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2016/8/2 11:39:24
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Anticip wrote:
Well this is not the place and I've read pretty much every post there is on Muvizu to successfuly import from SU.

But : I got SU 8.0, I got the plugin Muvizu ASE exporter, I can make or find in SU what I want, I can export it to an ASE file. This is ok.

Problem is whan I import to SktechUp (mostly as a hand item (for the ak47 example) I get one of these two errors (translated from French as I have installed Muvizu in French) :

1) "The asset you're trying to import is to small or may have a problem with the collision mesh"


2) "File not found item/textures/toto.bmp"

If anyone has an idea. (I got and fixed a different toto.BMP error when I import assets from the Muvizu store by text editing manually the asset).

I'm not sure about the first error, but if you put a 100x100 bmp file called toto.bmp in C:\UT3, then that should solve the second one.
2016/8/1 16:18:16
Chicken test from Sinister Ha! That's nothing short of genius!
Great work, ikes! Very realistic.
2016/8/1 10:03:44
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
after beating my head against a wall for most of the weekend, I finally have a feature that I want added badly enough to make a pest of myself in order to get it: a snap function for backdrops.

In fact, there should be a toggle for it so snap can be turned off if you don't want it. But basically, if you get two backdrops within a certain distance from one another, I want the edges to connect and stay there.

I'd also like the backdrops to stop acting like a 4 year old who's being tickled when you try to move them.

And the snapping should have an option to align the walls in a straight line.
2016/8/1 9:35:30
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Anticip wrote:
Regarding the sketchup thing I must say I'm having quite a lot of problem right now, I first had the toto.bmp bug, which I think I've fixed but I'm no expert and even when I export ASE files from sktechUp (I've tried for an AK47 for instance) I can't import them into muvizu, always an error message.

What error message do you get?
2016/7/29 10:46:21
My first little video with Muvizu... christian_clavet wrote:
I don't think I'd would be ready to compete yet. Just started and looking at the possibilities. Perhaps I'll try something in the weekend but I don't promise anything...

Even if you don't enter, it's a good way to learn about all aspects of the film-making process.
I look forward to seeing your future videos even if you don't enter the competition.
2016/7/29 10:09:44
Character Action Animation suggestion I don't think we'll get keyframed actions as you described, but I do like the sound of drag and drop actions. Maybe suggest it to support, but don't expect it to be implemented any time soon: (They have a very long to-do list )

Edit: It's impossible to implement changing the speed of the pre-set actions, but you can cut them short by directing another action mid-way or an idle.
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2016/7/28 15:40:04
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. PatMarrNC wrote:
I also saw a "life hack" video in which a guy used flexible copper tubing, an aquarium pump, and a picnic cooler/ice chest filled with ice to cycle the ice water thru the copper tubing... (which can be coiled into a relatively flat surface)

His application was to mount the tubing to a fan for the purpose of cooling a room, but it could be used for a platform on which to set a laptop. Or not.

So many crazy @$$ ideas, so little time. ;-)

The problem with that is you might get condensation which is not computer friendly.
2016/7/28 15:26:02
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. When trying to cool my old laptop, I made some 2 block high Lego legs to allow more air into the bottom vents. It didn't seem to improve performance, but it did stop it from turning off from overheating.
2016/7/28 9:28:09
floating objects It's a problem with the unreal engine. When placing objects, it finds objects that interfere with each other, and then decides if they need to go up or down. It usually chooses up which causes those problems. (Or something like that)
Unfortunately it's not something that can be fixed.
2016/7/28 9:24:49
Words / Letters Most people tend to add words either in a video editor or imported from a modeling program. So I don't think this feature is being worked on.
2016/7/27 18:34:25
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. It's even easier now you can just offload that stuff to a different layer and don't need to worry about keying the colour out. Good advise, clayster!
2016/7/27 10:03:23
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. I don't think adding more ram will help much. :/
You might want to try rendering in 2 second chunks, or turning down the shadow sharpness.
2016/7/26 23:04:38
Machiya wrote:
Here you go.... Import .ASE suitcase
edited by Machiya on 26/07/2016

I am sorry, when I clic on the link I see only numbers....what is it?

Try right clicking that link then clicking "save link as"

Often things made for other programs like planes and cars have many polygons because they have curves. Muvizu really dislikes these, and often the models are made with faces upside down etc which is also not Muvizu-friendly.
2016/7/26 15:01:00
1st person view techniques PatMarrNC wrote:
all of the slaying action and spurting blood was seamless... what editor do you use? The flashing lights and various effects were quite good.

Most of the blood seems to just be coloured and moved Muvizu effects. One where a throat is cut is the tears effects textured red. Another is the roman candle all red.
2016/7/26 14:50:01
Introducting myself Welcome to Muvizu!
I see you've already had a play and you've got the hang of it. If you have any trouble, check to see if there's a solution on the Wiki: or here on the Forum.
Everyone's friendly here, so if you have a problem that's not answered on the Wiki then just ask!

There are some additional paid expansions such as keyframed movement, customs sets, and extra characters that you can buy here: but most stuff is included in the initial purchase.

Have fun!
2016/7/26 14:40:09
1st person view techniques As shown in the video, footstep/breathing/heartbeat sound effects work well too.
2016/7/26 10:28:38
My first little video with Muvizu... That's actually really good, especially for your first clip.
I see you had fun with the depth of field and lighting, and everything was timed really well.
I look forward to seeing what you can come up with in the future!

Any chance you want to enter the 20 second film competition?
2016/7/26 10:23:05
Arm Yourself! christian_clavet wrote:
Hi, I'm intrigued by this... Are there bones in the arm that will work with Muzivu? Or the arm are in fixed position?

The arms are in a fixed position. We can't currently import anything that's rigged.
2016/7/25 22:02:23
Holding objects or picking up props Wow dwino I just had a look at your post history and hadn't realised you'd been gone so long. Welcome back!
Nothing's changed since you started your break in 2013.
You can still use attachment slots for each character, in the hands and some other places. Either use the limited assets in Muvizu or import from an external program in ASE or FBX format.
To my knowledge, no actions have been added so you're stuck with what you have.

The whole paid content pack system has been introduced as you can see here:
Users also have the ability to sell sets and textures.

As for the future, we don't really know. Feel free to pester support for answers, but they tend to be a bit secretive:

Edit: Actually I think the visible option is relatively new, which helps when using a standard object and attachment to make it look like they're picking an object up.
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2016/7/25 20:19:28
» Owning rights to your films and distribution I'm not sure about that, could you specify what you're thinking of?
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