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2013/7/3 14:07:58
[Online] Yearning Hi DPP,
Epic stuff. Like the monochrome rendering.
2013/6/30 16:52:42
Graphics Card Reccomendations Hi aparsons,
Graphic Cards
I fitted an ATi Radeon HD5400 2GB card to my old Dell 4700 desktop and this board is shader 5 compatable. Runs well and cool even without a fan. The 2GB on board RAM seems to cope with Muvizu. They only cost about GB£30 as well. Been installed about a year now, no obvious problems.
2013/6/30 7:24:53
Just to say "Hi!" :) Hi iTak,
Looks as if he is about to Jump!
Keep up the good work and don't give up. Just take care that Muvizu dosen't take over your life and try and get some sleep if possible.
Regards Dim5
2013/6/24 17:28:48
Set files and favourites. Hi Urbanlamb,
Sorted out one of the problems. I've broken the link between .set files and Windows Explorer. Now clicking on a .set file does not open Muvizu.play and Explorer window does not crash.
Control Panel-Folder Options-File types-Scroll down to SET Files-Delete this file type.
2013/6/22 20:04:15
Set files and favourites. Hi Urbanlamb,
Thanks for the reply. Same here, nothing actually crashes or shuts down other than the Explorer window. I've moved out everything other than the .set files to new folders. Just keeping all the problem files together in one place.
2013/6/22 15:48:25
Set files and favourites. Hi, DrWho13

Thanks for looking, see if anyone thinks of something next week.
2013/6/22 13:36:56
Set files and favourites. Hi All,
Just downloaded latest version of Muvizu Full. Couple of 'odd' things are happening. When I look at the .set files in their own folder, Windows Explorer shuts down the page and the standard Microsoft error message is generated. Did I do right by ticking the box to look at these files during installation? Secondly when creating a character I went to the 'Favourites' menu where my latest edition of a character is stored. The icons in this file are just the standard set of characters and not the modified character versions. However when the mouse is hovering over the icons the favorites name is shown and not the name of the icon. Not a real 'hassle' but might be of interest.

Windows XP SP3 2GB RAM 2GB Video RAM.


2012/8/31 19:20:22
Low cost 2Gb Video board from Radeon Hi All,

Struggled for a year with a 500Mb video board. Wondered how they moved everything so quickly on the instructional videos. Bingo, video board was not really up to the job and needed replacing.

New adapter available from Radeon, with 2Gb on board and reasonable cost, only GB 31.90 from Amazon.

Radeon HD 5450 with 2GbDDR3

Excellent performance.


2012/8/1 13:28:19
Changing character's faces. Hi D,
Uninstalled everything. Downloaded and ran the latest version. All seems OK
and I'm able to change the face features now. The option for an update didn't
show this time.

Only one problem as far as I can see at the moment, can't rename characters.
The rename box is 'greyed out'. Never mind enough to get on with for the moment.

Thanks for your help and interest.


2012/8/1 11:14:29
Changing character's faces. Hi D,
Just loaded the old edition: 2012.01.10.01R.
No problems with that one, faces options back again!
I did not add the update though.
Anyway back in busines, I wanted to try out my new Sony Vegas video editor,
excellent discount from Amazon, almost 50%.


2012/8/1 10:07:15
Changing character's faces. Hi D,
Thanks for the response.

Yes, that's what's missing. Everything else works well.
All very strange, although it must be something I've not got
as it is the same on both downloads.

I've just downloaded an earlier edition 2012-01-10.01R 742Mb
I'll try this and see if it is any different.

Thanks for your interest

2012/7/31 16:37:05
Changing character's faces. Hi All,

Not been here for a while, just downloaded the new version. I thought I would renew some of my favourite characters, including myself!

Clicked 'create character', no problem and changed the hair to more than receding. Next step would be the nose and eyes. Both options are not available. (muvizu light').

Downloaded the works, 2012-07.16.01R 827Mb and also the recent update. The problem still exists even trying a second character. Perhaps I'm missing something. Options for changing faces still not available.

Dell Dimension 4700, 2GB Matched RAM, Nvidia 8400GS 512Mb RAM. Windows XP, SP3.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading


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2011/9/7 19:11:31
Teeth fixed Thanks Barry. I'll have another go at the wardrobe department.
Like the new release; cracking stuff!
Only up to tutorial four so far! Ye gods, lots to remember.
2011/8/11 22:44:03
Which video editing software do you use? AVS used here, no problems, loads of output options. The complete set of all AVS software is available at 70% discount until the end of August. Cost about $59 USD to register for ever and a day. Their registry cleaner is really good and like some bog cleaners, gets to places no other cleaners reach!
2011/7/27 16:45:59
Character Clothing and Textures Hi, GJ
Thanks for your interest, I thought it was not that simple. I've downloaded Blender in the meantime and it looks like another steep 'learning curve'. I've been with Photoshop since PS6 and now only about twenty percent there!
2011/7/27 14:18:18
Character Clothing and Textures Hi All,
I've tried to produce clothing items for fitting to specific characters. Everything ends up 'skin tight' regardless of the size I make the item. It does seem to me that I'm missing some stage of the process, perhaps with relation to each individuals mesh.
Can anyone point me in the right direction, or to where I might find the information.
Can't do much in these tight trousers!
2011/7/23 19:29:10
Character Texture maps Hi Barry,
Thanks for the chance to download one of your psd. files, showing how the character maps are clothed.
The example of the girl in the yellow tracksuit results in her having a 'yellow gob'!
http://min.us/mcXJqNs Barry's yellow gob girl. (Screenshot)

I know very little about character maps other than the items I've read in this thread, so just a beginner.
I'can't see how you have coloured in most of the base layer on your psd file with yellow. Dreeko says in a previous post be careful about 'going over the edges' when adding colour otherwise it changes the inner mouth to the clothing colour. I've cleaned up the base colour layer and changed the tracksuit to green and given her red trainers as well. This works fine now.

http://min.us/mbqqa7N Barry's girl_green_tracksuit. (Screenshot)

http://min.us/m7KjMC Green_tracksuit_png_file (Can be used on young girl)

http://min.us/m92vdf Psd_file_tracksuit_trials. (Opens in Photoshop)

Perhaps there is a layer missing or this file was just used as an illustration in the video.

All good stuff though. Learning at a rapid rate now.

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2011/7/22 15:49:30
Character Texture maps Hi Q,
Create a new layer or layers below the downloaded UV map. Do all your colour work on this or other layers below. When finished 'switch off' the UV layer, in Photoshop you just have to click on the eye. Sorry don't know about other applications. Merge the artwork into one layer and save as a png file. (These files allow transparency.) Use a different file name for the UV map and import this as a new texture for your character.

2011/7/22 11:01:38
Character Texture maps Thanks Barry,
All is revealed. Didn't know about the background bit. Your excellent PS file is a fantastic help. Answers lots of my questions in one file.
Sadly I'll have to get some work done now.
2011/7/22 10:46:46
Character Texture maps Hi All,

Had another attempt at the spotty dog. Enlarged the spots but still not happy with the result!
Screenshot and png file links below. Please note png file appears totally black on web browser.


Can't really decide what shape spots to put on the UV map to achieve the right results. Lots more trials I would imagine. All good stuff.
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