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2011/11/7 11:27:00
problem creating character Hi Wizedavis,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Muvizu. Could you please give us some more information?

Are you using the most up-to-date version of Muvizu (available from our Download page) as well as the correct version for your operating system (If you're on a 32 bit operating system you should be using the 32 bit version of Muvizu, for example)?
Can you create lights, objects or backgrounds?
Could you try updating your video card drivers (which should be available on the manufacturer of your graphics cards' website)?

If you are using the most up to date version and the correct version for your operating system could you send a copy of your DXDiag.txt to so we can take a slightly more technical look at things?

In order to make a DXDiag.txt you need to:
1 - Click Start
2 - Click Run/Search
3 - Type dxdiag.exe in to the text box that appears and press enter.
4 - Click 'Save all information' in the program that starts
5 - Attach the created .txt file to an email and send it to

Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what's causing these issues!
2011/11/2 10:53:55
Eyes You're able to do a lot with a characters eyes at the moment through the Direct Eyes and Head movement tab at the moment. If you combine the eye movement with animations you're able to get some pretty convincing effects and you can use the 'size' slider to make it so it look like your character's blinking. Have a play with the eye controls to see what I mean.
2011/11/2 10:34:31
How to switch between the characters' movements In Muvizu it's possible to direct different characters in different direct 'passes'. You don't have to direct everything at the same time. You can select one character and direct all their actions in one 'pass' and then you can select the second character and direct all their actions in the second 'pass'.

Hopefully this helps
2011/10/31 14:17:56
Muvizu Just Reset Itself Hi Dylly,

That sounds pretty rough! Sorry that you're having issues.

Have you had a crash recently? If not a crash did you restart the application between recordings (one start of the application was at 720 and the other start was at 480)?

There could be something about a config file not getting written to correctly but I'm not sure that'd be the case. Do you have both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions installed?
2011/10/25 11:05:53
The 30 Second News... Great stuff Mysto. I'm reminded of the Weather Reporter from Family Guy (he's the best bit). Really liked how you managed to get the guy to hang off the lampost too - going to be thinking on that for a wee while.
2011/10/20 11:05:07
Problem muvizu Hi Nicoknight,

On reflection it looks like your issue could be that your characters are starting to go out of sync with your audio. This tends to happen when a scene gets bogged down with a lot of changes in who's speaking and if there are a lot of characters, effects and visually intensive things happening on screen at the same time.

If this is happening you could try using Muvizu in unlit mode to free up some resources.

Also, if possible, could you email the set that it is happening on to please?
2011/10/20 10:08:03
Problem muvizu Hi Nicoknight.

Could you try and describe what happens in the issue that you're encountering please? We'll see if we can find you an answer.
2011/10/17 10:37:17
Red bull Animation Competition This is a great looking competition. The prizes look brilliant if you're serious about your animation and include an internship for two months at Aardman animation. Great find, Dylly!
2011/10/17 10:21:59
Animate character properties We're constantly expanding the functionality of features in Muvizu and this is certainly something that's been mentioned internally as a 'would be great if'. Watch this space, I suppose
2011/10/13 17:01:33
Video Card recommendations ccliffy - a 5450 should work but it may start to struggle when you begin throwing around lots of lights or effects. The equivalent Nvidia card is the 8800 gt. Best of luck.
2011/10/12 17:06:03
Video Card recommendations Hi Cliffy,

I'm an NVidia person myself and I've had good experiences with my nvidia GT 430. It runs Muvizu just fine and is a great all rounder that's fairly cheap. The nvidia 9800 GT is a great all-rounder and, whilst it doesn't support Direct X 11, it'll get the job done with just about everything else. The ATI equivalent card for the 9800 is the Radeon 483.

You can pick up an ATI Radeon HD 5670 from for under eighty dollars at the moment which really surprised me. I'd say that, for under a hundred dollars, that's one of the best cards that you can get.

hope that helps!

(A good site for all sorts of hardware knowledge is - it's got a great reviews section and, whilst it occasionally lapses into jargon, is written with the average user in mind.)
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2011/9/22 10:38:02
Download Mirrors Hello. I've added the new update to the filefront mirrors. They're full downloads of the latest fully patched up versions for you to download.

Please only download Muvizu from either this website or one of the mirrors listed in this thread.
2011/9/16 11:26:19
Aiutatemi perfavore. help me pls Ciao.

Sarebbe possibile per voi per cercare di aggiornare i driver grafici? Essi possono essere scaricati dal sito ATI. Speriamo Muvizu inizierĂ  a lavorare una volta che sono aggiornati.

2011/9/9 10:19:52
Bond is back! One thing I don't understand is how he has a licence to kill but doesn't have a licence to drive but, then again, I failed my driving test more than once so it happens to the best of us!

Great video, gave me a good chuckle.
2011/9/7 10:47:25
Arms not swinging Hi simonheffer,

This is one of the things that's on our Known issues list I'm afraid. It's something that we're working on fixing right now. We have a work around for it up on the Downloads page at the bottom but I'll paste it here because the download link is allllll the way up there.

Characters' arms may get stuck at the sides of their bodies. This glitch has mostly been observed during stepping animations - try overlaying an idle animation with the stepping.

hope that helps
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2011/9/7 10:26:45
Bob Wiggles and Blob my first Muvizu Movie Neat video Wiggles! I'm really bad at philosophical discussions (I'm the sort of person that doesn't care if the glass is half empty or half full so long as you can drink what's inside it) but this was pretty neat. Good use of Gilbert and Sullivan too!
2011/9/7 10:22:19
Create a crowd? Quoling wrote:
What's the best way of showing a crowd? - I have tried creating lots of characters and then duplicating them as a "group" but I got a fatal how would anyone else give the illusion of a large crowd?

Hi Quoling,

Could you tell us a little more about the fatal error that you got? How many characters had you created when it happened? Were the characters actually in a Group or had you just selected a lot of them at the time? Thanks.
2011/9/5 16:50:33
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) There's a bunch of tutorials pending at the moment that were built around questions that we got asked and the new interface. Should be up soon!
2011/9/5 10:09:47
Upload not showing simonheffer wrote:
Thanks Vince.
Of course, I got the audio FROM youtube in the first place

Hi Simon

I had a look on your YouTube account and, if it's the Better by Christmas video, then I'm afraid YouTube has found some copyrighted audio and turned off syndication. Syndication is the process that YouTube uses to allow people to embed (show) videos on another website. Since we don't store the videos here and show them from YouTube all the videos on the Muvizu website are embedded. YouTube, for legal reasons, turns off embedding on videos with copyrighted audio in them.

It's a really good video and I even got some funny looks from people in the office when I let out a big 'Bwhlaarrgh!' laugh when I saw Boatswain Higgs. Very good.
2011/9/2 17:02:44
Upload not showing simonheffer wrote:
Is "Better by Christmas?" in someone's inbox?
Shall I upload again?
Do we get PMs if an upload doesn't get past moderation?

Hi simonheffer,

Videos can take up to 24 hours to reach us here from YouTube. We don't host videos direct on our website and store them all on YouTube. As such it takes a while for YouTube to hand the videos back through to us so we can moderate them over here.

It's probably not made it through to us yet but it should do soon! Looking forward to seeing it


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