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2016/2/25 19:30:41
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs fazz68 wrote:
windows 10 and never failed to run any version of muvizu till this one. tried the lite version and same result. tried every combination ticked boxes unticked boxes etc etc and still nothing. all drivers are up to date. directx is running fine. all other software running fine.

Sounds like Jamie might be bombarded with emails tomorrow then.
2016/2/25 19:29:40
360 feature braj wrote:
OK. I'm just wondering if it has any utility in a scene, I guess you would need a video editor that supports 360 video. I imagine it is or will be possible. I'm using Sony Movie Studio 11, but I have heard a lot of talk about HitFilm, there is a free version and you can buy only the items you want, kinda like Muvizu I guess

I was wondering how I would be able to render 360 video in movie studio 11, but I assume you could just edit it as 2D video then let youtube do the difficult bit.
2016/2/25 19:24:05
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs braj wrote:
The installer says this is for Win7 and above only, can that be the issue?

Unless you're running windows XP, it shouldn't affect it (Although it is possible)
At a guess, I'd say Fazz is running windows 10, but it could be 8.1
2016/2/25 19:22:28
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs fazz68 wrote:

doesnt work in this thread either lol

just downloading the lite version to have a bash at.

2016/2/25 19:20:02
360 feature braj wrote:
I haven't bought this yet, I'm overextended for even a $7 purchase right now, but soon... I'll definitely get it.

I am wondering about the applications for this. It creates YouTube videos only, or are they useful for animating in general? Is there any way to use these in a video editor with your other clips? It sounds like a fun feature even if only for YouTube, but I'm hoping it can do more.

The Google Cardboard virtual reality supports 360 degree youtube videos, and most phones support moving the phone around on youtube to move the camera angle.
2016/2/25 19:16:00
2016.01.15 Bugs
2016/2/25 19:15:05
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs For version 1.7
I thought we might as well move here since we were using the last version's thread.
I've just tested out mp4 output at the maximum bitrate. I can still see a tiny bit of noticeable compression, but the file sizes are brilliant compared to other output formats.
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2016/2/25 19:00:14
2016.01.15 Bugs Mine starts fine on native windows 7 home 64bit

Edit: Also my keyframed camera movement has returned.
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2016/2/25 18:49:04
2016.01.15 Bugs fazz68 wrote:
nope....... gets past the splash screen then..........

I'm just about to test it out for the first time. Are you able to run it in compatibility mode for windows 7? (And does that function even exist)
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2016/2/25 16:43:42
New 360 video function is now available! PCollimonster wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:

(I'll echo what MrDrWho said about the MP4 output!
is that in the new version whether we buy the 360 degree rotation or not?)

Yes MP4 output is included in the new build without having to buy the 360 degree function.

Thanks Big Grin
2016/2/25 16:04:44
2016.01.15 Bugs ukBerty wrote:
So does this mean there's a new version of Muvizu for the 360 stuff ?

Does anyone know the latest on the issues with 1.6 ?

Where are we ?

I must admit I haven't bothered upgrading since 1.5 in October as I'm trying to finish a project and need stuff to work.

It's a new version on the download link, but you'll probably have to ask Jamie about the specifics of what changed. Chances are they just added the new content pack compatibility, but are still working on squishing those bugs. I would like to be proved wrong though.

Edit: the wiki has been updated and apparently we're now on v1.7
"First release of the 360 Degree Video pack. Bug fixes to the application"
It doesn't mention the head movement bug specifically though. I'll try it out later.
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2016/2/25 15:55:51
Lion character It might not be a good idea to post your teachers email address on a public forum unless you have their permission.
2016/2/25 15:53:33
New 360 video function is now available! Thanks for the mp4 output, hopefully we can point people to that now instead of the rather complicated image sequences.

I might have to try this 360 degree function.
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2016/2/24 7:35:55
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting CloudNinja wrote:

I tend to use the Sony AVC/MVC option since it exports at a .mp4
In my experience, due to the smaller file size, .mp4s render and upload much faster than .avis
2016/2/24 7:29:10
Recovering from missing file issues? braj wrote:
I have a scene that an audio file is corrupt in apparently, it is the last thing I did in the scene and now it won't load. Is there a way to recover from this? I will start making master and work sets from now on but it would be kind of nice to get this back. It was too big though, and my next sets will break up the world into smaller bits.

The missing file issue tends to be from character eye or head movements, and moving these around the timeline. You can send it into support to see if they can recover it:
2016/2/24 7:27:38
Output as PNG? When you install the new version, set it to be somewhere other than C:\Program files\Muvizu Play, maybe change the name to Muvizu Play New or something.
You can have multiple versions of Muvizu on your PC at once (I've somehow managed to install 10 versions :/ )
But keep in mind that sets you save in the new version can't be opened in the old version.
When the save dialog comes up you should see a dropdown box with TGA or PNG options at the bottom.
2016/2/23 22:19:42
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? I've made this very short clip to represent my basic method:

What I've done is made a clip of him walking, rendered it, then made a copy of the .set file, deleted him from this new one, and rendered it out. Now I get one with and one without. In sony vegas I put the without scene on the bottom layer, and the with scene on the top, then reduced the transparency of the with scene to 50%:

Alternatively: with render layers, you could just render a layer with just the person in, then change the colour hue of the camera or the video in the editor then treat it as the with clip. It should have the same effect but give the character a different colour.
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2016/2/23 22:13:16
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting CloudNinja wrote:
I'm rendering my Muvizu scene in TGA output, importing those TGA files into Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to be rendering from Vegas as a video.
My final video is much darker than when I previously did avi/video output from Muvizu?!
Any guidance on:
1 - the Vegas import settings of the TGA files?
2 - the Vegas "Make Movie" settings if I want HD or DVD quality video?
with appreciation,

1. Make sure you've chosen 25fps when you import the sequence, but the other settings should be fine on default.
I'm not sure why they come out dark, I don't remember having this problem before. You could try PNG output from Muvizu rather than TGA.

2. You'll want the same resolution as you exported from Muvizu and choose either 25fps or 50fps (So probably HD either 720p or 1080p).
2016/2/23 16:35:07
Video compatible with FCPX? BrianDunning wrote:
What is the correct frame duration? Will audio sync properly at 29.97, 30, or something else?

Thanks so much, guys.

Muvizu exports at 25fps.
2016/2/23 9:06:26
Video compatible with FCPX? BrianDunning wrote:
Call me clueless -- I was not aware of the option. How does one select this?

In one of the tabs in the make video window, you can switch from video/avi to image sequence then you have an option to choose either TGA or PNG.
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