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2013/11/25 15:55:49
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu Dylly wrote:
The weekend finished with me watching the episode of fact the whole weekend was a celebration of what is 'right' with British writing and programme making!

I have to agree there!
Dylly wrote:
John Pertwee was my Doctor and I can remember being thought of as a little 'odd' by my school mates who all had the 'Batmobile' corgi car model while I had the Doctor's 'Bessie', a far cooler vehicle than the boring old Batmobile if you ask me. I have to add on the subject of cars that all of my cars are called 'Bessie'!

2013/11/24 19:53:49
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu artpen wrote:
Great use of the hero characters, it seems the Sinister character is a popular choice
Now, Muvizu HQ, can we drop the arms as a second choice of standing pose?

I second this!
artpen wrote:
Yeah, Dr who, you gotta love it, I'm a Tom Baker man myself, i remember crapping myself when it used to end on a close up of Tom baker, THOSE EYES!!

Fun fact - The original title sequence was made by pointing a camera at a screen showing what the camera was filming. To make your face go into it, you just had to go between the camera and screen.
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2013/11/24 19:42:06
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu Yeah, most people lost interest after Tom Baker.
Speaking of which, there is a sort of mini episode featuring the, err, not quite so brilliant doctors.
2013/11/24 12:42:41
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu ukBerty wrote:
OK - so my Dr Who memory.......

In the 1970's Dr Who was all the rage and the good people at Weetabix were giving away a Dr Who "press out and keep" cardboard figurine with each packet of their tasty wheat based breakfast cereal.

Our junior school had the intake from two villages - Burton Latimer and Barton Seagrave. I was from the considerably more sophisticated (or so we thought) Barton Seagrave, but the worldwide Weetabaix factory was in Burton. In fact if you could smell Weetabix in our garden - then you knew it was going to rain (seriously, Burton was to the North, or something - not sure of the science here.).

So at our school a good proportion of the kid's parents worked at the Weetabix factory and consequently the playground was awash with Dr Who cards. When I say awash, I really mean it. There would be clouds of Cybermen cards blowing against the fence, mixed with some sea devils.

I genuinely remember trying to swap 100 gold daleks for a davros.

Woah, incredible story!
2013/11/24 8:43:37
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu If you still haven't watched the first episode, you can find it on youtube. It's called 'An unearthly child'
2013/11/23 18:23:02
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu Yup, it's showing at exactly the same time around the world, based on it being 7:50 in the UK.
(6:50am in Sydney, 2:50pm in New York etc.)
2013/11/23 16:43:27
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu Enjoy!

Special thanks to Fazz68.
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2013/11/22 7:23:23
How do u put together a tga sequence If all else fails, render it again as a .avi
2013/11/22 7:21:38
Language files They made some language files, but I'm not sure what happened to them.
Try sending a support ticket:
2013/11/21 7:22:25
Language files I believe there is if you select it on install.
2013/11/20 17:39:11
Youtube Content ID policy Germany has stricter copyright laws.
2013/11/20 16:52:54
Youtube Content ID policy You need to purchase play+ to remove the watermark giving you the legal ability to add your own adverts. The one YouTube adds automatically does not count as your own advert.
2013/11/20 16:34:14
Youtube Content ID policy An advert that you did not put on the video yourself, does not count. However, adding one either through editing or youtube monetisation, is commercial use.
2013/11/18 22:09:06
Different People Ah, perhaps you should double check things before promising them.
The M&M shown on the front page is just a test thing and you'd have to pay quite a lot to get the Muvizu team to let you use it. You cannot currently import characters, nor can you create them in Muvizu. The only way you could do that is if you made each element of the character, and import them onto a character similar to the way you get them to hold things. You can only do this in Muvizu:Play+.


PS: I'm in Britain, and need some sleep, so I will not be able to answer any further questions tonight.
2013/11/18 21:11:51
Muvizu WIKI log on ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry, I'll rephrase my statement then - the majority of the world who don't want to support Google's spying use IE, the rest blindly use Chrome. Better?

Microsoft spy too.

Oh I'm sure they do, but at least they don't expect you to then comment about it on f**king Google+ afterwards.

2013/11/18 18:33:37
Muvizu WIKI log on Ok, ok, so Google have screwed up everything else with Google+, but not Chrome

(err umm, yet)
2013/11/18 18:10:28
Muvizu WIKI log on ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry, I'll rephrase my statement then - the majority of the world who don't want to support Google's spying use IE, the rest blindly use Chrome. Better?

Microsoft spy too.
2013/11/18 17:21:01
Muvizu WIKI log on mysto wrote:
I use Firefox. Been working for me for a long time.

I used to use Firefox, but it started having glitches.
2013/11/18 16:03:24
Muvizu WIKI log on Chrome - The master race
2013/11/15 22:34:31
Change the youtube comment system back! Brilliant!
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