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2012/3/7 10:16:45
hello from France Well if it's either the next stage of human evolution or a beer... I'd probably go for the beer too!

Great video.
2012/3/6 15:12:53
Little Muvizu bug dudes I'm reliably informed that they're called "Bean Guys."
2012/3/6 10:03:41
Uploaded sets and 3d assets This is amazing Ziggy.

I played around with it today and had a thought about how to put items on the shelves - you could stack stuff up on an invisible ground plane just fine, Dreeko
2012/3/2 10:24:07
Problems Installing Hello,

It seems that this error might be due to an error on your DirectX installation.
Please install the latest version and try again.
You can, as well, check if you have your graphics card latest drivers installed.
You can download the latest direct X install from here:

Hope that helps
2012/2/29 10:31:34
insert video in my scene The videos file size is still too large.

When saving the video out in VirtualDub select 'Compression' from inside the Video menu.
Scroll down through the list until you find Xvid.
Select it and then click Okay.
Click 'File' and then 'Save as AVI'
Click Save.

This should give you a smaller AVI file which muvizu should then be ale to import. Hope that helps
2012/2/28 10:01:40
question about muvizu spec ccliffy wrote:
pardon the slightly off-topic question but will an ATI Radeon HD6670 run Muvizu adequately with the newer version?

That graphics card should work just fine
2012/2/24 10:15:28
Some tests and attempts Great stuff ScorpyX!
2012/2/23 16:43:32
synchronised chaaracter movement It's possible to get synchronised character animation and movement. Record the actions out as you would do normally and then right click the actions you want to have play at the same time as each other. Click 'Edit start...' and type in the time you want the animation to start at.

hopefully that should help you get the results you're looking for.
2012/2/23 10:26:48
Sketchup to Muvizu I don't think there's a :O big enough to express my utter astonishment at how brilliant these models are Dylly. Keep up the brilliant, brilliant work. :]
2012/2/23 10:21:46
Won't make movie What you describe is hopefully a fairly easy fix. All you should hopefully have to do is click the small triangle on the left side of the timeline (it’s just to the right of the word ‘Master’) and drag it to the right so that the pink bar encapsulates the entire length of your video (so if you have a 45 second long video drag it so the triangle reaches 45 seconds). That tells Muvizu how much of your video it should render. Drag it only as far as you need and then click make video.
edited by Luscan on 23/02/2012
2012/2/23 10:18:58
I am not Michael Caine I refuse to believe that you do all the voices in these videos. They're all so different!

We should have a 'Muvizu impressions' competition...
2012/2/23 10:13:18
Just installed? Open Control Panel (usually accessible through the Start Menu)
Click 'Device Manager'
Open the 'Display Adapters' category.

Your graphics adapter should be listed in there. Could you tell us what it says there please?
2012/2/21 16:47:28
Just installed? Hi Flannago.

Can you tell me what graphics card your computer has? It looks like it might not be powerful enough to run Muvizu.

2012/2/21 15:28:33
Problems in Mac Muvizu Hi Guillermo,

Could you give us a few more details about the system that you're using? What sort of spec mac are you running Muvizu on?

Do you have any success running other 3D applications through the Parallels Desktop application?


2012/2/15 10:09:24
How do I make knees...and elbows? Sorry Dylly I'm not totally sure what you mean. Do you want to have a full character model become attached to the broomstick?
2012/2/13 10:10:27
Animation Workshop I've never heard 'too much traffic to my site' referred to as a problem! Glad to see that the site's going so well that you had to move to somewhere bigger to contain your awesome.
2012/2/10 10:06:13
Random requests! Knock it off with the puns you boneheads...

2012/2/8 15:30:08
Random requests! Dylly wrote:
Didn't I see a Drychalice clip where he'd managed to get Muvizu characters to stand stock still like statues? Or was it a trick of my eye?
edited by Dylly on 08/02/2012

There's a cheeky little work around that might get you what you want. You have to run characters through a pose animation and then just leave them there at the end and they won't move - I've used it in the past in videos where there are axes and spikes lodged in walls - create a character, apply the axe attachment, position them behind the wall and have them play through a pose animation to make them stand still during the rendering.
2012/2/6 11:06:09
Future of Muvizu after BETA Hiya.

Just like to say that Muvizu is free for use at the moment and we have every intention of keeping it free to use.

Don't you worry about the money side of things. Just worry about making awesome videos for us to put in the community review shows every week!
2012/2/3 15:18:34
Anyone using Muvizu in the classroom? I've encountered people that use Muvizu in the classroom for drama classes (having the kids read their parts out and then animating it to these characters can be great if you don't have the space for a stage).

Soft roleplay in Muvizu is easy to do since you can have multiple characters interacting very simply.

Muvizu can also be used to make art galleries. If you take pictures of the various works of art created by your students you can import them to Muvizu and place them onto objects as textures (the backdrops and picture frame props all support having textures placed on them). A character can then walk through this gallery, talk about the paintings and the final video can then be uploaded to YouTube and then put on your school website for everyone to see.
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