the same).

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