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2015/12/12 8:50:45
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything An hour per minute?! If that becomes an issue you should think about upgrading your graphics card.(you can get it to a point where it's rendering 1:1)
2015/12/12 8:47:56
Audio files location? I don't think the audio files from Muvizu are in a readable format, but you could make a video with the sound effects you want and take the sounds off that.
2015/12/11 23:10:51
Bullet time simonheffer wrote:
Thanks Pat.
Yes, I tried something like this last year but couldn't get what I wanted. Ideally all I should need to do is rotate the camera with the anchor point on the subject - however I don't think keyframing works with camera rotations very well.

I have asked for the rotation point to be added, but the staff didn't see much use for it so didn't have it at the top of the to-do list.
2015/12/10 11:22:18
Failed to load object from file The failed to load object from file is a common bug they're fixing at the moment, but the failed to save is something I haven't seen in any recent versions. You might want to send the set in for them to look at:
2015/12/9 16:45:33
how do I make an object or character disappear? PatMarrNC wrote:
this would make a great tutorial ! (using layers to make things appear / disappear)

You could just direct the visibility property on objects.
2015/12/7 17:24:21
Record button grayed out when trying to direct ryanjohn wrote:
I have prepared the audio, prepared the dialog (numerous times) however when I switch to direct I cannot not click on the record button. I can hear the audio file playing I just can't click record so I can change to "Shush" when I want. Any ideas?

Are you pressing the play button before recording? You should be able to press record to start recording, not when playing.
2015/12/7 15:19:17
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? Well, no, sorry.
Laptops don't have the same expandibily as desktops especially regarding CPUs and GPUs. Your two options are either buying a new laptop or upgrading/buying a desktop PC.
Personally I'd suggest the desktop option, since there's a bit more room to upgrade if you don't mind giving up a bit of portability.

To help ease the lag on your current laptop you could press f12 to disable lighting.
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2015/12/6 13:28:00
How to: walk, stop and turn in one movement 90 degree turns are a bit of a pain in Muvizu. It sounds like you'd like to make more use of the timeline. After directing movement, you should be able to shuffle the little movement boxes closer together. Another little tip would be to double click on the destination rather than using the dragging system.
ritsmer wrote:
Muvizu would work like a dream if it had a 1:x recording possibility.

Yes, it's something I've requested before. Hopefully it's on the to-do list just under custom actions and character models.
2015/12/6 8:52:12
installing MUVIZU to a USB drive... If you mean leaving it on the USB drive then yes I think you could, but not to use at the same time. I think it's mainly to stop users installing one licence on classrooms of computers.
But that's just a theory, you could always ask support if none of the staff reply here.
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2015/12/5 22:18:53
Danimal I'm so sorry to hear that.
He helped out on a few of my videos too; he was very generous and kind man.
Rest in peace, Dan.
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2015/12/5 15:33:33
How do I load chemistry set? jproctor wrote:
I have the same problem, I purchased the Christmas pack but can't find it anywhere. I am getting very concerned becuase this seems to be an ongoing problem, John.

If you go to File-->Licence-->Activate, then look in objects for a "Christmas" section. Also look in the character edit menu for some things.
2015/12/4 15:17:58
School with some quesitons mothj wrote:
-s switch doesn't appear to be working unfortunately.

I've even tried -silent -q -quiet etc. all the usual suspects, even /? or -? /help -help don't bring up anything, it just goes straight into the GUI installer.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like something you'd want to speak to support about:
2015/12/3 20:42:55
Getting Muvizu's previous version There are many versions of 1.6 as you can see here:
Here's a link to the previous version:
Here's a link to the most recent fully stable version:

I'm going to repeat the Might with a capital M. Often you get the error saying it's been opened in a more recent version.
2015/12/3 19:32:46
new problem Johan wrote:
Hi Guys,

Today it happened twice I lost several hours of work because my scene is NOT re-loaded !! I can not open it again! PFFfff

Muvizu says:

"There was an error loading the scene. Failed to load the object from the file."

End quote

BUT WHICH file is missing, it does not say !!

This is not funny and I never encountered this before.

What to do? Because I restarted today, and don`t want to do the same work again and loose it for the third time.


Technically your work should still be there, but you won't be able to access it before a patch is released. I suspect a patch will be coming in the next two weeks.
Sorry about that.
2015/12/3 12:43:09
School with some quesitons mothj wrote:
Trying to deploy this now, i can't work out what version of the Visual C++ runtime it uses? Any ideas?

I think i'll need to deploy the directx runtime and c++ runtimes as prerequisites separately in order for this to work, just putting -s on it didn't seem to work unfortunately. .Net is a standard component of our install and that's kept up to date so that shouldn't be an issue luckily.

I don't know which version they're using but there is some information and download links on the wiki:
2015/12/2 20:35:04
Issues with character actions Hi,
The actions in Muvizu are sit/stand specific. So if your character is stood up, you can't do any actions designed for sitting and vice versa.
If you really want an action that's for standing when your character is sat down, you could probably use some camera trickery to make it looks like they're sitting.
You can click the actions in "prepare" to change them.
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2015/12/2 12:05:47
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! harley1234 wrote:
Hi there,

First time I have purchased a Pack so I am battling a bit. I purchased and downloaded the Cristmas Pack. It's an exe file so I installed it but cannot access it from anywhere. It does not come up in the "new set" gallery at all. Does not come up under characters. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

There might be a "christmas" section in the objects menu and character edit menu. You could go to Tools-->Content pack to confirm you've downloaded it.
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2015/12/1 17:30:54
sound problem If you export it as an image sequence, the sound is exported separately. You could try that to see if it improves.
Also, what format is the audio you imported in?
2015/12/1 16:26:35
Muvizu Christmas pack is here! MuvizuTeam wrote:
Hi All,

Our Christmas content pack is out today!

With presents, crackers, a fireplace, Santa attachments and more!

Get yours today!

edited by MuvizuTeam on 01/12/2015

*puts on old man voice*
Back in my day there would be a competition for making the best user-rated video.
2015/12/1 14:07:48
Publishing leads to black screen A tip for the future:
Most of the problems you get trying to work with avi can be taken away if you use the image sequence output. You'll need a video editor for this such as hitfilm or Sony Vegas to piece it back together but the advantages outweigh these minor difficulties. (This is true for many users including myself)
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