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2012/10/30 8:45:12
Just thought i'd say HI!!! to the 15 people online Hi skylike! LOL
2012/10/27 16:43:49
Muvizu on Windows 8 Valero wrote:
YES!! Muvizu works seamlessly with windows 8.
BTW, Win 8, is so pleasant to use compared to prior windows that I installed it within 1 hr of its release. You have both capabilities: Your fully functional win 7 like interface to use only with a mouse or you can click on an alternate interface for Win 8 that works both touch screen and mouse too. Your old Win 7 interface do not change at all, it's like adding better performance and touch screen.

YAY! Thanks Valero! I might consider getting it in the future!
2012/10/26 21:06:39
Muvizu on Windows 8 urbanlamb wrote:
lol although everyone has to start converting their software to be compatible as an end user I will stick by my rule of "wait at least 1 year before upgrading to the new windows" rule. They are busy looking for a c++ dev and I am thinking that they are probably working on windows update and a few muvizu upgrades as well. (Maybe not could be for some other project but the timing seems right)

Ah, yes, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks!
2012/10/26 15:59:03
Muvizu on Windows 8 Would Muvizu run on Windows 8? It is now officially available, so I thought it might be a good idea! (
2012/10/25 20:14:48
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Here is my entry, I call it 'The House'

What do you think?King-tron
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2012/10/25 19:47:47
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? ziggy72 wrote:
Artpen, there is another way. And it's cunning. Very cunning. More cunning than a particularly cunning fox who's just been to cunning school (and earned a degree in cunning). I've started to use it myself, as you can see in the Dev Test : Radio Rental vid I made. Actually you can't see it, because it's so bloody dark you can't see the bullet holes appearing on the policeman's chest, but they do appear as he is shot. It's possible because of the Breathing option in the character properties - let me explain ;

(Using the cop as an example) I created 3 body textures - one with one bullet hole, one with 2, one with 3.

I applied the first texture to the cop, set him to not breathe, and filmed the scene.
I changed the texture to the next one, filmed the scene again (exactly as before, same session), then changed to the third one and filmed the scene one last time.

So now I have 3 pieces of footage, with the same cop performing the same actions precisely - without breathing turned on, there is no randomness in his positioning. It's then a fairly simple job of fading shot 1 into 2 into 3 to give the illusion of the bullet holes appearing on cue. I'm using the same trick on my Halloween vid to create lightning (just as I created the muzzle flash effect in Radio Rental when the guy fires the gun). You could do the same thing with tears, as you say, but you'd probably have to use more 'frames' of animation to make it look smooth. Hope this (long and rambling explanation) helps!

Yes, Ziggy, but this would be tedious. It's OK for now, however, it would be nice to have a feature built in to Muvizu.
2012/10/25 17:34:59
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! bigwally wrote:
Here's my entry. Not spooky... think whimsy.

ooh, careful bigwally, 'Here’s what you have to do - By the 30th October we want you to create an amazing, beautiful Halloween video using Muvizu. It has to be good, Halloween related and 60 seconds long.'
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2012/10/25 7:17:54
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! urbanlamb wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
My video is coming soon... very soon...

I had this done last night and wanted to hold it for another day

Yes, I also wanted to hold mine back for 1 day, so that I can fix all of the mistakes... well, most of them...

urbanlamb wrote:
I collect coffee cups more (that would be a hint) lol

2012/10/24 21:01:32
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! My video is coming soon... very soon...
2012/10/24 15:48:46
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Well done guys!!! I hope the videos are just as good!
2012/10/23 18:23:46
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! urbanlamb wrote:
okay thanks I was unsure I was positive it said "at least" but then sometimes I am reading too fast and not paying full attention because I am doing more then one thing. Anyhow it was just a little story I created and not anything epic lol I had just wanted to make something for halloween. Anyhow its almost done

Sounds good, can't wait to see it!
2012/10/23 7:22:16
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Does it have to be exactly 60 seconds long?
2012/10/22 16:18:36
Need a model or set made? simonheffer wrote:

There's some weird clipping going on. As you can see the camera sees the top of the jar in the foreground whereas the main view sees the while of the lid. I guess this is more a Muvizu thing than to do with the model.

Any thoughts?


2012/10/22 16:10:24
Learning blender WOW, cheers Jamie, that's a lot of info!
2012/10/22 16:07:51
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
<emerges blinking into the light >

Nearly done...

<shuffles back into the dark>

Whoa! Invisible man!
2012/10/21 21:16:15
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! WozToons wrote:
This was my original entry in the earlier thread that disappeared......


Disappeared? Sounds like there's a muvizu ghost...
2012/10/21 21:14:18
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Dreeko wrote:
Here's one!

I call it -

Teddy says it's time...

Brilliant Dreeko!
2012/10/21 10:15:03
website woes suggestion urbanlamb wrote:
I felt like a wakco talking to myself in my latest comments feed Whaaaaa?

Did you?
Yes he did.
Oh, ok!

2012/10/21 10:11:05
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! urbanlamb wrote:
okay looking at a couple of these sneak peaks its possible mine is not anymore off the wall then some of the other entries (or is it? lol) Ah well putting it together gives me a chuckle anyhow hopefully i get it done in time as usual it takes longer then i expect

edited by urbanlamb on 21/10/2012

Very nice urbanlamb!
2012/10/21 10:10:05
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! fazz68 wrote:
I have never entered one of your competitions before, so i dont know whats is appropriate but i promise theres no swearing in it

hope this is ok? if not i'll make something else.

WOW, that's great! Good luck Fazz!
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