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2012/1/1 1:42:08
Happy New Year! Happy New Year Marco and everyone at Muvizu and in the Muvizu community!
2011/12/30 17:01:36
Has he been yet ? Congratulations to Ziggy and Hexslayer...Hex's clip was one of my favourites, and Ziggy's was sublime, great idea and superb set, and my other half thought Ziggy's was brilliant...and so true to life!

Thanks to the Muvizu team and the Muvizu community for the software, support, encouragement and opportunity. I'm chuffed to bits and looking forward to the new release!

2011/12/29 22:13:56
Error Message Okay, You can all stop laughing now, feel free to mock me in the street...I just noticed the obvious and I think I’ve sorted it!

I’ve removed the collision from the upper two sections and added collision to the lower section but lowered the height of the collision mesh by -0.10m. Everything seems to line up now and nothing is going through the floor like a European economy.

2011/12/29 20:02:36
Error Message Hi Jamie

The main problem I’m having is getting the various sections of the model to ‘stack up’ now that I have separated them out.

When I originally designed the roof it was a straight ‘stepped’ model but after some consults I decided it wasn't what I was after and remodelled. The new roof section was created so that the inner surfaces of the roof were ‘square faced’ so that the outer surface carried the curve and the upper story of the house fits into the roof section male to female.

Now if I load the models with no collision at all the two fit perfectly until I add the ground floor, which is a simple box, into the equation. The roof and top floor will not sit on top of the ground floor, so that they are touching, unless I add collision to the upper floor. Once the collision is added to the upper floor these two sections now sit together perfectly. However the roof section will no longer sit on top of the upper floor.

Now I’ve played around with the roof collision mesh and got the roof to sit correctly... sort of however I now have a slight gap between the inner surfaces.

I’ve played around with reducing the overall size of the collision meshes for the upper floor and roof however this can leave me with the situation where once a model is imported into Muvizu it will then drop through the floor and/or pass through other elements of the model where it should sit flush.

I’ve managed to eradicate concave shapes from the collision mesh of the roof section, and reduced it’s component shapes to four or three sided shapes. I’ve also made sure there are gaps between ‘groups’ of geometry that make up the mesh, so on the whole it works...just not without any gaps.

It’s getting to be more complicated than my last divorce...and there aren't any children involved!

Any light you can shed would be much appreciated.


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2011/12/29 0:14:13
Sketchup to Muvizu Christmas has gone, the kids have used, watched,broken, swapped or eaten all the presents (the beagle thoroughly enjoyed his presents...they lasted five minutes but so far my tree is still standing unlike last year) and finally I can get back to modelling for my next clip.

Its been very much a case of back to the drawing board as I have tried to make the UVW maps for the model. Finally with a a few tutorials from the net, I sorted out a plan of some sorts. Taking a good look at the model I tried to decide on which bits would stand out and therefore deserved a higher quality texture. With this in mind I went about redesigning the model so that I could split it into sections, comprising the roof, upper floor and ground floor.

I then converted each subsection of the model into its component parts and converted each one of these into a .obj file, imported the sections into 3ds Max and combined them into one .obj file for UVW unwrapping. In the material editor I then played around with the scale of some of the components and stitched some of the parts together to get a smoother map. Those sections that would be hidden or partially hidden I shrank down to give more room on the map.

A few hours in Photoshop Elements and I had working maps...I have to admit this bit was tedious but little did I know there was worse to come.

Things got worse...quickly...bloody collision! Getting the roof section to sit on top of the upper floor was a night mare. It didn't help that I put a curve into the sides of the roof. However after causing a couple of 'Fatal Error' messages and then pouring a scotch I sat down to do a little more collision modelling and final got the roof to sit on top of the building.Now I have all of the three main sections loading into Muvizu with their texture and ambient occlusion maps.

So now its back to the bit I enjoy the most of prop making...the modelling...this time its doors, windows and a new chimney stack, the final leg.

Oh if anyone is trying to get models from sketchup to Muvizu and can't get the hang of Blender (like me) Turbosquid have the basic version of 3DsMax on their site for FREE.

Here's the progress so far...
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2011/12/28 22:02:44
Error Message Yikes what the hell did I do this time? I'm trying to import the roof section of a model I made. I've just added the collision to the model. I now get this 'Fatal' Error message...Fatal? Has Muvizu got my laptop wired up Die Hard 4 Style to some C4? Oh God some over the hill balding bloke in a vest is looking through my window...oooh its only my reflection! Phew...but what have i done wrong? Anyone know?

2011/12/23 23:45:30
Multiple and Normal Maps Can anyone tell me if I can use a normal map in Muvizu, so that I can create low poly models, and if so how do I apply one?

and...Multiple maps... some of the textures for a model I'm working on are rather complicated and not to put too finer point on it fiddlier than trying to catch the end of a bog roll that's disappeared inside a service station dispenser. Can I split the textures into two or perhaps three maps and how do I do that?

