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2014/5/12 13:03:12
Dalek Great video, like it!

Why not have a go at " The Brain of Morbius " the Tom Baker years?

I used to have knightmares about that monster
2014/4/18 8:32:06
Keep Getting shot down. Wow, just read all this, Lol, just to clear things up, chill out you Moron and if it were not for the Russians we would all be speaking German.

2014/3/18 13:09:38
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Well done mate, Top Muvizuer!
2014/3/15 11:07:13
New characters and animations Yup, crying out for new everday animations, heres mine...
1 - eating with utensils.
2 - bend down to pick something up.
3 - sword play animation.
4 - Diy animations- Hammer, Saw, Screwdriver...
5 - having a drink.
6 - a single handgun shot animation.
7 - Digging.
8 - climbing
9 - nunchaku bruce lee animation (nice!)
10 - Smoking, ( Cigar, Pipe )

Just a little help for the upcoming Muvizu animation pack add-on......

All the best,

2014/3/4 20:40:24
A new 'King of the Hill' video... Nice one Big Wally!
2014/2/28 18:21:55
Asset Creation Ok, here is what I think about this.

HQ, your site and community is growing nicely, to me it's sounds pointless at this moment in time to close the 3d assets page down to new uploaders... ?!#? ???????
The assets that have been uploaded are there to help, not to profit, not yet anyway.
I can see, in the future as our productions may become profitable, then yes, tha asset maker should get a little slice of the pie.

The thing to remember is, Muvizu is supposed to be an easy alternative to whack out fast movies with ease, so, why take down something thats just starting to pick up pace?

The asset page is nice at the moment because you know the 3d assets will work with muvizu smoothly, if its gone, or closed to new submissions, well, fun gone im afraid, I cant be arsed to look at other 3d host sites trawling through models, for muvizu freindly stuff, Lol, its here, why change it?
If its a problem for HQ financialy, ok, no big deal.

Lastly, everybody who plays with muvizu becomes infected with Zu fever, so, to keep the infection spreading, it needs more muvizuers,but potential customers need to be enticed with future update news!

So, come on HQ, what's on the menu for this year, we're starving.......

Peace, artpen
2014/2/25 23:14:53
Show us your Beefy! Well done mate!
2014/2/20 21:02:42
classic kirk fights. number 1 Great work as always fazz mate, funny too!
2014/2/13 18:02:38
Share the love! Well done Woztoons, enjoy your prize!
2014/2/12 22:56:06
Share the love! Wow! Fantastic picture there fazz! Lol!
2014/1/27 20:08:40
The Great Butter War I really enjoyed that urban, good storytelling with zany characters and all with a catchy little tune!
Nice one!
2014/1/20 21:21:42
Hitfilm Express currently FREE Just downloaded it, the only thing is........ is there a catch with this stuff? it's express, mmm, missing features?????

I've used there products before for green screen and effects and they are fantastic I must say, but with upgrading my pc, the old stuff won't work, so might give this one a bash.
I also heard somewhere that Hitfilm is resource hungry on memory? anybody know???

Yes boys n girls, I'm now in Twitter too, a right twit I am, yes I don't care, I'll bore the world with my crap, and only when I feel like Tweeting< I'll TweetDrink
2014/1/11 0:54:17
Coming Soon... Good stuff, The Deadites are coming, make sure you make the famous shotgun for Ash!

2014/1/11 0:14:09
Coming Soon... cheers fazz, I know blender has a sculp mode the last time I used it, but I was tearing my hair follicles out by the root at the time so I never bovered.
Anyway, hows ya Evil Dead epic coming on? I hope you get the pencil in the foot scene in!
Love that movie, don't make em like that anymore, I don't even want to watch the remake, Bruce Rules! ' Groovy... '
2014/1/10 23:44:57
Coming Soon... Sculptris? is that a free download like blender? I'll have to give it whizz, mmmm
I'll have to try this 3d sculpting stuff, looks fun.....
Thanks bud!
2014/1/10 20:34:01
Coming Soon... Fantastic stuff there fazz! Keep em coming, a little question, what software do you use to make them?

I had a little try with blender a while back but sort of give up, eye strain!
2014/1/6 17:49:02
Christmas Competition winners announced! Wow!! Thanks guys, HQ, what a lovely present! Can't wait to try the new gizmos out, the only thing is I'm so rusty I might need help on how to work them!

Congrats to the blob winners too, I know you'll give em a good home, thankyou, thankyou,
thankyou again....

Right, now, back to the drawing board....

2013/12/20 16:44:32
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! Ha ha ha, short and sweet, loved the dead bird, nice one urban!
2013/12/20 16:29:55
Coming Soon... That's really funny stuff there fazz! Great use of the new tools, yeah, Bernie with that yellow bird thingy running around in yellow tights, Ha ha ha..
Keep em coming fazz!
2013/12/11 0:14:13
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Why, why, why, why, why!!!

Its always the same, ass hole money making scumbags sucking the life out of free creativity.
These parasites are probably the same morons who screwed the banking system!
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