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2015/3/1 14:28:37
The Future of Muvizu revealed! ukBerty wrote:
We did confirm this was March 2015 didn't we ??

...oh dear....
2015/2/16 11:13:05
windows 8.1 crash You might want to send in a support ticket:
2015/2/11 17:15:41
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Thanks for the update, PCollimonster (we've been waiting for some news for a while)

Good news that Muvizu's waking from its coma.
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2015/2/9 21:47:21
The Future of Muvizu revealed! chuckles wrote:
I've spent thousands of pounds buying computers that will run it.

You can easily get a Muvizu-capable PC for around £500...
2015/2/2 16:02:50
Save, export and import characters sumitcs wrote:
I was wondering if there is any way I can export the characters from muvizu to maya?

I don't think so, sorry.
2015/1/24 10:31:44
Looking for download site for video codecs These should work:
2015/1/24 10:27:59
How to backup Muvizu settings for a system restore I don't know about keeping your favourites, but if you get in contact with the Muvizu team, they should let you use your existing licence for when you get your PC reset.
2015/1/23 20:13:25
animated tree and plants No, sorry, only static objects can be imported into muvizu.
2015/1/19 17:22:40
Open Muvizu and camera spins out of control Some other people have had this issue.
  • Try unplugging any other mouse input devices (eg: joysticks)
  • Try disabling the touch-pad if you're using a laptop.

If none of these work, send in a support ticket:
2015/1/13 16:14:49
I aint dead you know! Welcome back Dylly!
Nice to see you're still out there. I'll be looking forward to seeing your finished boat.

Perhaps you could start up a forum for historic boat enthusiasts.

2015/1/5 11:41:09
Unable to replay movements I think youtube can take most file sizes, depending on your internet speed. I've uploaded a videos that were 25gb and more.
However, AVIs beyond a certain size don't play, as far as I remember, so you might want to export as a targa sequence and put it together in a video editor.

As for the movement bug, there's not much you can do except use the double click method rather than dragging the disc.
2015/1/5 11:31:13
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi,

This should be what you're looking for:
I'd advise creating a windows restore point before installing, just in case.

Hope this helps,
2015/1/4 23:06:03
Sketchup to Muvizu I might have the normal sketchup 8 installer in my downloads if you want me to upload that to dropbox or something.
2015/1/4 20:57:44
Sketchup to Muvizu blickfang wrote:
Tubal wrote:

3. Move the file downloaded (muvizuaseexporter.rb) to the GoogleSketchUp ‘Plugins’ folder.

I can't find this folder.

Are you using Sketchup 8? Newer versions don't seem to be the same.
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2014/12/29 10:44:59
Unable to replay movements Hi,
Instead of dragging the white movement disc under the character, double click where you want the character to go. This should stop the problem.
2014/12/24 13:54:08
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas!
2014/12/22 11:02:28
unstable charactersr You can turn off the collisions for an object. (eg: a house) right click-->edit-->untick "can be stood on"

I hope this helps,
2014/11/30 14:06:09
Features 2014 IanS wrote:
And you're right about the quote - a change was made recently that must have broken that. It is fixed again now

Hi, thanks again for the fix but, er, it's broken again.

Edit: Although it only seems to be broken for that one post.
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2014/11/30 14:01:33
Opening Muvizu - Fatal Error TheBankser wrote:
I've tried taking a screenshot, but it won't let me paste it!

To post a screenshot in the forum, upload it to an image site of your choice (I use because you don't need to have an account), right click the image and click "copy image URL".
Once you've done that, click the image button on you forum post and paste the URL.

TheBankser wrote:
Also, what is a support ticket? And how does it work?

Go to and put in your name, email address, what your problem is, and details of the problem. The Muvizu support team should reply within a day or so.

I hope this helps,
2014/11/30 12:38:24
Opening Muvizu - Fatal Error Could you post a screenshot of the error?
Alternatively, try sending in a support ticket:
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