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2011/7/12 10:46:46
Importing and using still pictures Hello,

We have a pretty neat system in place that allows you to do exactly what you're looking for by the sounds of it.

The Backdrops tutorial shows off image importing pretty nicely. You can view it Here . If you can't see the video for some reason I've typed in the steps below.

The first thing you're going to want to do is create a backdrop. Do this by moving your mouse over the Create menu and clicking Backdrops...

Select one of the backdrops that you want to apply your picture and, once you've created the backdrop, right click it. Inside the object menu you'll see a square named 'Image'. Click that.

You can then import other images by clicking the Import button.

It's also possible to change images on the fly in Muvizu whilst you're directing if you want a character to give a Slideshow presentation or something similar. The process behind this is a little more complicated but it sounds like it's what you're interested in doing.

Follow the steps above to create the backdrop and, once you've imported the image, go to Prepare in the bar at the top of Muvizu and select 'Object properties' whilst you still have the backdrop selected. You'll be shown a menu with the options Object, Track and Animation.

Select the 'Image' option in the Track drop down menu and then select the 'Animate' option in the Animation drop down menu.

You'll see that the box has changed and now shows 9 pictures with the word 'None' written on them. Import your pictures by clicking on those 'None' symbols and then clicking Import in the bottom left of the Palette window. Once you've brought all your pictures in you can cycle through them by clicking on them in the Direct object properties menu when you're directing that object like you would with anything else in Muvizu.

Hopefully this helps

If you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask!
2011/7/11 11:17:48
2 New videos, from a Muvizu Beginner Like the first one not so sure about the second one...
2011/7/11 10:19:00
Next release Little early in the year for a Santa hat, isn't it? What're you cooking up over there, Danimal? :P

And a Pith helmet? You can't be serious, you must be taking the Pi-

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2011/6/29 10:27:15
Meet the Medic As someone who's spent like... 400 hours plus working in the source engine I can tell you with hopefully some meagre level of authority that Muvizu's animation system is far, far friendlier than the one in the source engine. for example:

$sequence idlealert "idlealert" loop fps 30.00

$animation view_yaw_left "view_yaw_left" loop fps 30.00
$animation view_yaw_right "view_yawright" loop fps 30.00

$animation view_pitch_up "view_pitch_up" loop fps 30.00
$animation view_pitch_down "view_pitch_down" loop fps 30.00

$sequence turret_yaw { view_yaw_left view_yaw_right blendwidth 2 blend turret_yaw -60 60 }
$sequence turret_pitch { view_pitch_up view_pitch_down blendwidth 2 blend turret_pitch -15 15 }

And that's how you make a turret dance in Source like this:
2011/6/28 10:12:09
Cheap(ish) laptop This is one of the most thinly veiled 'Guys look at my new computer!' posts I've seen in a long time

It does look good though... :I
2011/6/20 17:16:18
After Downloading and installing... Marco_D actually asked me if it was Jim. No kidding.
2011/6/17 10:35:20
Favourite ever cartoon? The Centurions.

It was basically a 23 minute toy commercial but goddamn it there was a guy with a brilliant porno 'tache who's superpower was he could transform his jumpsuit into a pair of ski's and a jetpack, a combination that (upon reflection) makes absolutely no sense.
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2011/6/7 10:03:46
Muvizu and mice mysto wrote:

Isn't that what they use to fly the new Airbus? Wow, it would take me a few months just to figure out where the hell all the buttons were on it. My "old school" 3 button mouse works great for me at the moment. Toast

The mouse I showed a picture of is a hardcore gamer mouse. You bind a command to a thumb button and push button to get the action. Good for weapon switching on the fly in shooters and playing World of Warcraft as a Druid (I'm sure Neil can confirm this... Never actually asked him if he plays a druid but he does look a bit... 'druidy'.) Stick Out Tongue
2011/6/6 11:50:03
Muvizu and mice I picked up the mouse I use at home for £14.99. Came with a keyboard and both are wireless. A piece of advice if you're thinking of buying a wireless keyboard/mouse would be to not bother. They chew through battery very quickly and, even though there's less cabling to get in the way, there can be a fairly noticeable amount of lag between the movement of your hand and the movement of the pointer.

That being said this probably won't be an issue in Muvizu since it's not realllllly about quick movement.

And now, because I can, I'm going to put in a picture of a mouse with 19 buttons on it.

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2011/6/2 10:04:08
Problem with New Upgade glasgowjim wrote:
Really? Is it on any 6 series cards? If not were there no Alpha Blends in the Unreal 3 engine when the game was released?

The reason that I ask is that the 6 series cards were on the official minimum specs from Epic....

Yeah the 6200 didn't support alpha blending. The 6500 did because it was the mid range card at the time and all the ones after the 6200 did.
2011/6/1 13:52:21
Problem with New Upgade glasgowjim wrote:
The 6200 has shader 3.0 support - I am not 100% sure about alpha blending though - the Geforce 6 series of cards are the first ones that were capable of running UT3 so I would imagine that it does have it.

The 6200 doesn't support alpha blending. It was the first card from nvidia to support PixelShader 3.0 but it didn't (curiously) support alpha blending. It's also below our listed minimum specifications that are available on the download page. As such I'm not sure you'll be able to get the latest version of Muvizu to run since Alpha Blending is now required.

