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2013/8/4 17:52:45
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties I don't know, but I'll have a go and show you what happens.
2013/8/4 17:41:28
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties ChrisJ-2013 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Have you scrolled down the timeline and opened beefy's sub menus?

I have "show all" selected. Beefy has one line for an action I added. I just started the animation. I'm assuming the subfolders appear when you click on the arrow next to his name. Show all accomplishes the same task?

Yep, show all should show everything, including sub-menus.
2013/8/4 17:23:36
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties Have you scrolled down the timeline and opened beefy's sub menus?
2013/8/4 10:24:40
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ukBerty wrote:
I can now load all sets - fantastic news.

Timeline is great. I have no suggestions on how to make it better. Job done in my opinion.

Thanks for getting rid of the camera window dimming when adjusting the colour of lights (and other things I believe).

Object too small message is no more. In a way I'll miss the little bugger.

I have been meaning to report a small bug regarding camera selection. If you have two cameras and load a set where camera 2 is active the red dot will still be on camera 1. Moving the timeline around doesn't fix it, but as soon as you press play the dot jumps to the correct camera. No biggy but it's been like this for a while and if you're tidying things up.....

Now for some suggestions / enhancements......

Can Muvizu please save the location of my windows. I use multiple monitors and always have to set my working environment up again, both each time I start Muvizu and when I load a new set. It's mainly the position and size of the timeline window and the position and size of the camera windows.

Does the timeline window have to keep closing all the time. If you edit the properties of an object, character or light, why does the timeline close - I can't really see the logic here. I would like the camera and timeline windows to stay open all the time. When you animate movement or actions the timeline changes down to a single line, I guess that's fair enough, but could it then go back to the full timeline rather than closing.

Lastly, could I restart my campaign for more actions for the original characters please. We haven't had any new ones for 18 months now (OK - I think there was one or two made for specific projects) but it would be great to have a load more miscellaneous ones. Stuff like pointing back over the shoulder, beckoning, tutting, that sort of thing. Also more conversation actions in each mood - I use these all the time and am at risk of things looking a bit samey. Now that Muvizu Play has settled down I expect you'll be looking for things to do !

Keep up the good work.

I have to agree with everything berty has said here, many times during making my next doctor who video have I got annoyed with the timeline vanishing.

Also, after years of using Muvizu, I recognise all of the actions. Maybe we could have more subtle action and maybe more 'fighting' options like the superheroes.
2013/8/2 10:28:45
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ziggy72 wrote:
just give me a name...

Muvizu Bugs....
2013/8/1 19:43:50
Tutorial subtitles Sounds good Urban!
2013/8/1 18:49:02
Tutorial subtitles Does this software render the subtitles on the video or give you a file to link to your youtube video?
2013/8/1 18:22:39
Tutorial subtitles urbanlamb wrote:
yes i used to do that unfortunately it hates accents and noise so i went to captiontube it worked much better and was more precise

No, I actually typed this by hand. The youtube one does hate accents!
2013/8/1 17:09:46
Tutorial subtitles I just write a text file, with all the correct formatting.

Here's how far I've got with the first video:

00:00:00,00 --> 00:00:07,00
Welcome to the Muvizu basic training tutorials. This is video Number 1 of 4 and it's called 'My first video'

00:00:07,00 --> 00:00:15,00
I'll be introducing you to the features within Muvizu and we'll be rapidly creating a cartoon from start to finish. So let's jump in, and see what we can do.

00:00:15,00 --> 00:00:23,00
Ok, I've got Muvizu just open here and I'm confronted with the new scene window. I've got a blank set, a previously opened set.

00:00:23,00 --> 00:00:28,00
Down the side, here, I've got various other sets that I can click on to customise and play around with.

00:00:28,00 --> 00:00:36,00
For this tutorial, I'll be moving into the historical section; and I'll be going for the western street.

00:00:36,00 --> 00:00:40,00
Ok, so, the western street is loading in.

00:00:40,00 --> 00:00:46,00
Ok, here we are in the western set. What does every western need? It needs a cowboy.
2013/8/1 16:32:23
Tutorial subtitles Hello, I think the tutorials (especially the basic training ones) need to have subtitles so that those who don't speak English can translate the videos.

Perhaps I'll give it a go.

2013/8/1 16:29:03
crea personaggi You cannot create your own characters, but you can modify the current ones:

2013/7/31 15:45:22
New with two questions Hello and welcome to Muvizu!

It sounds like you're making an awesome action movie!

With the car jumping, you may want to look at this tutorial:

You can lift things by holding the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.

Regarding the plane, you may have to make a set for the inside and film the outside just using one of the models.

If you have any other questions or want hints and tips, just ask!

I hope this helps,
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2013/7/31 13:19:33
Colour Change from Blender texture to Muvizu Urbanlamb's our Blender expert here at Muvizu. Wait a few hours and she'll answer your question.
2013/7/31 12:40:40
[?] How is this done? Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
Yes well this strategic leak was to much to ignore tis no longer a secret once that video went up haha. I just dont know how far along they have gotten with the other puppets in their collection yet. Obviously they are confident it works though

*goes to make some props*

The 3d assets section in the gallery should perhaps be made into subsections for all the user created hand held or character addition objects to come!
I'm sure Zubox must have some good ones to share too!

I second that idea!
2013/7/30 21:53:28
[?] How is this done? And I thought this was a secret....
2013/7/30 12:15:35
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics That's the one I was looking at a while ago:
On amazon, it's an add on item, so any qualifying order over £10 with this in gets this free!
2013/7/30 10:28:25
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics glasgowjim wrote:
MrDrWho, if you are worried about your card only having a heat sink you could use after-market cooling, such as new case fans, to improve airflow over your cards - and the bigger fans make hardly any noise at all as they don't need to revolve as much.

Thanks Jim,
I might get a fan if my pc starts getting too hot (I have a short attention span, so Muvizu doesn't stay open for long periods of time), But for now, I'll just stick with this.

2013/7/29 21:57:26
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics ukBerty wrote:
Whenever I run Muvizu the card's fan does power up and a lot of heat is pumped out of the system, but I am caning Muvizu to the max so pretty much expect it.

Yeah, I get worried about that because my card doesn't have a fan, I have one with a heat sink instead!
2013/7/29 15:24:03
ho un problema con muvizu Ciao,
Può dirci che cosa il messaggio di errore è, o pubblichi un'immagine di esso qui per favore?

(google translate)

Could you tell us what the error message is, or post an image of it here please?
2013/7/27 14:32:07
come faccio a salvare il filmato ? Go to Video-->Make video and choose your settings.

You may want to watch this tutorial:

(or embedded here)

I hope this helps,
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