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2011/6/15 22:09:37
Computer not fast enough? I was thinking you could do that with lights. Now I want to try this for myself. I hadn't even thought of grouping items, that's even better. I was just thinking that in the scene window if you hold Control or Shift you can select more than one item and them hit Edit. Like I said, I've never tried it and I can't try it now while I'm at work, it seems like it should work.

Either way, if my half-baked idea didn't work, at least it got you to the correct solution, so that's the important thing!
2011/6/15 20:58:18
Computer not fast enough? RightURKen wrote:
Any way to turn it off completely so it doesn't happen when I load a set?

I don't have it right in front of me to test, but can you open the scene window, select all the plants, then hit the Edit button and turn the Sway off? It seems like that should be able to do all the plants in one fell swoop.
2011/6/8 23:49:37
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Very helpful stuff - thanks!
2011/6/8 22:52:01
Transition effects. Fades and even intermediary animations like the one you described would be easily done if the cameras had a dissolve feature instead of just cutting. That would open up a lot of possibilities (it could be used to change backgrounds too for a sort of dream-like quality, I'm thinking of old Simpsons where they'd imagine different scenarios). I'd love to see this feature added, but I'm really stuck now on the ability to hold objects or at the very least hand accessories that are actually attached to the character. Either way, that would take this program into all kinds of excellent directions.

I definitely agree that Muvizu rocks, however!
2011/6/7 21:40:31
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:

I'm all for that - the more the merrier!

Oh wait, BOOTS. Never mind, my mistake.

I'd really like the sleeveless top for guys, it would make for a nice tank top undershirt. And really, the top is already in there, it can't require much to put it over on the male figures as well.

And what the heck: how about a face mask that is a cigar or cigarette or one of each?
2011/6/6 15:43:23
Here's a new one Neil wrote:
In the meantime, can you send us your error log files? Just kidding.

Hahaha, you had me going for a second there...

It's not at all a big deal, I can just pull up the old set file, remove the decals, then resave the characters to the Favorites. I just thought maybe there was a default folder Muvizu looked for attached textures and I should put them there.

As always, I appreciate all the help. I love this software and this community! Toast
2011/6/6 13:15:02
Here's a new one Thanks for the replies!

If I pull up the set files, the decals are indeed in place. It's when i try to import from the Favorites list in a different set. I don't think I was clear on that in my original post. I can send the email, I just hope they don't ask for my error logs, since I have none (crafty Vista!).
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2011/6/6 12:43:25
Here's a new one OK, so I opened up some of my old sets and made all my old characters Favorites again. A couple of them use decals which, as far as I can tell, are saved with the set file and not the character itself.

So now when I try to import one of those Favorites, Muvizu pops up an error window telling me a resource is unavailable. I'm pretty sure it's talking about the decals because all the other Favorites without import just fine. In the old version it would import the character without the decal and I would just re-add it.

Where does the program look for these resources? If there's a specific spot I'll just move the graphics there. If not I'll just save them as favorites without the decals. Either way, I'll admit that I do have the silliest bug posts of all. The important, major features are all working beautifully.
2011/6/3 15:34:35
Muvizu Roadmap There's continual mention of a new UI. While I would dance and sing for a new means of controlling character movement, I do hope the keyboard controls will remain. I prefer the keyboard to the mouse and hope that this function won't disappear.
2011/6/3 15:31:15
Random requests! Completely agreed. I have a character who needs a bow tie and alas there isn't one.

A hook hand would still be most excellent...
2011/6/1 12:58:23
The newest Muvizu release... Well Dave, my apologies as it looks like I sent you on a wild goose chase. Sure enough, this time I looked closely and indeed the shadow was there and more spread out. It just became so hard to see the only shadow I saw was the one directly beneath the objects from the regular environment lighting.

2011/6/1 1:50:22
The newest Muvizu release... CrazyDave wrote:
p.s. Setting "individual shadows" on your lights should give more correct shadow shape in the current public release.

