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2016/1/5 17:42:17
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho... I'm talking about this one:

Oh wow, I'd say that entire thing is from something that's not Muvizu.
Still brilliant though.
2016/1/5 17:33:59
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... PatMarrNC wrote:
I noticed that the characters in your Indiana Jones movie look different than the current character set.. was it made with an earlier version of Muvizu? Or did you create those characters in some other application?

They look like normal characters to me, what can you see that's different?

Oh and I agree with you Pat, Wabby is yet another Muvizu mastermind!
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2016/1/3 22:15:03
Coming Soon 2016 Looking forward to it!
Although remember you can't rush people.
2016/1/3 16:04:09
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... That's incredible!
2016/1/1 20:34:20
2 Questions please help! Thanks for the little video, it's always best to get the exact details of the problem and you've displayed them very well!

First of all, I think you're over-complicating this with the separate dialogue tracks because if you're using the method, you need the right timings and spaces in each audio clip so they don't overlap as you've shown there. What's happening is they're all playing at the same time because they're all in the same space on the timeline.
Characters show on the main timeline when animations of any kind are added to them; in this case it's assigning the dialogue to each one.
All these different methods are getting confused with your video because rather than separating just characters, you're splitting up the entire song. Remember, you can only have a maximum one dialogue track used per character, but tracks can be shared between characters. (so you can't have the chorus and a specific track for each character unless they're in the same audio file)


Personally I think the best method for this specific video is to put all the song together in audacity into a single mp3 or wav file, let all the characters use this track, then direct the talk/shush.

You said you used to be able to move the little timeline markers. This is true and exactly the same now but you have to direct some markers in using the talk/shush buttons when recording and then move them afterwards in the timeline.


Every animation can be seen on the main timeline which is in tools-->timeline, but the one you showed us is specifically for directing an animation for one item. You can show the other tracks by clicking the buttons along the top of the timeline.

I hope I haven't missed anything, I'll clarify some points if needed since this is quite difficult to explain.

(All the images are from the wiki)
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2016/1/1 18:32:00
Coming Soon 2016 ukBerty wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Will it be in cinemas?

Unbelievably I do have a couple of cinemas who have said they will show it - one in the UK and one in the USA - so hopefully there will be a very, very limited release. I will keep everyone informed should it come to it.

I'll see if I can find any cinemas with free screens locally if you want to show it more.
Although, come to think of it, maybe it would be better if we were all in one place. I'll be waiting for updates later this year at any rate.
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2016/1/1 18:22:08
Coming Soon 2016 Wow that's looking very close. I wish you luck, I can't wait to see the final cut!
(Will it be in cinemas? )
2016/1/1 9:16:55
2 Questions please help! Ericksone wrote:
I remember in the old Muvizu you could have all characters on the timeline and slide the audio where it was appropriate. Currently I am only able to get one character at a time....

You can still do that but it's a bit more effort of you want to keep talking and shushing. The characters appear on the timeline when animations are added to them.
2016/1/1 9:14:00
2 Questions please help! You can only have one audio track per character but they are able to share.
You might want to make just one audio track and make sure all the characters will lipsync to it in prepare-->dialogue
Then you leave the solo one on talk all the time and tell the others to shush when it's the solo.

The Santa hat thing sounds like a bug, so you might want to contact support.
2016/1/1 0:43:38
Coming Soon 2016 Happy new year to you too!
2015/12/31 17:28:19
Coming Soon 2016 I'm glad you switched topic, the old one murders my phone when loading the thread as a massive list rather than the 25 pages.

That shot looks good, I love the detail of the photos on the table and are they lighters?
2015/12/28 16:31:53
Failed to load object from file wdeprospo wrote:
I've been in the software business for 48 years. You hit it right on the head. Everyone wants
options, functions today. As do I. Muvizu, take your time and fix it. I understand schedules, features and release dates. There never seems to be enough time to do it, but there is always time to redo it.
Take your time. Be a turtle, not a hare.

What He Said
2015/12/27 15:59:00
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... I just got round to watching the video. Amazing work! I'd never have thought of using the blob, and it does look rather good. Keep up the good work!
2015/12/26 10:25:01
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... I'll have a watch of these later.
The forum embeds automatically with youtube URLs so you don't need to paste the embed code.
2015/12/25 20:31:16
2 Simultanesous Sets with Split Screen You can have two instances of muviu open at the same time if your pc is powerful enough, but sound will only come from the selected window.
2015/12/25 18:08:18
windows media player won't play video I created. Muvizu exports at 25fps so you have to make sure your video editor is importing them at 25fps in the settings. This way the audio should be exactly (or very close to) the right length
2015/12/25 11:33:20
Multiple Scenes with same audio track You'll probably want to use a video editor like windows moviemaker or Sony Vegas and put the audio and scenes in that.
2015/12/24 6:17:47
layers and movements PatMarrNC wrote:
Am I correct in thinking that I'd start out with all 3 layers so that when my character walked BEHIND the fountain, the foreground 2d graphic would hide him...

then if my character walked around the front of the fountain, turning off the layer that contains the foreground image would then let the character become the foreground, blocking out whatever part of the video fountain in the background he happened to be standing in front of...

very cool, and pretty slick too!

Yep, exactly right!
You could even do this in Muvizu with backdrops but it won't be of the same quality.
2015/12/24 6:13:00
windows media player won't play video I created. Yep, the file limit is 2GB - if it's larger than that then either split it up for best results or use a different codec.
For the best results, try out the image sequence output since that doesn't have the limits of a video file and doesn't require codecs.
2015/12/23 20:23:11
layers and movements I've put the stuff here for now:
If I don't get round to updating it soon, poke me.
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