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2015/7/25 17:57:57
prepare sound effects not working Yup, they fixed most of the bugs - but the favourites one will probably be patched in 2-3 weeks.
2015/7/25 10:09:36
Licence question That's quite odd. The licence should permanently activate when you put it in, but it's as if your pc resets every time you run muvizu or turn it on. There is a limit to how many times you can use the licence to stop people buying one code and using it in, say, a classroom full of computers. The reason that message has come up is because you've reached that limit.

Just to make sure, you should be following these instructions: (bearing in mind that the option has moved to the file menu)

You should send in support ticket either via that email address or from this page: but you will probably have to wait until Monday for a response.
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2015/7/25 10:02:52
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Yep, I think this is what RenderDM was before the actual software was separated from muvizu by the looks of things.
2015/7/24 17:12:56
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Have you seen the upload date? 2012!
2015/7/24 11:31:31
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? Ah ok, thanks for the info. I'll keep this in mind when guiding people through it next time.
2015/7/24 11:28:42
Hey My Name Bradley Hello Bradley, welcome to Muvizu!

You've joined at the right time, Muvizu HQ has started up again and more updates are coming in the next few months.
All the video tutorials are here: and if you can't find what you're looking for, chances are there's a wiki page about it:
If you tried those and haven't found what you're looking for, then post something on the forum and someone will come to help.

As for the creativity, most films are combinations of other films - nothings ever brand new. (I'm sure there are some youtube videos about this)

I'm not sure what you mean by "introductions to the characters" but the software is still in development and new releases are coming.

I hope this helps,
2015/7/22 14:21:26
6/7/15 release bugs Nice to see some staff interaction. That's something that seems to have gone on holiday for 2 years.

wdeprospo seems to be right on the bleeding edge of Muvizu releases and finding the bugs:
6. Audio on the timeline plays but the waveform is missing.

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2015/7/21 11:37:09
Email notifications Are the email notifications about the forum broken or is it just me?
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2015/7/20 15:45:30
Muvizu on Windows 10 An additional question - are there plans to support DirectX 12 within the next two years?
2015/7/20 11:26:42
sketchup - MuvizuAseExporter extension plugin You'll need sketchup 8 for the plugin to work because they seem to have removed plugins for newer versions. (You can get it here: )
I suggest you use the ziggymesh plugin because it saves trouble that muvizu has with collisions:

As for the 3d warehouse, you'll need to open it in your browser and import the models from there if you want them because they also removed this ability from within the program on sketchup 8.

I believe that object movement is unaffected but there is a bug stopping the animation of object properties. You could use the older version until they fix these bugs if you want to test if your object works. (However I do think that Play+ at this price is a steal)
All the known bugs of this version are here:

I hope this helps,
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2015/7/19 19:13:36
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? lisasc wrote:
I really don't see how this would make any difference. I already messed around and had to download it twice because I'd messed up with downloading one of the 3 programs that had to be downloaded in addition to the main Muvizu program. It takes along time just to download it. Maybe I should download an older version instead. And also I had tried clicking the open file and upgrade and all that does is take you to the Muvizu upgrade page on the site So that doesn't allow you to copy and paste the code. I hate to think it but I really think that Muvizu doesn't want you to be able to copy/paste your license key into the new version since they have new stuff added to that version. And you know what I really don't think that Muvizu is happy that I brought this problem up. I feel like I wasted $30 and I'm a poor person who didn't have it to waste. Sorry Muvizu but I just don't appreciate the problem and you not including the same option to copy/paste the license code that you had previously. If I was so old, sick and tired I could word this allot better. So much for being able to create movies for my Youtube in hopes of 1 day becoming an internet success. It just isn't going to happen. Muvizu is just afraid of people stealing and cheating which I can see that but I paid my $30 and I should of been able to copy/paste my license key that takes off the watermark and gives me the rights to monetize my movie (video) content on Youtube. Well, thanks Muvizu you've really helped me allot and not I'm unable to do that. Unless I can download the older version and do it via that way.

If you have a Muvizu licence key, it will still be valid.

Click the upgrade option in the file menu

Then a window with two options will open. Copy your licence key, then click the enter code button and your Muvizu will be upgraded.

