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2015/4/11 20:28:22
2015 Passion Competition update A couple years ago we added a short story category to the competition.

We are happy to announce that Final Draft has agreed to sponsor this year's competition.

They have allowed us their Final Draft 9 software.

So, anyone up for trying to write a screenplay or script? How about just writing a short story of 3000-5000 words for your chance to get a copy.
2015/3/27 16:31:42
2015 Passion Competition update Thanks for the questions Sensesfear.

To enter, there will be a separate thread in the 2015 forums section that will contain the rules and guidelines along with a sample entry post. You can look at the 2013 and 2014sections to see how it was done then. The 2015 section has the dates already posted.

As for the 2nd part, I have contacted Digimania (parent company of Muvizu) to see what we can work up.
2015/3/9 5:28:12
2015 Passion Competition update Greetings.

We will once again have a Passion Competition in 2015. The initial forums section has been started with the dates and prize updates.

Over the next few weeks and into May/June we will be contacting potential sponsors and also those who have sponsored in the past to try to work up some great prizes.

What we would like to hear from you is what you would like to see in order to get the Muvizu community involved. All suggestions will be looked at and considered so please don't hold back. What has been the reason for not entering? Please let us know.
2015/2/25 18:34:44
Video Hosting Site Greetings all.

There is a place called TMUnderground that can host your videos so you can get more exposure and more feedback on your creations. Other film makers, both professional and amateur, use this site to showcase what they have done and for general fun. You can get help from others in your projects through modding, voice acting, general knowledge and more. Check it out. TMU is also a sponsor of the Passion Competition.

Here is a promo video that one of the members, Rik Vargard, made to help promote the site.

2014/11/21 6:57:29
The 2014 Passion Competition winners are: Ladies and Gentlemen

We are proud to resent to you the winners of the 2014 Passion Competition.

For the video category:

1st place:
Marvin Parsons Jr, aka Corthew

2nd place:
Ben Tuttle
Three Names

3rd place:
Ray Dias, aka 65radius

4th place:
John Pennington, aka Penningtons5

5th place:
Patricia Johnson, aka Patrish1961

For the short story category:

1st place:
Joseph Kwong, aka josephkw

2nd place:
Hagen Tannberg, aka Hagent

3rd place:
Edan Mackenzie, aka macwemyss
The Memories

Congrats to all winners. Thank you to all who participated. The winners will be contacted by email from both the competition and the sponsors about their prizes shortly.

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2014/10/19 6:50:29
The 2014 Passion Competition is here In case I forgot to mention, the deadline was extended until October 25th. That means you still have 7 days to submit something.

Sure would be nice to see something made with Muvizu in the competition for once.
2014/9/28 7:39:44
The 2014 Passion Competition is here 2 weeks left to submit a story or video.

Don't wait til the last minute.
2014/8/9 23:52:02
The 2014 Passion Competition is here Promo #3 with the theme
2014/8/2 8:01:50
The 2014 Passion Competition is here Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the theme, rules and guidelines for the 2014 Passion Competition.

You can find the video category here.

You can find the short story category here.

We hope to see many of you enter and make this one great competition.
2014/7/6 23:41:59
2014 Passion Competition dates and more Joseph Kwong and I are proud to present to you the 2nd promo video for the 2014 Passion Competition

You can view it
or here.
2014/6/6 8:01:02
2014 Passion Competition dates and more Here is the official prize list as of June 5th. There is a possibility that some more prizes could be added.

