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2016/5/24 16:26:50
User store You cant really tell how useful it is from the downloads either. There used to be a rating system too, but I think it was removed sitewide with the youtube api changing. I may be mixing it up with the gallery though.

Oh and the original creators can track their sales on their accounts.

A download counter would help for a sorted list though.
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2016/5/23 7:21:59
Duvida sobre Reativar o programa... You have to go to then click inside the box with your code in, and do ctrl+a to select everything in the box. Then do ctrl+c to copy everything. Go to Muvizu File-->Upgrade-->Enter code, and it should read it in.

If you get error W0 then try disabling your firewall.
If you get error E2 then try running Muvizu as an administrator
If you get error W2 then you need to ask support to re-activate your licence.
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2016/5/23 7:00:25
W2 Error NEED HELP PatMarrNC wrote:
1) here on the web site, go to your Muvizu profile, and under your photo there is a button labeled MY PRODUCTS

2) at the bottom of the list is a text box where your Muvizu license should be displayed. If your license does not appear there, then copy and paste your license into that text box

3) then open Muvizu and from the main menu:

it should read the license from the clipboard since you just copied it and pasted it to your profile on the website. If not, you may have to copy and paste it again

If this doesn't work, then try sending in another support ticket. If they still haven't replied by tuesday, then report back here and I'll contact them directly.
2016/5/20 19:12:27
Muvizu renders "Red/Blue"|Anaglyph | stereoscopic? I'll have a look and edit this post if I find anything, but I think you need to manually place 2 cameras next to each other and render the whole scene for each. Then you'd need to import this into a 3D ready video editor and upload it to youtube, enabling the 3D mode which allows users to choose the red/blue glasses mode.

I can't find anything except a couple of feature requests (and potentially a hint that this feature will be built into Muvizu at some point).
I know that Fman00 has done this a couple of times fairly successfully, so maybe you could message him or I'll poke him to share the top tips here.

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2016/5/18 14:31:07
2016/5/17 20:44:32
Mobile Phone Action Much better Ziggy!
Looks identical to the Muvizu one.
2016/5/16 10:05:27
Explosion Effect primaveranz wrote:
Ah! I found them in the Heroes and Villains pack

Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.
2016/5/16 7:11:55
What is a good external HD to purchase? Really they all tend to be reasonably robust now.
You might want to pick a few key things from this list to base your purchase on:
-large capacity to price
-long warranty
-good reviews (even read the bad ones to see what happens if something goes wrong)

Personally I've been using a Samsung M3 1tb drive that I plan to replace for something bigger soon which is apparently actually manufactured by Seagate.

Also, to lower the chance of damage, you'll want to treat it fairly carefully to avoid accidental drops or anything that could damage the disk.

If you have about £200 spare, you might want to invest in a NAS like this:
and put a couple of 1/2TB drives inside (Best go with WD Red for this)

If you want to, you're also able to set it up so that it puts the same information on both drives so if one fails, your data is not lost.
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2016/5/15 19:47:59
KYUSS DEMON CLEANER Looks very good! I like that you used multiple scenes to keep the interest of viewers. A lot of cinematic camera panning too! Keep up the good work.
Here's the video for those who can't click the link in the title:

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2016/5/15 9:53:46
Explosion Effect That does sound odd. Here's a screenshot from mine:

See top right and one from top left.

It just occurred to me that maybe they changed it to be with the chemistry pack now. (Which is unlikely since it lists it as Environment VFX x1 which would be the atom thingy)

If you still don't see it then maybe a re-install or contacting support could help.
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2016/5/15 8:31:02
Explosion Effect There are already explosions in the effects, one normal one, and one which has a blast wave thing for nuclear effects. These are in the normal effects rather than the character ones.
2016/5/14 19:53:30
Extend or combine character actions ikes wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Is that a CRT monitor?

Do you (or anybody) maybe have a clue why my screen capute doesn't capture pulldown menu's in muvizu? I have tried 3 or 4 different capute software, all with the same result.

Unfortunately not. Support might know:
I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.
2016/5/14 19:05:56
Extend or combine character actions Is that a CRT monitor?
2016/5/14 12:11:56
Work around for the dialog system ukBerty wrote:

Yes - I create short shots - typically 3-8 seconds. Anything longer would have to be some sort of establishing shot rather than dialogue. I then stitch it all together in a video editor (Vegas in my case). This enables me to keep control of the pace of the animation - taking a beat out here and adding one in there.

It's just my opinion but whenever I read a post which talks about someone having created an animation minutes long in one go my heart always sinks, as usually I will find this too painful to watch all the way through.

Just my opinion though.....

I have to agree here, but it has improved slightly now that we have more than 4 cameras.
2016/5/14 11:02:47
Extend or combine character actions That's a really clever trick! Thanks for sharing.
2016/5/14 8:19:31
Workaround to simulate falling water Brilliant effect!
I feel like there's something missing from the base. Try putting a retextured fire there to see if it makes it look like splashes. I'm just nitpicking though.
2016/5/14 8:15:40
Hiding Effects meshes primaveranz wrote:
Is there a way to hide e.g. the Steam Leak "cube" while trying to line it up with something? It's pretty hard when it obscures the target.

Go to view-->hide effects
2016/5/13 13:53:17
Oh gosh I have feedback .. PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'd like to add that £2.99 is a bit steep for a texture in my mind, but that might just be because I'm a cheapskate.

I agree. I haven't explored the store's uploading options yet, so I don't know where they have the pricing thresholds set, or exactly what can and can't be uploaded.

It seems to me that the ideal situation is to keep the prices high enough to justify the "per transaction" fee, but low enough to justify the purchase. In the case of textures, I'd be more inclined to spend £2.99 on a collection of textures. Is it possible to upload zip files to the store?

If so, any thoughts on what number of textures might justify a 2.99 price tag? 5? 10? 20?

I tried uploading a zip file go test yesterday, and it didn't get rejected by the uploader. I don't know if it would get rejected before reaching the store though.
As for the number for that price? I think it would be case by case depending on the quality and versatility.
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2016/5/13 7:04:12
Work around for the dialog system theotherguy wrote:
Interesting. I get all the dialogue sorted first, complete with pauses and render them as mono wave files in my audio editor, I haven't come across any big problems yet, earlier versions used to get 'crosstalk' occasionally.

Yep, I'll agree with you there, but this seems to be a solution for people who don't want to go near an audio editor.
2016/5/13 7:02:35
Oh gosh I have feedback .. I'd like to add that £2.99 is a bit steep for a texture in my mind, but that might just be because I'm a cheapskate.
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