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2012/11/21 16:22:14
HUGE request for a TOWN Hey everyone. I'm working on a Christmas video for my family back home. I need to create a town (not big but not small). In the center of town will be a Christmas tree / Xmas setup.

I'm looking for this town to look "nostalgic" (unique homes buildings) with XMAS decorations.

Does anyone have something similar they would be willing to send me?


Is it possible to use the sets already created, but import each one into ONE set? When I "copy" and paste some of the created street scenes, the windows on a lot of the buildings become floaters, along with other objects. So I almost have to re-create the entire thing again.

Any suggestions / help?

Much appreciated!
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2012/11/21 15:10:30
No Hero's pack.... Thanks. I uninstalled everything from my machine, then installed the new version. It appears I have everything again (hereos and new content packs included...train, etc)
2012/11/21 2:59:50
No Hero's pack.... I loaded up my program and it prompted me that a new version was available (23b). I "updated" it. However, I no longer have the Hero's or Villains characters. I've had to manually download each content pack. Also, whenever I load up the program, it says there is a new update for the content pack, I download and install, but it always tells me that each time I load up the program.

Should I uninstall and then re-download? And the version on your download site says that the latest even though it says 21b?
2012/11/21 0:46:17
Character walking - line path? Thanks for the reply. The mouse drag is where I'm getting this issue. I'll have to play around with the character's movement and see if I can get the desired result.
2012/11/21 0:45:14
Character movement when walking Thanks. I'll have to give this a try!
2012/11/20 22:58:06
Character movement when walking I've installed the latest 23b version. However, I'm still getting that issue where the character walks a few steps further than he should be, even though I've released the mouse button.

Anyone else have this issue or no a simpler method? Can I use the keyboard for this? Maybe it has to do with the mouse button and the release time of it is not in sync with the Muvizu program? (meaning Muvizu still thinks you're holding the mouse button down, causing the character to walk further...)

Any help or thoughts?

2012/11/20 22:54:36
Character walking - line path? I've installed 23b and still have issues with my character walking "more" than he should. I kind of think this is related to the mouse. Even though you "unclick" to stop, maybe that "unclick" of the mouse isn't registering with Muvizu right away, causing the character to continue a few steps more.

So my suggestion...

Like another program I've used, the movement of the character is "drawn" on the ground, and the character follows that line path you drew. It's an easy method to get your character where you need him to be without having your character walk in a large 1/2 circle just to have him face front.

Is this something that could be implemented? Or is there a "path" feature in the works?
2012/11/15 21:23:25
Walking actions: Doing the "crossack" while walk HI.

When a character walks, is there a way to have them walk while performing an action? For example, I want the character to move across the screen while doing that "crossack" dance (where they are "sitting but kicking their legs out as they walk").

Is there a way to do this or will only the upper body be affected by the action?
2012/9/29 16:50:07
Track lighting? Ears on Batman? Couple questions...

Is there a way to have a spotlight follow a character? Or how would you suggest I do that... If not, is this something that could be implemented in a future update? (Assign the camera to follow a character, etc)

I saw in Dreeko's Batman film, he as "ears" on the mask. How do/did you add ears to the mask?

Is there a way to have a camera tracking a character?

2012/9/4 19:20:57
Custom templates for Apparel? Are there custom templates for the props? I'm wanting to add a "color band" to the base of the witch's hat, and even color the brim of it. Is this possible?

2012/9/4 3:53:22
Upload a character Thanks! Just uploaded a "Santa Claus" set.
2012/9/3 23:14:25
Upload a character Hi. I see you can upload textures for characters, but can you actually upload the character itself to the site?

2012/9/2 0:59:02
Suggestions: Characters, Animations, Props, etc Just some suggestions:

Different walk styles.
--Straight arm walk
--Strut walk (Ric Flair style)

--Birds (big and small)

Ability to adjust size of limbs (width / length)

--Cane that the character can hold / twirl / point
--Bag (groceries, money bag, etc)

Incorporate a texture creation tool within the program? (Like a paint program to adjust the clothes, etc)

Just some thoughts!
2012/8/26 22:26:03
View multiple characters on a timeline? Is it possible to view multiple characters on the timeline at once? This way I can see where their movements are in relation to the other characters.


2012/7/31 15:05:16
Feedback on Heroes and Villains Thanks for the feedback!

2012/7/31 2:00:08
Feedback on Heroes and Villains Just something I noticed using the Hero character. When he is wearing his cape, and he moves suddenly or maybe performs the "KO" punch (getting knocked out)...when he come back on his feet, his cape is draped over the front of him. Is there a way to have the cape reset to his back, when the character is still?
2012/7/23 16:19:14
Error Message on new version (July 3rd update) Thank you! The new version works! I haven't been on this site for awhile, so didn't know the latest!
2012/7/23 1:03:18
Error Message on new version (July 3rd update) Hi. Installed the newer version:


I have Win 7 and a 64 bit CPU.

However, after installing it, I said some component needed updated. When I clicked OKAY, I received the error message:

"An error has occurred: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined"

Then, when the program loads up, I get this message:

"It is with some regret that I must inform you of the following unexpected error: File not found"

Help? Suggestions?
2012/7/22 23:56:05
Heroes and Villains - Can't find the characters? Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. I installed the Heroes and Villains pack. But when I load up Muvizu, I don't see any of the characters, etc. How do you get this Heroes and Villains pack to work / load?


Haven't been on this site in awhile and just noticed you had a July 3rd update with the content pack. I'm downloading that now and will uninstall the previous version, and install this one. See that helps.
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2012/6/17 21:33:17
Animate Text? I have a character that I want to "kick" a letter (or word) off the screen. Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a "fly off screen" option for objects like you see in powerpoint?

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