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2012/6/26 19:29:14
Harb40 Passion Competition Website Hitfilm has signed on as a new sponsor and will be offering a few copies of their great software for prizes. M.D. McCallum (aka War Lord) has also signed on and will be offering up a couple copies of his iClone Beginner's Guide.

Things are really looking up for this year's competition. All entries this year will go through the forums on the competition website.

Stay tuned for more updates.
2012/5/31 21:15:17
Harb40 Passion Competition Website The redesigned website is now up. I added a forums section that is publically viewable but registration is required to post. You can reach the forums either by going to the main site or by going straight to the forums themselves.

I hope you like the new place to visit. We also added a sedction to the main site so people can learn a little more about who Harb40 is.

For those who are interested in this competition, please go to the forums section and let your voices be heard. Who knows, the sponsors we already have, and those I am trying to get signed on, may look at the posts and help out more if they see more activity.

This will also give us some ideas of what you are looking for in a competition and keep the themes fresh. Let us know if there are any sponsors you would like to see and prizes you think would be good. Post them in the forums on the Passion Competition website current and future sponsors can see.
2012/5/14 16:57:29
Harb40 Passion Competition Website Thanks Jamie. Hopefully we will see some entries from the Muvizu community this year. The competition gets better every year and we try to offer the best in 2D and 3D animation software we can find along with editing software and other great prizes that our sponsors are willing to provide.
2012/5/11 18:35:27
Harb40 Passion Competition Website I have updated the site with a new design and also added a forums section. You can reach the forums either by going to the main site or by going straight to the forums themselves.

I am still learning the ins and outs of web design so I have not been able to set up a link to go back to the main site once on the forums yet. I am working on that. So, to go back to the main site, you will need to manually do that.

I hope you like the new place to visit.
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2012/3/22 16:39:44
Harb40 Passion Competition Website Greetings Muvizu'ers. Some of you may remember that last year we expanded the Passion Competition to include the Muvizu community. Unfortunately we didn't receive a single entry from you. Hopefully that will change this year.

The Passion Competition now has it's own dedicated website that gives an explanation of what the competition is all about, past competitions and winners and links to the different machinima engines, video hosting sites, video/audio software sites and more.

The site is still going through a few upgrades. Eventually all entries will go through the site itself instead of the TMOA Radio forums. Check out the site and stay tuned for more info on this year's competition.
2011/12/11 21:06:50
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is time to announce the top 3 films for the 2011 Passion Competition

In 3rd place, a delightful story done in the narration form by Kibishipaul:
The Little Matchgirl's Revenge

In 2nd place, from our multitalented director/modder KV:
Dr. Cross 3

And the Grand Prize goes to:
The master of TM, Josephkw:

The winner of the i7 processor/motherboard combo is:

Congratulations to all 3 and thank you to all who entered to make this year's competition the best one yet. I am looking forward to what you will do with next's year's theme.

Hopefully next year we will see some entries from the Muvizu community.
2011/11/13 18:44:58
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules From what I have seen, unfortunately, no one has submitted any films made in Muvizu. Was looking forward to seeing a couple entries but maybe next year.
2011/11/13 5:55:27
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules

That's right, you are totally awesome. You have far outdone what I was hoping for as far as the number of films sibmitted. We have 32 films this year. 32 great films to judge. Thank you all but.......................................

Postings are now closed. No more films will be accepted. Results will be available in a couple weeks. Thank you for all your hard work and best of luck to everyone who entered.
2011/11/5 6:25:42
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules OK ladies and gentlemen, the countdown is now on. 7 days left to enter your films. The deadline is midnight (EST) on 12 November.

Don't forget to email me with your plea for a chance to win the processor/motherboard prize.
2011/10/9 17:55:45
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules A quick reminder that there are only 4 weeks left to enter your films. Also, for those entering, don't forget to email me with your 'plea' for the special prize.
2011/10/2 18:17:33
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules *****ATTENTION*****

Thanks to an anonymous donation, we now have some hardware to give away. It has been decided to hold a contest within the conpetition to determine who gets the 'special' prize.

The prize: An Intel i7-2600k processor chip with motherboard.