Video Category
1st Place
iClone Animation Pipeline or equivalent DA points
Moviestorm Max (perpetual) or 10000 MS points
Sony Vegas 13 Suite
iClone Beginners Guide
2nd Place
CrazyTalk Animator 2
1 year Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 8000 MS points
Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite
3rd Place
CrazyTalk 7
3 Months Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 2500 MS points
Sony Movie Studio 13 Suite
4th Place
Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum
Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
5th Place
$100 Amazon Gift Card

Short Story Category
1st Place
Scrivener Writing software
1 year Moviestorm Themed Bundle or 8000 MS points
The Moviestorm software is to help you illustrate your story or book
or to turn it into a short video.
2nd Place
Scrivener Writing software
$50 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place
Scrivener Writing software
2014/5/20 20:22:04
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way but I do find this conversation funny and a bit of deja vu. Moviestorm, another 2D animation program had a similar thread a while back, 'Is Moviestorm Dying'. Shortfuse, which made Moviestorm, which eventually just became Moviestorm Inc., had a decent size staff and went through many development phases. Sometimes the upgrades and content came slowly, other times it came weekly if not daily. The staff was downsized to where now it is maybe 3 or 4 people total in the company. Upgrades come very slowly. Even today, people wonder how long Moviestorm will last with a skeleton crew for a staff and slow updates.

Some modders have produced excellent addons which keep the program interesting while the MS staff trudge along. In fact, one of the former staffers actually started modding while still on staff and continues to create fabulous addons today long after he left.

Every program out there has it's high points and it's drawbacks including iClone. Some have gone the way of the transistor radio while others are trying to adapt. Slowly they are working to keep us with choices to help our creative juices flowing. The modding communities have always been central to keeping the programs going. Even though Lionhead Studios stopped support of The Movies years ago, the modding community has keep it a program of choice for many people and new users are finding it every day. The modding community has helped Moviestorm thrive (well, survive is a better word) and Reallusion encourages people to make their own content.

Muvizu is going through the same pains as all the rest. Are they doing it well enough to keep their users happy? Only time will tell.
2014/5/18 23:00:48
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Nice. I was waiting for the snake to turn into one of those Muvizu blob guys. LOL

Yeah, iClone can be tricky sometimes with movements. A great start though.
2014/5/17 2:20:26
2014 Passion Competition dates and more The official poster for the 2014 Passion Competition.

2014/4/19 22:30:01
2014 Passion Competition dates and more Greetings. The Passion Competition will once again take place this year.

Here are the official dates.

We hope to see the Muvizu community get involved this year.

for the 2014 competition.
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2014/3/4 23:47:40
Passion Competition Greetings.

The Passion Competition will happen again this year. The website has been redesigned for easier viewing.

At the present time, we are working on what the theme will be this year along with who the sponsors will be and what the prize packages might consist of. The competition forums will be updated with new information as time goes on.

We do hope that there will be a showing from the Muvizu community this year as there are some really good film makers here.
2014/1/18 21:50:50
Passion Competition website redesign ziggy72 wrote:
The link isn't working - there's an S in the WWW bit.

Fixed. Thanks. It is working now.
2014/1/18 17:17:31
Passion Competition website redesign I have finally finished the redesign of the Passion Competition website. Have a look around. Easier navigation, one click viewing of winning movies, a new screenshot gallery. Check it out.

This year's competition will enter the planning phase shortly. We are hoping for some exciting things this year. Hopefully we will see some entries from the Muvizu community also. More info will be posted as it comes available.
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2013/11/17 20:38:28
Let the OBSESSION begin: The Passion Competition Greetings everyone.

Well, the 2013 competition is over and it is now time to announce who were the winners of this year's event. First, let me say, thank you to all who participated in this year's competition from the entrants to the judges and finally to the sponsors.

Now, on to the awards.

Video Category

1st Place
by Biggstrek

2nd Place
by Josephkw

3rd Place
Dichotomy by DL Watson

4th Place
by MysterysGames

5th Place
by Nahton

Short Story Category

1st Place
Henry Hinkle's Hyacinth Honey by Richard 'RPO' Poshard

2nd Place
To Dream of Victory by John 'Primaveranz' Herd

3rd Place
Miss Besatthet by Guila Simolo

Congrats to all these winners.

I wish we could see some films made with Muvizu as part of this competition.
2013/10/12 17:42:11
Let the OBSESSION begin: The Passion Competition 1 week from today, at midnight Eastern time, the competition is closed. There is still time to enter.
Video category
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