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2011/8/25 23:07:23
Newbie.... what if you gave us the guns and then allowed that if we use the gun in our movie that it will be 18+ age restricted?
sound fair?
what i mean is ... if we put the gun in the movie we make then you will automaticly make the movie 18+ age restricted to watch!
sound fair?
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2011/8/20 1:30:20
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ well i have a few small ones
thanx for asking us by the way, really means alot to me, as i am sure others

1) i wish was a way for my character or characters to drink ... like drinking beer or coffee
2) a way for my character or characters to thrash about on the ground when they are dead, or knocked out
well i have many others but this was just 1 i really need atm
your tutorials are awesome .. voice is awesome
thanx again for this post
2011/8/18 3:03:08
WASP ch 17 enjoy

2011/8/15 4:16:28
COPS enjoy

2011/8/15 1:18:29
My first movie hey .... this was good make more please
2011/8/14 17:47:50
New video from BigWally VERY well done friend ... wow ...
2011/8/12 16:23:38
THE END "fixed Link" thankyou Wizaerd your comment ment alot to me, made my day actually
2011/8/12 14:26:32
THE END "fixed Link" thankyou for watching and commenting freakmoomin ... made my day
2011/8/12 4:17:05
THE END "fixed Link" fixed the link,
hope u like it ...

2011/8/11 21:43:35
THE END it was removed from my account ... some 1 did not like it apparently
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2011/8/11 15:43:20
Which video editing software do you use? not sure i understood the question ...
2011/8/10 12:28:43
Commercial Productions
We're not working on our project for the sole purpose of going commercial, we're doing our project for our own fun and entertainment and for the fun and entertainment of others.

well said mysto ... well said
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2011/8/9 5:37:17
STAR SMAK your comment made my day ... thankyou sir
wanted to make some 1 laugh, atleast I got 1
2011/8/8 21:26:53
STAR SMAK enjoy ...

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2011/8/7 16:54:33
Heroes United great work hexslayer ... well done!
2011/8/2 20:22:57
2011/7/31 14:38:24
message to earth YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

2011/7/29 13:29:17
hi video not showing on Muvizu ive been having the same problem ... and many others have emailed me with the same issue ...
2011/7/28 17:16:25
WASP chapter 16 Peacefull Blood Ending Begining have fun

2011/7/25 19:57:06
Problem! opn your "Start" menu on windows
youll see the icon for "movizu" to start it

once it loads then just click on the "Create" icon at the top of muvizu interface ... then choose "Edit enviroment"u can color the "sky" .. or "ground"
then click the "Create" icon once again and choose "Characters"
you can then make furniture and walls and just about everything once youve seen is easy
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