Intel’s newest processor chip:
I7-2600k processor
3.40 Ghz, 8MB cache, LGA1155, 95W

The board:
Intel DH67GD Media Series
LGA1155 processor support
Dual Channel DDR3 1333 (32GB max)
DVI-1, HDMI & Displayport
USB 3.0 & SATA 6.0 Gb/s

The task: For everyone who submit’s a film (and the current judges), email me using 100 words or less on why you should be the one selected to receive this special prize. Are you looking to upgrade your current computer? Looking to design the next great gaming system? Trying to show George Lucas that you are better than him? Let me know. How creative and passionate can you get in your story?

Email me at: Harb40@gmail.com.

So, when you submit to the official thread, also email me before the deadline. Just like the software prizes, it is up to you to decide what to do with this prize. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone else. It is your choice.

(This prize will be delivered by me so the winner will have to give me an address to send it to).
2011/9/16 19:27:19
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules A question was posed by Ken during the announcement of the competition on the Ken & Cathy show about multi-part films. Would they be considered 1 film or each part a seperate film?

If the film was too big to be released in 1 part, then all parts would be considered 1 film as long as they are all submitted as 1 entry. In other words, you had to upload it in 2 or 3 sections due to file size limits, time durations, etc.

If the film was made in the likes of the Indiana Jones saga (each film had it's own seperate storyline) or like Star Wars (each film had a different episode number) then they would be considered seperate films. Films like Conquest, The Dark and Chronicles of Humanity, (these are machinima films) each seperate film would be considered a seperate entry.
2011/9/11 19:04:43
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules 1 week into the competition and things are starting to heat up. Submissions are already coming in. Just remember, the deadline for submissions is November 12th. We are hoping to see many many wonderful films this year.
2011/9/4 20:32:51
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules Today is September 4, 2011. Submissions are now being accepted for the Passion Competition. See the links above for more info on how to enter.
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2011/9/1 19:58:38
2011 Harb40 Passion Competition Official Rules Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, machinimators of all ages, once again it is time for us to embark on the journey through people's minds and creativity and see what their ideas of passion are. So, without further ado, I give you the:

2011 Harb40 Passion Competition.

2011 Passion Competition Rules and Guidelines

Ethics also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality -- that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice, etc.

Good versus evil contradiction is the eternal story of mankind. The universe is made of oppositions, contrasts, conflicts and dilemma. The stories of God and Satan highlight this. There are also examples such as police forces versus criminals, arguments between husbands and wives (the wife is always right, right?) and even land owners versus city expansion (eminent domain).

The task at hand will be to make a film showcasing the struggle between GOOD and EVIL, RIGHT and WRONG.

Rules and Guidelines

Dates: September 4, 2011 to November 12, 2011 (12 midnight EST)

Film Length: The film can be any length.

Film Age: This can be a new film or one you have made previously.

Engine: This film can be made using any program you desire (iClone, Moviestorm, The Movies, Muvizu, Poser, Daz, The Sims, game engines such as Halo, GTA, COD, WOW and more) or live action. Any form you desire.

Required Theme Element: Must show the struggle between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. Any films not done in English should have English subtitles so the judging panel can fully understand the dialog.

Where to upload: Can be uploaded to any site (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, TMU, etc.) but a link must be given in the submission form. (example below)

Warnings: If any strong language or nudity is used, a disclaimer must be presented either at the start of the film or on the film page.

Credits: Any use of voice actors, music not supplied with the program of choice or composed by yourself, any mods not made by yourself or an official add-on is recommended to be credited either in the film or on the film page but is not required.

Persons not eligible: Due to the nature of the prizes, the 2010 1st place winner, Ben Tuttle, will not be eligible for the 2011 competition. His eligibility will resume in 2012. The 3 top finishers in the 2011 competition will not be eligible for the 2012 competition. Basically, anyone who is awarded prizes for finishing in the top 3 will not be eligible for the next year’s competition. This will be a permanent rule.

Number of entries per person/studio: You may enter up to 3 films but only 1 prize will be awarded per person/studio.


1St Place --
iClone Pro 5
Crazy Talk Animator
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Sound Forge Pro 10
Acid Pro 7
Moviestorm: Lifetime to a Themed Bundle or 1 year to MS Complete or 10,000 MS points

2nd Place --
iClone Pro 5
Crazy Talk Pro 6
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Acid Pro 7
Moviestorm: 1 year Themed Bundle or 3 months MS Complete or 10,000 MS points

3rd Place--
iClone Pro 5
Vegas movie Studio HD Platinum
Sound Forge Audio Studio 10
Acid Music Studio 7
Moviestorm: 3 months Themed Bundle or 1 month MS Complete or 2500 MS points.

