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2012/12/17 13:12:27
Monetizing Videos?...Thoughts, Ideas, ETC.... Just my personal views on this one and with a warning provided by an acquaintance.

From what I have seen from my own experiences there are never enough click through s on a film to generate any cash, so you just get annoying adverts stuck over the top of your hard work.

Now onto the acquaintance. A fellow boater made films of his adventures afloat, even provided a live feed as he meandered down the river. He got a small income to help support the expense of the project from monetising his video's. A tragedy earlier this year on the river that hit the news world wide meant a sudden surge in folks checking out his films, due to their location, and thus clicking on the adverts. The powers at YouTube decided that, even though the reason for the sudden popularity of his films was explained to them, that the guy had been clicking on his own adverts and refused to cough up the cash. He no longer monetises his films.

So I feel that even if you get a smash on your hands...YouTube will not pay you what they owe.
2012/12/7 13:32:41
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Also, what kind of birds do you get in Washington State? Back to the research!

Ok the eyebrow is raised...I'm going to have to give the obvious answer...erm 'large ones'!

But aside from that I've just been tinkering with adding an owl into a grave yard scene. In the end I made a model in two sections...body and head...so that I can animate the head section independently. I also got a bit of joy with adding animated gifs to a plane and then moving the plane through the scene like this.

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2012/11/26 19:00:34
Caption Me! Kimberley228K wrote:
"This is what happens when you act the big man, cracking whips and giving orders! Just wait till Rudolf gets here!"

I'm torn between Kimberley's and Clam's
"No, Mr. Claus--I expect you to die!"

Made me snort coffee all over the monitor!
2012/11/26 18:13:02
Caption Me! WozToons wrote:

"I thought you said the yellow snow was safe!"
2012/11/25 23:56:52
Caption Me! urbanlamb wrote:

See what happens when you let private companies into the 'National Elf Service' !
2012/11/20 16:50:46
Caption Me! ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, here's one...

So Mr Cameron if we all adopt that wartime spirit...err...didn't they vote the Tories out straight after?
2012/11/3 21:49:32
Sketchup to Muvizu Collision can be a complete pain in the aspect, however by following a couple of rules when building it you can take a lot of the headaches out of the process.

Always make each face of any collision model is divisible by three or four. make sure there are no concave angles in your collision model...if in doubt...apply Ziggy's matchbox technology!
2012/10/26 8:24:40
Click anywhere on time line? Just been editing my latest Epic...is there anyway that we can click anywhere on the timeline and have the cursor move to that point?

For some reason I've developed an affliction whereby I click on the part of the sequence I am editing expecting the cursor to move to that point and then remember after a couple of seconds of clicking and waving the mouse around that I have to go back up to the timeline itself, move the cursor and then try and hit the point I wanted.
2012/10/23 9:11:41
How to make a char fly and move at a same time You see THATS what I love about Muvizu...those little extra bits that come about with experimentation! Great job Jaya!
2012/10/19 20:57:27
Sketchup to Muvizu Right your Wizard of Wozness, there's good news and bad news.

But I think this is a question for Jamie or the Muvizu Modellers.
Good news, I know what the problem is, and how to fix it.
Bad news...I dunno how to fix it in Sketchup. dunno

The problem is the smoothing groups. When exported from Sketchup the surfaces of the model are all jumbled up and face different ways. When a model is exported from Sketchup as a 3ds model there is an option to weld the vertices to stop the jumbling occurring and maintain the integrity of the model. We could use something like this on an .ase exporter but I dunno if its possible?

I get around the problem by bringing the model into 3ds Max and reassigning the smoothing groups. Now I'm sure this is possible in Blender but Blender makes no sense to me at all.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.
2012/10/19 16:35:48
Sketchup to Muvizu I don't know if you found these but they may help...

Quad definition as far as Sketchup is concerned http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39442

Quadface tool Documentation https://bitbucket.org/thomthom/quadface-tools/wiki/Features

Thomthom the creator of quadface tools is a very amenable chappy and more than willing to answer questions if you ask him across at www.sketchucation.com

The problem with trying to turn an existing model into quads is that a lot of the modellers out there in SketchUp world have no idea of the uses that we as Muvizu users wish to put their creations to. So a lot of these models are not made with 'quads in mind'.