There's a chance that the previous version of Muvizu would be able to run. It's available for download here.

Good luck, Dannyduo
2011/6/1 10:02:21
Help me Hi vonguyenthanhlong,

It looks like your graphics card doesn't meet the minimum specifications for running Muvizu.

Could I ask what graphics card you have in your computer?


2011/5/31 10:47:59
The newest Muvizu release... glasgowjim wrote:
Windproof houses! Pfft, I didn't even have a house - I used to live in a hole in 't' middle of road!

People might think Jim's joking here but I once asked him what street he grew up on in Glasgow he laughed mockingly and said "Street? Luscan, my boy, I grew up in the gutters and my mind refuses to leave!"
2011/5/26 15:13:17
New 64 bit and New 32 bit Crash on "Make video" chuckles wrote:
The animation works fine on the timeline, there are only 3 codecs in the 64 bit version, but nether will render the animation. I get a "Not responding" message. Please Help!

Hi Chuckles,

The 64 bit version of Muvizu uses your 64 bit codec folder to gather what it can use to render through. You're going to need to download some 64 bit codecs to use with the 64 bit version of the application. There's a 64 bit version of the K lite codec pack that I've snuck a link in to it at the bottom of the this very post.

Hopefully that'll help.

Good luck, have fun and keep us posted.

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2011/5/26 11:25:30
New 64 bit Edition Hi Ichicker,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the new version of Muvizu.

I'd like to ask for a few details about your computer. What graphics card are you using? How much RAM do you have and do you have a 64 bit operating system? You can find out how much RAM and what kind of operating system you're using by right clicking the My Computer icon on your desktop and selecting Properties.


2011/5/26 11:14:23
The newest Muvizu release... toonarama wrote:
Noticed that all my codecs have disappeared when making video apart from 3

Hi toonarama.

If you've moved from using the 32 bit version of Muvizu to the 64 bit version of Muvizu you'll need to grab a 64 bit codec pack and install that too. I've put a link at the bottom of the post for the 64 bit KLite Codec pack.

Good luck, have fun and keep us posted
2011/5/24 15:53:04
Ciao a tutti(Hi everybody!) Ciao peppe75,

Mi dispiace che si hanno problemi con Muvizu. Sto utilizzando un traduttore online per tipo questo messaggio in modo mi dispiace se non ha senso, a volte.

Al momento non è possibile per i caratteri di tenere oggetti come asce, armi o altri oggetti. Questo è qualcosa che stiamo lavorando sodo per portare a un certo punto in futuro. La timeline è un'altra caratteristica che è stato cambiato nella nostra prossima versione si spera di rendere più facile da usare.

È possibile importare il dialogo facendo clic "PREPARE" -> "DIALOGUE" e poi IMPORT. È necessario uno importat. file mp3. Quindi, utilizzando il menu modo "DIALOGUE" potete dire i caratteri di entrambi i Talk (muovere la bocca) o Shush (non muovere la bocca).

Speriamo che questo sia di qualche aiuto.


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2011/5/16 13:16:58
Youtube and copyrighted music Lawyers Milking Corpses is gonna be the name of my next death metal band.
2011/5/6 12:12:58
Scriptwriting competition I need to admit something.

I love bad films. It's a problem I've been trying to deal with for years now but if there's one thing I know (and sometimes it seems like there really is only one thing I know) it's bad films. It's a really risky business because it can leave you scarred, bitter and with a LoveFilm account history that's more terrifying than anything Stephen King's ever written. The goal is always the same though: find a film that's so bad it's funny. Recommendations for anyone looking to descend into madness would be to start with anything by Uwe Boll or Ed Wood and work your way down from there. They're the ones that are known for taking film making to a whole new level but there are gems a little further down.

As for characters and characterisation it's kind of a tricky subject. Some of the best characters in books and films have been, frankly, rather nasty pieces of work. The villain that you want to see succeed is quite difficult to pull off in serious drama but it's a lot easier to pull off in comedy.

Dick Dastardly, for example, is a liar, a cheat and pigeon fancier (all traits of a villain) but you always sort of root for him to win the race or catch the pigeon.
Who here didn't want Wile E. Coyote catch Roadrunner at least once? Come on, be honest...

Sympathetic villains in Drama can be a lot harder but you can usually make them doomed in their pursuits. Shakespeare's Richard III is a real piece of work - he has his brother locked up in the tower of London and then offs him. He then marries the guys widow, ends out killing two young prices and at the end before he himself is given his comeuppance he's still thinking about himself and how he can save his own skin.
Thing is, though, that you want to see if he'll get away with it. There's even a bit in the very first, opening soliloquy where he turns to the audience (breaking the fourth wall) and says "I am determined to prove a villain, And hate the idle pleasure of these days. Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, by drunken prophecies, libels and dreams, to set my brother Clarence and the King in deadly hate one against the other.
He's telling the audience what he's after (to become King of England) and how he's going to do it (making up stories about his brother to the King) and then he tells you why he's going to do it (People have thought of him as a villain for a while now so if they want a villain they're gonna get one!). Because he's letting the audience in on his plan the audience kind of... want to see what's gonna happen next. They want to see if this cheeky chancer with an open palm on one hand and a knife in the other's gonna get away with it.

tl;dr - It's all about the writing.

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2011/5/3 11:41:35
Pet ewok! YUB NUB :3
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