I just checked this again and it's definitely the reverse: Individual Shadows made the shadow sit in one spot without respect to where the light or object was. Non Individual Shadow works more accurately.

I also agree on the shadow intensity slider. The shadows in the new version are practically undetectible, and it was the excellent use of shadows that made the program always look so great!
2011/5/31 17:55:18
The newest Muvizu release... Dreeko wrote:
when we animate a character's actions and have them moving forward they still perform the actions as they travel.

I get it now, yes, you're stuck with the action of walking, nothing else for the arms to do. It's funny too because when I first saw the actions I thought "just what Dreeko wanted! Except no dragon!" I guess it wasn't.

As for the Individual Shadows, I have never used them before because they were too bold and distracting. I did try it just this morning though and noticed that the perspecitves seemed off. In other words, no matter where I moved the light or the object the shadow stayed directly below it. Again, not much of a concern for me as I always leave the box unticked, just thought I'd mention it.
2011/5/31 12:38:45
The newest Muvizu release... Dreeko wrote:
PS: Any chance of my ancient request for a walking on the spot mode making it into the next version?

There are two new actions in the update called "walk on the spot" and "run on the spot" under Themes -->Miscellaneous. I think this would do what you wanted as you could then have them in front of a moving background, yes?
2011/5/30 2:17:41
Industrial-scale collaboration Danimal - voices, editing
(I'm just not all that good with animating yet, I can help polish the script for scenes as well if desired)

Mysto - Character movement - animation / Set design
(preferred choices. Happy with others as well though!)

Dreeko - voices/head & eyes direction
(preferred choices. Happy with others as well though!)
2011/5/29 20:19:31
Industrial-scale collaboration toonarama wrote:
For example at one stage you mentioned a graph showing the number of Jews; I would view that as too far but that is just my opinion.

Bah. The second you start worrying about what people will think, or changing your idea for fear of someone's reaction, or writing for an audience you may as well throw your project into the trash can. Write what you want and the audience will come. Try to write to build an audience and the piece will come across as trying to hard.

omnissiuntone wrote:
Just as an indication, then, how many people are happy with the project as it is currently?

I like the first bit written. The treatment that went over the general storyline just kind of confused me.

I also did a quick search and found a live action short and a T-Shirt with the phrase on it. Nothing that should stop anyone from doing their own idea.
2011/5/28 13:29:56
Compatibility: Old set files and the new Muvizu I have noticed that old set files seem to have a brighter environment lighting and have nudged that down a bit on opening old set files. Other than that, I have not noticed any problems. I can't really say that I've delved all that deeply or that my set files were ever very complex to begin with.
2011/5/28 2:13:36
Golden Ninja Tiger Blade XX So this is quite non-Muvizu related, as I used two different programs to create the animation, but I thought maybe someone here might enjoy it.

The good news is that now that this final 2D project is done, it's onto The Best Show Ever pilot, done all in Muvizu!

Please be sure to leave a comment, thanks!

My old embed trick didn't work. Ah well, click the link, it works...

Or wait, I got it!

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2011/5/27 12:57:46
Industrial-scale collaboration omnissiuntone wrote:
I can't think of any reason why Doctor Grinder would turn round if not to show off his name.

He could just be turning to get the mime, or get something off a table, or even just to step to the other side of the frame. Turning and revealing the name is funny, if done casually. The "ta-dah" part is kind of what kills it for me.
2011/5/26 22:44:18
Industrial-scale collaboration I particularly like Hitler continuing to reach for the gun for different reasons, and overall it's a good start to what would be a good comedy.

I am not, however, a fan of pointing out jokes. I come more from the school of Airplane and the like where a joke gets funnier if no one reacts to it. So Hitler's "sorry I get emotional" or the doctor's "ta dah" when his lab coat is revealed are gags I would definitely want to remove.

The whole thing does play as a good "teaser" to the movie. I can picture an opening credits sequence rolling after Hitler's final line.
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