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2015/11/16 19:04:00
Optimum PC requirements? Thanks again for such helpful responses.
I'll certainly take on board (no pun intended) ziggy72's point about the graphics card.

My current computer could just about cope with Muvizu back when it was in its early stages of development but with all the later and latest developments, I can easily see the reasoning behind the advice. I'm especially keen to experiment with the keyframing and path functions as I'm used to using variations of those in two or three other animation programs that I used to play around with. I've noted requests for a tuotiral upload featuring these new developments, so I'll keep an eye open for whenever that happens.

Thanks again.
2015/11/15 21:58:21
Optimum PC requirements? Thanks for that.

I've just opened contact with the company who built my last two PCs and have asked for their advice on which are the best components to choose that will be above the minimum spec to run Muvizu.

In this forum I've seen queries about Unreal engine 4 and I've read that Unreal 3 is no longer being updated. I'm assuming that a graphics car that can cope with Unreal 4 would have no problems with Muvizu ... or is that too simplistic an assumption. (I'm IT savvy as far as use is concsrned, but NOT when it comes to the intricacies of technical specs).
2015/11/15 18:35:42
Optimum PC requirements? I've been here before but because my PC hasn't been up to running Muvizu efficiently and smoothly, I've been away for a long time. However, 'thanks' (says he with tongue in cheek) to the fact that my previous energy supplier persistently fought to NOT refund the £600 I had accrued in credit, I will soon be getting my hands on that loot thanks to changing suppliers ... and THAT means I'll soon be in a position to buy a new PC.

I've kept an eye on Muvizu's growth and expansion and see that the current description of a minimum system requirement is described as -

Windows XP or beyond
2.4GHz processor
Shader model 3 graphics card
2.3Gb HD space

So what would you recommend as a more optimum system requirement?

I haven't yet decided whether to go for Windows 7 OS which I can upgrade to 10 (if that offer is still a freebie from Microsoft), or whether to go for a 10 OS from the outset.

I want to be sure I'll have plenty of processing power and speed as I also do quite a lot of image processing with Photoshop. I don't go in for online nor offline gaming.

So - any recommendations for what would be a good, fairly future-proofed system as regards the further development of Muvizu?


2014/1/28 14:27:40
Do I need to install Muvizu to access half price I'm in a weird situation here (not at all unusual for me).
The half price offer now extended to Valentine's Day is something I'd like to take advantage of - BUT, do I need to install Muvizu first?

That will seem an odd question (I said this was a weird situation) but my current computer is way too underpowered to run Muvizu and it's still going to be some time before I can afford a new one and then get back to using Muvizu.

Is there an option to pay for the software in the usual way (ie: via Paypal or card or whatever) and to receive the registration code in return? I've downloaded the current full version of Muvizu so do I have to try to install it and pay via what seems to be an inbuilt app? Is that the only option?
2013/2/5 12:16:13
Youtube and copyright issues After 2 or 3 years waiting to return to Muvizu with a computer capable of handling its needs, I'm just about to try testing it on my daughter's spare machine. It will only be running Windows and associated stuff like Media Player, Audacity etc. together with Muvizu - so here's hoping.

As a prelude to all that, I've been happily working my may through lots of Muvizu movies in the gallery and/or on Youtube and these have raised a BIG question in my mind .....

How come so many movies use actual soundtracks from TV programmes or music from CD's without Youtube slamming down hard and blocking them or requiring an audio swap?

Over the last few years, I've done a lot of animation and demos using other animation programs (especially Artoonix). Again and again I've had copyright warnings even if I've used a converted midifile for a song or tune. Same again for those rare occasions I've used an actual CD track. I always add a copyright disclaimer to the info notes for my uploads, but their systems seem able to detect copyright infringements withinin nano-seconds.

So how come I have found so many Muvizu uploads which go a lot further than I ever have in the way of using commercial TV or CD soundtracks?

It's a mystery that I hope you can solve.
2012/8/3 6:08:16
i3 - i5 - i7 ? Thanks Ziggy - spot on. Just what I was looking for. Woo Hoo!
Very grateful.
2012/8/2 19:12:52
i3 - i5 - i7 ? After a long time away from Muvizu because my current computer just couldn't handle its needs, I'm looking to upgrade with a new machine. Obviously, the more powerful the processor, the better - but there's this annoying thing called a B.U.D.G.E.T (Banks Usually Defend Getting Everso Touchy).

So what are Muvizuers' experiences with different combinations of specs? It would be really helpful to hear what computers/processors/RAM etc. people are successfully using without their venerable machines doing what mine always did which was to throw up its metaphorical hands in horror and either lock or go so slowly that an arthritic, asthmatic, one-legged, centenarian ant could have outpaced it.

(Thanks to Blackadder for the image idea).
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