I put this down to the ease with which sketchup lets you cover up poor geometry (something I am all to guilty of doing). Not so much a work around or cheat as it takes some while to perform but if a section of a model will just not convert to quads dismantle it and rebuild it. Not sure if it helps, but what is the 'specific' problem you are working on at the minute?
2012/10/19 10:07:36
new to muvizu. Hi Marvin,
welcome to the madhouse...erm I mean forum. You should be up and running very quickly any problems give a yell and everyone will help...that's one of the best things about Muvizu and it's forums!
2012/10/17 20:29:07
Smaller set of abstract shapes A good place for Sketchup tips is www.sketchucation.com now they have just rejigged their site for some reason but it was a good source of free plugins and tutorials.
2012/10/16 22:07:43
Need a model or set made? Sure Eef I will give it a whirl...I made something similar to the panaflex camera before but I'm sure I can knock up a simplified version.
2012/10/16 16:07:04
Call me Walter "what a big ship I've got" Raleigh You may have noticed how quiet I've been of late? I did have a bit of a holiday in August, boating and fishing on the Norfolk Broads and of late I've had one or two problems organising respite care for my Dad who has the early stages of dementia. You see once a month we end up paying over £600 so my Step Mum can have a much needed and deserved break for five days.Now I visit Dad while he's in respite care, and although the place is clean and the staff friendly Dad was not happy at all.

Dad started out his working life as deckhand on the last surviving Humber Keel under sail 'The Comrade'. After a couple of years he left The Comrade and joined the Royal Navy at sixteen. Worked his way up to Chief Petty Officer and sailed on everything from Destroyers to Submarines did a stint with the Special Boat Service and came out of the Senior Service as a marine engineer, trained midwife and marksman. Strange combination...but there you go. Dad finished his working life as a Social Worker... of all things. Specialising in the care of the elderly, which is why I don't like seeing him in the home, no matter how essential it is.

When I was a kid, no more than five or six, dad took the whole family on holiday on the Norfolk Broads boating. I've returned year after year to indulge my passion for all things boating and fishing. Now after this years holiday I made a decision...

I've bought a 33 ft traditional wooden Norfolk Broads Cruiser, three cabins plus centre cockpit, all amenities (including flushing bog...essential), showers heating etc, just needs a spot of renovation about 180ft of planking and a couple of gallons of varnish and a 240v inverter so my computers can come too. Dad and I will be spending at least one week per month, minimum, on board The Royal Tudor renovating her as we go.

We've already purchased five life jackets, four for the crew and one for the ships Beagle and a teak wine rack for my Rioja. So if you are ever on the Norfolk Broads and see us cruising past, come and join us for a 'snifter'!
2012/10/16 11:24:31
Need a model or set made? Here's one for the Hamster, same rules as the Jam Jar...

2012/10/14 21:49:39
Need a model or set made? OK guys I'm back home and here's a jar with a lid...screw top.

The model is in two parts, the first is the glass jar which just has collision on the bottom surface to stop it dropping through the floor.

The Model should be loaded with these settings to get the transparency correct.

The lid has full collision so that a character can stand on top of the jar. Simply click 'floats in the air' to position the lid on top of the jar.

Hope this is what you had in mind Simon as the only empty jar I had for reference was a coffee jar. The models were uploaded to Muvizu this evening so as soon as the guys sober up...I mean get back into the office...
2012/10/12 23:19:40
Need a model or set made? Hi Guy's, I'm away from home at the moment fulfilling a childhood ambition of mine (more on that very soon I hope, fingers crossed) as soon as I get back home I will crack on with the models!

A life on the ocean waves naughty All the nice girls like a sailor ...whoops just humming to myself anchors away!
2012/9/28 11:03:54
New character? artpen wrote:
Hi team, muvizuers!

Ok, just a little one to think about over the week end.
Firstly, the new characters are great, but I really think they lack a fourth character
In the shape of a normal, Male, slender type body hero, ok I know you have the original
Characters, but their head shape and slouchy standing pose does not cut it.
What I think is something like beefy, but half the shoulder width?

I agree! We need as Freezo to go with Mr Incredible!
2012/9/28 9:20:03
Get well soon Eef! Huston we have a problem...

I think there's been a bit of an 'invasion of the body snatchers' scenario going on with Eef. Ernie may have gone into the nursing home but...

Let me present my evidence
On first appearances Ernie is displaying all the symptoms of someone who has spent some time with the Blue Rinse Mafia and quoting random Bingo numbers...

"I am back at home since 9-15-12"

But however he now claims he's not getting notified of the coded messages Muvizu agents are sending him, but passes this off as intoxicants in his system!

"I am still medicated"

He then goes on to mention 'sponge baths' with 'cute asian nurses'? Surely not!

I ran my suspicions past Dylly the beagle who took it upon himself to perform a reconstruction of the scene.

So far he has not received a sponge bath from a nurse, either asian or cute!
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