If you get the E2 error, run Muvizu as an administrator and follow these steps again. (If you get a different error search the wiki: )

I hope this helps,
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2015/7/18 16:36:52
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? MB4M wrote:
I've had the same troubles trying to upgrade my previous Play to Play+
My solution:
1. download the Full 500MB from
2. uninstall all previous Muvizu instances from PC (via uninstall.exe in the folder, as the Windows Add/Remove Program utility did not noticed there are more instances on my computer...)
3. run fresh install from the downloaded file
4. open menu File / Upgrade to Play+
5. enter the already purchased code. The online activation takes near 1 minute, so be patient
Have fun!

For lisasc, since there is no option in the question mark menu it means you have the latest version. You only need to follow these from step 4.

Also, MB4M, You don't need to uninstall the old versions because sometimes newer versions have bugs so it's a good idea to keep one of the previous version. (That's what a lot of us do anyway)
However, it's nice to see new users helping out

Hope this helps,

Edit: Also thanks to lisasc for pointing out the error on this page:
I've send in a support ticket so this should be changed in the next week or so.
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2015/7/16 15:56:22
6/7/15 release bugs filkertom wrote:
Just the main download link? Kewl. I thought it would be an updater, but I can work with it. Big Grin Many thanks!

I suggest you install the new version separately because of the bugs above so that you can revert to your older version if you want to.
2015/7/16 15:13:49
6/7/15 release bugs The download link is on this page:
and you can use a download manager to help prevent corrupt downloads: (just copy the URL you get for your required Muvizu version and paste it into one of those programs.)
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2015/7/16 8:20:11
Coming Soon... Wow those both look amazing.
Fazz, how did you get the lights to illuminate the street without having the shadows of the lampposts?
2015/7/15 23:36:43
It's all happening here! BigWhirl2012 wrote:
I upgraded a few days ago and was working on a scene at the time using a custom character I created for a political satire series I finished it and rendered it to video with no problem. Now when I attempt to create a new scene, all the custom characters I saved from before will not load. They are listed in my favorites menu but when I click on "Create", it creates a blank box with no character but shows the character's name as if the character was there. I can click on "Edit' and make changes but they do not register on the character either. I checked the properties tab to make sure the characters are set to "visible" and all are. I also attempted to create new characters and that works just fine BUT if I save the new character as a favorite, it appears in the list as do my old ones, but when it creates from the favorite menu, no character appears and the above behavior is duplicated. I tried re-creating the new custom character within the project and also closing the project and trying to recreate the character from the menu. Any idea why this is happening or what I can do to fix the issue? If we've lost the ability to save custom characters, I'd rather switch back to the old version.

Yep, that's bug number 5 on the list:
If you still have the old version you might as well use that. If not, then stick around for the next couple of weeks or so and they'll probably release a patch.

Edit: Apparently they spawn beneath the ground so you need to drag them out or make them bigger.
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2015/7/14 14:41:13
Help moving a ball into the air The only advice I can give you is to keep trying with different settings from the sliders and using a variety of keyboard controls and mouse controls. Muvizu's object and camera movement system is a bit crude at the moment.

ukBerty managed to get object movement to look realistic if I remember correctly, but after a lot of effort and time.
Edit: you can see some examples on their website

fazz68 also managed to do so in his "just one piece" video

Edit 2: At the 2:16 mark, there's pretty much what you want to do.

Good luck,
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2015/7/14 12:23:39
Kicks the shed door open and coughs Welcome back!

The free version has been stripped back to pretty much what Muvizu was before the HD output and object importing encourage people to buy the software - which personally I completely support. Most of the info can be found on this thread:
Of course, as with every new version, there are new bugs:
Edit: You may want to keep your previous version due to these bugs being quite major, at least until they fix them.

It's nice that the people at Muvizu have actually done something after announcing "Fantastic new changes" unlike the last few times.
Having said that, I haven't actually heard anything from them since that post - hopefully they're actually squishing the bugs.

They seem to plan to organise new features to appear every month or so.

Apparently there's a new MD but I've not heard anything.


PS: There's an animation shed?
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2015/7/13 22:53:57
Music Video ziggy72 wrote:
There's a thread on here somewhere about free video editors...

Why does nobody ever check the wiki?
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2015/7/13 22:51:42
king's mantle lkelemen wrote:
Where can I find the cape for the fat man?
Where can I find instructions how to make a cape by myself?


I'm not at a PC with Muvizu at the moment, but I believe there's a cape in the 'neck' section unless that's just for the generic man character.

I'm not sure where you'd start with the designing of a cape, but you will need Google Sketchup 8 and the Muvizu Ziggymesh plugin:

For the designing part you could ask people like Ziggy72, Fazz68, or Rebel to name a few.
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