I followed a post the other day thinking 'hell this guys talking about exactly what i want to know'. I even took a coffee and roll up break to celebrate finding a wealth of knowledge, only to find out the guy was thicker than custard...I'd come across one of my own damned postings in Muvizu!
2011/12/23 21:19:33
Merry Christmas. Wishing a Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all at Muvizu HQ, and in the Muvizu Community. Without any of you I don't think I would be making such a speedy recovery. The hectic rush of preparation is almost over, last spot of housework before daughter arrives tomorrow although to an accompaniment of Vivaldi and a bottle of Rioja beckoning from the kitchen....it won't take long to finish. Played master card of 'poor me, hand won't work' so all presents except SWMBO's (She Who MUST Be Obeyed) are wrapped, beagle is toasting his nuts in front of the,fixed today, central heating and all is king of right for once. So season's cheer to all and I will see you on the other side!
2011/12/23 1:26:05
Has he been yet ? Dreeko wrote:
If you wait then it will come....

I mean how restrained am I...? Not one mention of a vicar or an actress...not even a touch of 'titter ye not' or 'ooh err missus'! It must be Christmas!
2011/12/22 21:05:32
Has he been yet ? Are we there yet Dreeko? Are we? Are we? Are we there yet?
2011/12/22 1:21:56
Sketchup to Muvizu Latest update on the model...

Finally started to get sections into Muvizu for testing and as usual there are some bits that needed tweaking and some bits that needed remodelling from scratch. The dormers on the roof were the first to get a remodel and I've managed to eradicate the distortion on the window frames by beefing up the structure and cleaning up the mesh in Sketchup.

One of the ideas behind the cottage is that the Muvizu Community can cannibalise individual bits of the structure, woodwork, chimneys, doors, windows etc.. to adapt to the basic Muvizu blocks, so it was while I was fiddling around mapping individual sections and taking into account a suggestion from Ziggy that I started texturing the thing up...

so I've decided to make two versions one in Muvizu primaries and one with a more toon/story book feel. Of course it will mean its going to take me a bit longer to get the thing posted but I'm enjoying every minute of making these sets for my next clip.

The textures are just slapped together at the moment but, I'm trying to piece together a few tutorials and learn how to stitch together a descent map as I go, as well as trying to cut down the number of polys in the model.

This Muvizu malarky is damned addictive and opens the doors to learning so many other skills, be it modelling, writing, acting...

Let me know what you think or if you have any tips on texturing...or anything I've missed or should add as I go along.

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2011/12/20 11:14:03
Sketchup to Muvizu It was a shame Jamie however I thought I might have stumbled upon something pretty nifty but then it didn't do Unreal but this looks like it has some potential http://playuptools.com/
2011/12/20 10:37:53
Import Question... what's this bit of it for? Can anyone tell me what this bit of Muvizu is for and how to use it? I'm sure I'm missing something useful here!
2011/12/20 0:56:39
Has he been yet ? I'm imagining a scene...perhaps a works Christmas party...the pub shuts...missing the last bus home...hell we'll carry on the party in the office and while we are here I've thought...hic of a few little...hic improvements to the ...latest...hic.... cut to light glinting from a cd stuck to the face of a dev unconscious at his/her desk...as the camera pans up to a flickering monitor, the word DELETE flashes in green as a tequila bottle finishes its final lazy rotation on the desk top and comes to a halt.The camera follows the path of a solitary drip that escapes from the neck of the bottle in slow motion until it splashes onto the return key as the door of the office opens...the screen fades to the sound of a discord played on the piano forte.
2011/12/19 18:07:08
Sketchup to Muvizu I'm still modelling the cottage, but I'm nearly there, thanks to some very welcome input from Ziggy. Just doors and windows on the ground floor to do and to correct some of the co...mistakes. Someone asked what difference reversing the faces on a model makes so I thought I would illustrate it, along with a split mesh I noticed on the model.

I'm hoping to have the model uploaded before Christmas...fingers crossed!

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2011/12/19 8:44:25
Has he been yet ? I thought I heard reindeer on the roof last night...It might have been Dreeko with some coconuts...or could it be a secret new character in the...oooh oooh DRAGONS!
2011/12/18 17:41:58
Usando blender Qui sotto trovi una. Ase plugin per Blender a www.katsbits.com, ma non vi è alcun modo semplice per creare modelli ed esportarli al 100% con precisione, anche da Sketchup. Il mio modo di fare è quello di creare modelli in SketchUp, alla loro pulizia, aggiungere dettagli, texture e in 3ds Max e poi esportarli da 3ds come un maz. Ase file. Faccio maglie collisione in Sketchup ed esportarli da SketchUp come. ase file utilizzando esportatore irreale HardPCM per Sketchup che può essere trovato qui http://belgabor.vodhin.org/software/su2ase.zip insieme ad un tutorial che può essere trovato qui http://www.searchgrid.org/index.php?lang=es&cat=3f6&month=2009-08&id=6305

Mi dispiace non posso essere più utile.
2011/12/18 9:45:50
Usando blender Per gli oggetti, Google per tutorial su come rendere gli oggetti mesh statica. Ci sono alcuni fuori là, dare un'occhiata al www.katsbits.com.Characters sono il dominio degli sviluppatori Muvizu.
2011/12/17 21:18:47
personaggio sdraiato Go to Character Actions/Themes/Pose!
2011/12/17 21:11:37
importare oggetto Vedrete il 'non si adatta nell'area di' messaggio se il ridimensionamento del modello che si sta tentando di importare è troppo grande. Provare a utilizzare Blender di programma simile a ridurre la scala del modello. Un fallimento nel trovare un avviso di file di solito significa che manca un file, ad esempio un file texture, che l'. ASE file è invocare. scaricare nuovamente il vostro modello e dare un'occhiata per i file texture. Spero che questo aiuti!
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