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2013/9/28 16:09:34
shader model 3 This is quite a high price for component and installation. You will probably be able to fit it yourself.

Watch this:

You may even be able to find a cheaper graphics card with the same specs.

All I'm saying is that you shouldn't pay for services you may not need.
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2013/9/28 14:08:18
shader model 3 ziggy72 wrote:
...unless it's a laptop (and it's always a laptop) in which case you need a new computer, or at least a newer one than what you have now

Aren't you able to get usb graphics cards?

Edit: No, it looks like you can't
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2013/9/28 8:59:38
shader model 3 Yeah, you need to buy a new card. Search "shader model 3" on amazon or ebay.
2013/9/25 22:03:35
Charakter in a car Ah yes, I did watch the sketchup ones.
2013/9/25 17:16:26
Charakter in a car I never used any tutorials, but I probably should have, as it's not exactly a gradual learning curve.
2013/9/25 15:52:01
Charakter in a car Hmm, I guess I'll have to make some in the future then....
2013/9/24 15:48:16
Students use If you can't, try rendering again with a different codec.
2013/9/23 20:13:11
A question of scale? urbanlamb wrote:
erm i think i read ukberty saying that this message 'the object is too small' is now gone. I dont remember where I read it just in a thread on the last release somewhere maybe even in the beta forum not sure

I remember him saying that, although I'm not sure when either.
2013/9/21 10:44:31
A question of scale? I may be wrong here, but I think that, for some reason, everything imports that size, regardless of how big it was anywhere else.
If you want to import, say, a spoon, it imports the same size as, say, a dinosaur.

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think Muvizu need to do something about it.
2013/9/19 21:38:20
Is there any way to use 3D assets from Xtranormal? mos6507 wrote:
I see that Muvizu doesn't have private messaging.

Muvizu has private messaging, just go to the person you want to send a message to's profile and click 'send a message' under their picture.
2013/9/18 17:52:28
MGVS2 - Universal retro gaming system LOL!
2013/9/18 17:13:36
MGVS2 - Universal retro gaming system Hi guys, I just found this online, and thought you might be interested:

After a bit of research, I found this website telling you a bit about it:
2013/9/18 15:55:19
freeze an action of a character I don't think this is possible, but you could try turning off breathing.
2013/9/18 15:50:06
Charakter in a car Dreeko, I still think you should make them public, at least until someone's made an updated version.
2013/9/17 19:53:32
Charakter in a car Strange how he didn't put a new one on before removing the old one...

Dreeko? Are you there?
2013/9/16 7:24:56
Introducing myself, Questions Welcome to Muvizu.
There should be instructions at the bottom of your screen telling you what mouse buttons to click for which movement.
Holding the left button and moving will move you forward, and sort of drive you round the set.
Holding the right button will rotate you.
Holding both will lift you, and move you sideways.
If your mouse if over a character/object and you do this, you can lift/move/rotate it.
2013/9/15 21:40:28
error message HRSULT: 08007000B on startup Have you tried un-installing and re-installing?
2013/9/15 19:08:51
Bug when import a cypress tree That's strange, I tried putting that tree onto a blank set earlier, and it worked fine. Send the .set file to and perhaps an overview of your PC specs (OS etc). They should be able to figure out the problem tomorrow.
2013/9/15 18:17:30
Bug when import a cypress tree Also, do the lines appear when Muvizu is closed?
2013/9/15 18:16:44
Bug when import a cypress tree Hi,

Have you tried placing the tree somewhere else in the set?
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