* All software is downloadable. Sony will let you opt for either download or hard product in the box.


Chantal Harvey
Killian Wolfsinger
Sherwin Liu
Craig Harbison (Harb40)

Sample Submission Form:

Copy and paste the following and edit to fit your entry:

TMU Name: (the name you use on TMU --Required)
Studio Name: (if different than your user name - not required)
Real Name: (voluntary - not required)
Film Title: (The name of your film -- Required)
Film Length: (Minutes and seconds in length -- Required)
Genre: (comedy, drama, horror, etc. - not required)
Film Location: (a direct link to your film -- Required)
Film Description: (a brief idea of what your film is about -- Required)
Additional Info: (Cast, credits, posters, etc. if you desire)

Using this format will make it easier on the judges to find and keep track of your film. All entries must be made through on the TMOA Radio forums thread.

All entries must be submitted through this thread. If you have any problems, please contact me and I will help you.

So, start filming, enter and Good Luck.
2011/8/14 18:41:32
Harb40 Passion Competition 2 teaser audio ads started playing last week on TMOA radio (see link above for how to listen). The full audio ad will start airing on the 27th of August. The full rules, guidelines and theme will be posted on the 27th of August also.

Hope to see many of you getting involved.
2011/7/27 17:58:55
Harb40 Passion Competition For those who are unaware, TMOA Radio is one of the sponsors of the Passion Competition. I use the Sunday Show to announce the official start of the competition, the final results and use audio ads to help promote the competition. The teaser ads for this years competition will start airing Saturday July 31 and the full competition ad will start airing the 27th of August.

You can find all the links for TMOA Radio here. On the right side of the page are links for the players, chatroom and other links. On the left side you will find links to download previous shows and more.

The current show schedule is:

Industry 101 (1pm-2pm EST; 6pm-7pm UK)
(Currently 2pm-3pm EST; 7pm-8pm UK time (1 hour later than listed))
The Sunday Show (2pm-7pm EST; 7pm-12am UK)
(Currently 3pm-8pm EST; 8pm-11pm UK time (1 hour later than listed; runs one hour less on average))

The Wolf & Dulci Hour - iClone radio (10pm-11pm EST; 3am-4am UK)

The Spotlight With Kinte (9pm-10:30pm EST; 2am-3:30am UK)

The Tom & Ethan Movie Corner (1pm-2pm EST; 6pm-7pm UK)
The Weekly Look With Chris & Wytchy (2pm-3pm EST; 7pm-8pm UK)
The Storm Hour With Shirley Martin & Jakechief(3pm-4pm EST; 8pm-9pm UK)
The DCMF Modding Hour With Stevndysn & Mike D Boing (4pm-5pm EST; 9pm-10pm UK)

Listen in for the audio ads, general information, great guests and more. Muvizu'ers are more than welcome for all the shows.
2011/5/9 7:20:33
Harb40 Passion Competition I recently updated the Facebook Groups page with the list of current prize packages and there have been some other posts concerning the dates of the competition and the number of entries allowed. The link for the page is in the original post on this thread.
2011/3/22 16:21:00
Harb40 Passion Competition You are correct Emily, last year the competition was mainly limited to the iClone, Moviestorm and TMU communities. This year the competition is expanding into the Muvizu, IMVU, The Sims and Second Life communitities also.

I linked the Official announcement from last year so those who were unaware of the competition could get a sense of what it is about. The 2011 competition will take place later this year. The official theme of the competition will be posted with the official announcement around August. Once again, Sony Software, Reallusion and Moviestorm have agreed to sponsor the competition and they have donated software for prizes.

I just wanted the Muvizu community to know that there are other parts of the machinima community out there and other contests/competitions that they can enter. I will post more information on this year's competition as it becomes available.
2011/3/18 22:57:40
Harb40 Passion Competition For those who are interested, I hold a competition every year for film makers called the Harb40 Passion Competition. This year's competition is going to be bigger and better than ever. I made a Facebook Groups page for updates and discussions for anyone who has Facebook access, Harb40 Passion Competition Facebook Group. The official submission point will be on the TMOA Forums later this year. Keep your eyes and ears open for more info.
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