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2012/1/10 6:46:00
First animation video Here is a link to my very first video...

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2012/1/10 3:20:46
Move two characters at once? Having a problem. I have one character on screen singing. Next, I want to have another character walk on screen...then, both character do the "thriller" dance. However, the first character (dog) is the only one who actually "moves" on screen (sliding left to right doing the thriller dance). The other character just stands still doing it.

What am I doing wrong? Only one character is moving, not both...?
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2012/1/9 2:12:12
New character? My suggestions:

Birds (Ducks, penguins, variety of "tweety birds" even)
Fish (Dolphins, Sharks, other variety)
2012/1/8 23:35:47
Extend character actions and such? ziggy72 wrote:
What He Said

...also, there is an update for the program (hopefully) tomorrow, and it's just these sort of features that we collectively suggest (or plead for) that can end up in there. So if it isn't in there tomorrow, you know what to do

Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated! One more thing (okay, might be a ton more but one for now!) Is it possible to "copy" and "paste" and action on the timeline instead of re-doing it again?
2012/1/8 19:27:28
Extend character actions and such? Hey everyone. First time poster here, so I apologize if this is not the right place.

BUT...Is there a way to extend the length of a character action? If I have him stretch (for example), is there a way to extend that action as long as I want? There are "dancing" actions I want to have extended, but all I see is the ability to edit the start time.

Also, how do I delete a pose I created in the timeline? I don't see the pose there in the timeline?

Thank you for any replies!

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