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2016/9/2 19:05:06
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Dreeko wrote:
What do you think, should Ziggy72 and others hang around waiting for more updates and bug fixes or should they go elsewhere?
Do them a favour and let them know if Muvizu has a future. They've been the most loyal supporters of your software the least you can do is stop wasting their time with vague hints that all is going to be well if you know it really isn't!

There are free alternatives to Muvizu now, unlike when it started.
2016/9/1 21:48:40
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers ikes wrote:
Oh, and I like to add to that: more character actions!

+1 to this. Or at least the ability to add custom actions. I don't think any have been added since 2012/2013.
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2016/9/1 19:49:57
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers I wish I could say you're wrong with this one, but I can't find any reason to. So What He Said
2016/8/30 21:45:51
COMPETITION ENTRY I think that video is broken, can you try the full link instead?
2016/8/26 18:07:44
Strange Occurrence... Have you rendered as an mp4 or image sequence? Avis have issues after 2gb.
2016/8/25 7:03:39
When importing mp3 get error message ederediennifer wrote:
ola na hora de publicar o video o movizu da erro e fecha alguem pode me ajudar
hello time to publish the video movizu the error and closes someone help me

I think you need to contact support
2016/8/23 20:19:50
Animating lights on & off without changing values? In the direct keyframe menu there should be 3 options for the type of animation. I believe stepped is the final option.
2016/8/23 18:03:51
Animating lights on & off without changing values? If you have the keyframe content pack, you should be able to do this if you select the stepped option.
2016/8/23 18:01:17
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 CodeName41_SAS wrote:
Hello all,

got missing character attachment with auto update

my set does not open any more due to this, company presentation almost finished...

bad day

Here's the 64 bit version of the previous release:
I also have the 32 bit version if needed. (Thanks to bigwally for that)
If you get the error that the set was made in a newer version, send it into and see if they can modify it.
2016/8/23 7:18:03
Issues with Muvizu ASE Exporter in Sketchup 8,2016 User this exporter for sketchup 8:!downloads/rmmoz
You need to create a 256x256 default texture bitmap for Muvizu called toto.bmp in C:/ut3
2016/8/22 19:13:29
Competition? PatMarrNC wrote:
gimmick wrote:
The prizes could be also Muvizu T-shirt, Muvizu bag, etc

the summer 2016 contests are all being sponsored by forum members, and the prizes are provided by the sponsor (not by Digimania).

If I had a Muvizu T shirt, I probably wouldn't give it away. ;-)

They used to give out t-shirts and stuff to the most frequent users, but I think they moved away from the community concept after it went non-beta.
2016/8/20 7:01:00
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Rocque wrote:
The interview yesterday with Academy Award Winner, Mark Ardington was awesome.

I tuned in live yesterday and all I got was "And that's all from us, goodbye" and it switched off! Duhh
2016/8/20 6:44:00
Surprise You don't need the embed code or anything, the forum automatically embeds the video if you just post the URL.
2016/8/19 20:26:52
How do I use the costume pack? Hi, the costumes tab is actually for the chemistry pack. (Confusing I know)
Go to the decals tab at the top of the character edit menu then click the body texture slot. Now go to the costumes tab in the textures menu.
2016/8/19 19:45:15
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Rocque wrote:
I only enter these so I keep animating. However this one is leaving me in the dust before I even start. My mind is a blank, and then knowing all the cool things people will be doing is intimidating right off the bat. I am getting the "who does she think she is entering this little voice in my head". I hate to waste the judges time with my lack of ability, so I might sit this one out.

Ha! Don't worry Rocque, you're not wasting anyone's time. The whole point of the competition is to have people at various skill levels enter and learn. (I certainly loved watching every single entry to the previous two competitions)

As for the little voice in your head, that's probably not going away. You can, however, ignore it because it's trying its best to be unhelpful!
2016/8/19 17:17:56
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) tonyob67 wrote:
Maby next time

Pat's got a competition going with great prizes if you want to enter something:
2016/8/19 11:47:07
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Hi guys, sorry for the delay.
Special thanks to everyone who took part and supported the competition. The judges for this competition enjoyed watching the videos and some have given feedback on what went well, as well as some constructive criticism about what could be improved.

It’s time for the results

Firstly, as stated in the initial post, there is a randomly selected winner to give each contestant an equal chance of winning.

The randomly selected winner is… ...clayster2012

Congratulations Clayster! You will receive a link to download the two sets to do with as you please.

Now on to the judges decisions. All judges of this competition have many years of experience with Muvizu.

