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2011/4/27 16:23:59
Camera Movement Hi Jawright3130,

Sorry to hear that you're having a few issues with the cameras in Muvizu. At the moment there's no way to lock a camera in a certain position relative to a character but there are a few sneaky workarounds that you can use.

One thing that I've found that lets me make it look like the camera is moving with characters is putting the characters in front of a moving background and setting the camera up so you can't see their legs. This way the background is animated giving the impression that the characters are moving through the environment and the camera looks like it's moving with the characters.

Hopefully this helps.
2011/4/21 14:19:11
Life on Muvizu Dreeko wrote:
Emily wrote:
We haven't had any Easter vids yet - how about Jesus versus the Easter Bunny?
edited by Emily on 21/04/2011

I don't mind taking on one about Jesus, but I'm not messing with the Easter bunny. He may be fluffy on the outside but underneath he's as hard as nails!


He's not that bad it's just when he threatens to 'bring the boys round' and he shows up with the Rabbit of Caerbannog... that's when you've gotta be worried

Top work, Dreeko. Fire up the Quatro!
2011/4/18 10:04:34
Gooooooooo Pete! This reminded me fairly strongly of GI Joe.

Really liked the cigar and flamethrower props during it. There's a lot of potential with this one for some great secondary animation. Keep up the good work
2011/4/11 10:23:48
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Loving the dialogue in this. I'm a big fan of the Maltese Falcon and the like and it's great to see a decent send-up of so many of the pulpy elements of those films. Great stuff.

Also: 'Then it hit me, like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist' is a brilliant, baffling line Big Grin
2011/4/7 10:20:46
NEED HELP amit05 wrote:
How do i record and then upload videos?

Hi Amit05,

Recording videos is easy with Muvizu. Once you've got your video looking the way you want it to simply move your mouse over the Video button on the toolbar at the top of the screen and click 'Make video'. You'll see a new screen that shows a preview of how your video. Click 'Make video...', pick the location you want the video to be saved to and the name you want the video to be saved as and click Save. Muvizu will then start to make (render) the video.

This might take a bit of time depending on how complicated the video is (lots of special effects, lights, characters and objects make a scene more complicated) but it shouldn't take too long.

Once that's done you can upload videos by moving your mouse pointer back over the Video button and selecting Upload to YouTube. You'll need to enter your YouTube account details and some information about the video itself (what you want Youtube to call it, what kind of video it is, any comments you want to be attached to the video). Once you've done that it'll be uploaded onto the internet for all to see!

I hope this helps
2011/4/7 9:34:59
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Simon.

Could you give us a little more information about that error code? Is there any other text that appears when you get it? Is there enough room on the hard drive that you're trying to put the file onto?
2011/4/5 10:35:30
That Sinking Feeling This is something we know about and that we're working on - more news as it happens. There's a good work around for it at the moment.

You can either drag the character back onto the top of the object that they should be standing on or if there's a lot of characters that are meant to be on the one object, right click the object they're meant to be standing on and turn off 'Can be stood on' and then turn it back on again.

Hope that helps.
2011/4/5 9:40:02
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Good use of the word Stygian. Top marks.
2011/4/4 10:01:19
Script won't show Up crazylegoproductions wrote:
I went into the "Add dialogue" section of Script Editor in Muvizu, yet all that show's up is a blank page and a blank header. Any help here?

Hello and welcome to Muvizu. I'm a little unsure about what you mean, if you were using the Muvizu website at the time or the Muvizu program.

If you were trying to write a script on the website then you need to go through the different steps before you can start adding dialogue to it. This means giving your script a title, a little description about what's going to happen in it and then creating at least one character. From there you can write your own script, save it onto the website for all to see, read and discuss.

If you were using the program at the time then you need to create a character and then import the sound file with the dialogue in it by going through the Prepare option in the tool bar and then selecting Prepare dialogue. Import the sound file you want, apply it to the character you want and that's it.

I hope that helps you. Good luck and enjoy!
2011/3/31 14:52:08
I am not Michael Caine I like the subtle little look off down and to the side that the master gives at the end of the video. He just looks so.... told off!
2011/3/31 9:10:27
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Dreeko wrote:
Thanks for all the comments folks!

I've uploaded the wall textures from the tutorial to the 3d assets section for others to use.
Yes I know they are 2d but I couldn't see another suitable place for them so I hope that's ok!


That's fine, Dreeko. The only problem with them that I could see was that they were potentially too awesome.
2011/3/28 11:58:51
Nick Danger in Muvizu I'm a big fan of film noir so I really thought it was very funny how you played with the conventions of that genre. It reminded me of the Dirk Gently novels too which is always a good thing! The video certainly made me smile.

I was going to point you in the direction of the 'what actions would you like' thread but it looks like you've already found it (but for those of you reading this thread that don't know about it it's here: ).

Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what happens to Mr. Danger in the future.
2011/3/24 9:53:48
Default set is all green. Cant change its color. raptormarlins wrote:
Whenever i launch Muvizu and use the default set its all green. If i change the color it still stays green. Please help!

jahnocli wrote:
I get this too.


Could you tell me what graphics card you have in your computer?
2011/3/22 16:54:18
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Dreeko wrote:

More secrets revealed...I'd never last in the magic circle!


I don't think they mind. Keep up the good work
2011/3/22 10:04:46
why my last video did not appear in the list from Hello Giannini and welcome to the Muvizu forums.

I really like the video that you've made. A lot of work has gone into making the lighting look really cool!

Unfortunately YouTube does not allow syndication of videos with copyrighted audio in them. Because it's a song that's copyrighted by someone else it's not going to show up on the front page which is just down to the way that YouTube works.

You can still share it with your friends and the people here on the forums though!
2011/3/21 11:09:38
Ziggys new animation New version is up. Thanks for your patience, Ziggy. Outstanding work, have a gold star.
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