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2011/2/21 14:28:30
Sad old man Hi everyone !

As you liked this short testing video, I came here to say you that I'm working since a few days on a complete movie on this idea. /Love holidays !

Script is done, storyboard too, now I'm testing the few first shots. I'll direct this film but, I have my usual team of friends to help me, I've already shot some short movies with them. Actually, they all work in cinema in real life, and they are very useful and nice ! ( and good ! )

This film will be in french language because i'm french, and, of course, this language sounds much naturally to me. But don't be afraid, there will be subtitles ( a friend of mine works on it ! ).

And, by the way, sorry if my english is bad, I do my best :p
2011/2/11 19:51:25
Sad old man ziggy72 wrote:
Brilliant - the only thing that would have made it sadder would've been doing it in black & white (but that's just me I think!). Like Freakmoomin said, beautifully shot too. What was the music, by the way?

Hi Ziggy72,

I wanted to try the lights in Muvizu, and black & white doesn't need the same work on it. The music is a Christoph von dohnanyi, Gidon Kremer & Wiener Phjharmoniker's concerto for Violin and Orchestra.
2011/2/11 16:03:36
Sad old man This video was made for testing Muvizu.

It's my first movie with it, and I liked it !

Please, see it in HD on Youtube =)
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