In 6th place is… ...Rocque with “Another Airport Experience”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“The music you've used on this is a bit creepy; it certainly adds to the nightmare airport experience. I like the subtle jokes you've hidden in the video. Good work with the effects like the lightning and raindrops.
I'm not sure what's happening with the announcer in the video, she seems to be appearing and disappearing quite a lot. I would advise against slowing down Muvizu clips as you've done in the waiting area scene since the frame-rate looks a bit odd.
Overall, I can see some improvements to be made, but this is still a very good video.”
“Comes across as a chaotic collage, but I know that's because she didn't quite have the technical knowledge to get what she wanted (yet).”
“A good idea and nice central joke. Editing a little distracting though.”

In 5th place is… ....eugenecheese with “Summer Holiday - Wimbledon”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“Short, simple, and funny. I like the subtle smoke effect so show they've rushed out of the stadium.
I think the lighting on the character needs to be turned down a tiny bit because it looks slightly odd, but there's nothing else really wrong with this.”
“Good timing, only thing that lets it down is the absence of rain - Muvizu rain is black under this lighting, so it's hard to see, and there's no rain in the background picture to help.”
“Very simple but effective clip. Maybe a little confusing for non UK viewers”

In 4th place is… ...clayster2012 with “Popping Corn Dog”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“I like the custom models you have in this one, especially the tent. I also like how you used the ol' zoom into the face technique to show something happening when it's difficult in Muvizu.
I think the timing of the sound effect is about half a second off the reaction, and the fire lighting could be improved by having a single static orange light along with all the flashing ones.
Overall, this is a well rounded sketch.”
“Nicely constructed, lit and shot, but lacks humour (in the sense of a proper punchline).”
“Nice selection of imported objects as you would expect from Clayster (although I don’t actually know what a corn dog is!)”

In joint 2nd place is… ...ikes with “Camping Party” and tonyob67 with “Trip to Hawaii”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“Another great camping based sketch. I liked the careful animation of the effects (Like the puking one), and how you managed to get everything falling off the table smoothly (I don't think I can pull it off that well).
As with Clayster's fire lighting, something looks a little odd when it's all flashing lights. You need a static light in there too somewhere.
Good work, ikes!”
“Good sense of what's going on despite the chaos, so it works. The lighting looks like a strobe though - multiple flickering lights set at a lower rate works better for fires, I find.”
“Nice production values. I think I was at that party!”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“I like the pace of this video, and everything's still understandable. Good use of sound effects and camera shake.
I don't think there's much I can criticise in this video, apart from I've never been to an airport where the check in desks are that brightly coloured.”
“Simple, to the point, well put together and universal. Needs to work on the lighting to help emphasize each shot better.“
“Stylish production – looks deceptively simple but the shot composition is harder than it looks and very effective.”

And finally…. The winner of the 20 second summer film competition is….

with “20 Seconds of Vacation Disaster”

Here’s what the judges have to say about your sketch:
“I like the original soundtrack. I also think you've done a great job of using images as the background. The animated avi backdrops work well too. I Especially like the slow zoom at the end.
I think the lighting on a couple of the backdrops could be improved (such as the beach with all the dogs).
Keep up the good work, Pat!”
“Love the escalation of tragedy and the pairing of the music. Again, needs more work on lighting to help sell each shot.”
“Effective blend of backdrops and foreground objects. I’ve been on most of these holidays.”

PatMarrNC, a link to the prizes will also be sent to you.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, and I hope you enjoyed making your videos (Maybe you also learned a thing or two along the way). I’m looking forward to seeing what you all make next!
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2016/8/18 16:47:55
Possible bug with Direct X9 and effects? level18 wrote:
Thanks guys, I managed to get the latest version working again after several hours of messing about so I think I'll wait for the bug to be fixed does anyone know what kind of turnaround time uvizu has for bug fixes?

They're a bit inconsistent with how quickly these things are fixed, but usually it's around just over a month from when it's released. (So for now you'll have to click no to the update message when you open Muvizu :/ )
2016/8/18 14:04:45
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Reimmeister wrote:
I get a fatal error if I want to export in the highest resolution (3840x2160)! And can´t change it afterwards. So I have to reinstall the programm to change the export resolution

You should be able to change it in file-->preferences(or maybe it's options I can't remember)
2016/8/18 9:35:38
Possible bug with Direct X9 and effects? bigwally wrote:
Just noticed that Ziggy72's version is the 64-bit version. Ooops.
You probably need the 32 bit version.
Find it here:

Ah yeah, that could be the problem. And the other one's my copy.
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