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2015/9/5 16:01:19
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty wrote:
I really think they should try and get a stable release out as a number of users are having to hold back

Bring on the old beta testing concept!
Points aggressively to tester badge
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2015/9/2 19:45:15
QUADRAPED IDEA.... Fazz, Ziggy, and Dreeko are my personal favourites.
2015/9/2 17:09:52
Copying and pasting character movements PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Currently there's a page that has all of them on:
However, a store is coming soon.
"we are currently working on some new assets for the content store and a great expansion pack. The store should be ready by the end of August."
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any insiders who can offer an idea of what the new assets and expansion packs might be?

The only insiders as far as I know are the staff. They'll probably be tight lipped about updates until they're released so it's pretty much a waiting game at the moment.
2015/9/2 7:56:12
Cool News.. ReggieMetalFox wrote:
Well, we're in September now, does somebody know when we're gonna have the pleasure to discover the "brand new content pack store" ?

They had more problems with render layers (especially with windows 10) than they predicted so the store will probably take a week or two to implement.
2015/9/2 7:50:49
QUADRAPED IDEA.... Here's the video:

It's still a pretty good video despite its age.
2015/9/1 22:01:01
QUADRAPED IDEA.... PatMarrNC wrote:
parting thought:
is there an action that allows a character to walk while stooped over?

You'll have to experiment with the idle positions.

Also you should upload your video to youtube through this site so they're forced to watch and moderate it.

ziggy72 wrote:
Regardless, keep up the protest vids - I made one (A Fistful Of Coders) to petition for holding things, and that happened...eeeeeeeeeventually Big Grin

It was you! As soon as I watched the cat video I remembered yours. I spent ages trying to find it before reading your post. Doh!
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2015/9/1 17:17:39
Tutorial on using layer? Hang on, I made that page. I have a really short memory.
If you're already using DX11 then you should be fine to continue from step 2.
2015/9/1 9:59:19
importing You'll have to upgrade to import any objects.
2015/8/31 7:19:57
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. Malwarebytes is quite popular but as far as I know you also need an antivirus with regular checks. (Avg/avast etc)

I would still advise not downloading codecs unless you trust the site 100%.
Why not render in tga and chuck it together in a video editor?

As for Muvizu updates, I'd say it's a bit more than a few weeks away, and is almost certain to be backwards compatible.
2015/8/30 20:28:41
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. remiel wrote:
wait until they get a stable version that works with Win10, wait another month, then try it out. You have a month to revert back to your previous OS.

What He Said
2015/8/30 9:41:53
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. The DX 9 force thingy is meant to be used on the program rather than the installer is it not? Is this what you've done and have I misunderstood?

Oh and if you don't like windows 10 there is a revert to windows 7 option in the settings somewhere.
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2015/8/29 13:34:22
Tutorial on using layer? I'll have a go making a tutorial later, but I might make a wiki page if I get tired of my own voice
2015/8/29 7:51:27
Insert Photo or Video in a Post Personally I use imgur because that's where i was pointed when I asked.
You need to click "copy image URL" after right clicking the image. Then you click the little image thingyat the top of the forum text box and paste the url in the window that comes up.
As for videos, just upload to YouTube, put the link in your post and the forum will automatically embed it.
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2015/8/21 8:49:54
still unable to lengthen skirts OR can I lengthen Sorry, this isn't possible at the moment. Doesn't hurt to ask as a feature request though.
2015/8/20 19:30:45
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. EEFilmz wrote:
BrianGray just informed me how to edit muvizu properties to use DirectX 9 and it worked!! I got it open now I'm in shock lol

Could you tell us so we can refer to it in the future?
2015/8/20 19:09:31
Improvements of the Timeline Not sure what you mean by making it smoother, but the other things have been suggested many times.
Doesn't hurt to ask again though
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2015/8/20 7:33:26
Beefy playing music I'm glad to see you like Muvizu!

Yep, either post it here, as you have done and hope one of the staff see it, or contact support and ask:

Although the Muvizu road map is quite busy so it may take some time to implement:

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2015/8/20 7:06:07
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. There have been problems regarding directx11 with windows 10 and since one of the most recent versions sets it as default it crashes on startup. For now, you could contact support and install Muvizu from an older install file which you might still have in your downloads. (I'd you don't, I might have one that works)
2015/8/19 17:08:16
Upgrade again? I just upgraded!? Hello,

1. You don't need to, but this version is mostly bug fixes so it would be a good idea. (I suggest you might want to install the newer version alongside your current version just in case new bugs are in the newer version) What's changed should be listed here but they haven't got round to updating it yet:
2. Your version should be in "about" in the question mark menu (If I remember rightly) and you could refer to the wiki page for what version it will be updated to.
3. You won't lose sets and you shouldn't lose the favourites.

An extra note, "Update" means download the latest version but "Upgrade" means going from Muvizu:Play to Muvizu:Play+, just in case you get confused at any point the future.

I hope this helps,

Oh another little thing: You should expect updates every month or sooner in the case of bug fixes for the near future because they have set up a plan to release new features every month.
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2015/8/18 16:00:58
Shaun the Sheep blickfang wrote:

Looks like you would also need Maya, from what I am reading further on down the post :-)

Yeah, it seems to be the early stages of renderdigimania.
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