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2016/10/14 21:52:30
How do I place things inside a building? PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Have you tried removing the 4th wall?

not yet.. but it's on my list of things to try if I can't find other workarounds. I notice some of the other members' building models have removable roofs. That wy I guess you can show the whole house when necessary, then for close-ups remove the roof

It might make more sense to build a tri-wall set that's used for inside scenes.

Hi Pat

What I usually do (in FBX format) is to put a small cube on the house center as collision. This way you can furnish the house without collision drawnbacks.

See house picture with small collision cube only (blender example).
2016/9/23 12:58:54
MASTER PEACE tonyob67 wrote:
Great, I will continue in English as a form of respect to the other forum members.

How you did the flying leaves and birds at the begining of the alone in the crowd video? they look so real and the small lake to with the falling leave floating in the water

You can answer when you have time Rod....Thank you in advance

For flying leaves and birds I used two different approaches. Flying leaves are in fact one leaf multiplied and animated using Adobe After Effects. Then I superimposed it over Muvizu lake clip during video edtition. Small lake is an animated clip made in after effects with three layers: 1- grass and bottom lake (designed by me), 2-animated fishes movie, 3-Water waves. I put final clip on an horizontal backdrop and "voilá"!
Flying birds is only a movie clip with transparent background projected over a backdrop (RGBA video).
2016/9/21 23:08:59
MASTER PEACE tonyob67 wrote:
cuanto tiempo te tardas en hacer un video? por lo vien hechos que estan, me imagino que mucho, me puedes decir como hiciste la toma de la moneda en la manoen el video (Solo en la multitud)? tengo muchas dudas pero no quiero agobiarte y tal vez no quieras compartir tus secretos hahaha

De hecho, es un proceso largo. Por lo general escribo la historia usando Celtx y luego hago unos dibujos a mano contruiendo uno Storyboard (las escenas clave de forma esquemática). A continuación, paso a la construcción de escenas usando los objetos de Muvizu e importación de otros objetos de la red o construirlos yo mismo con el software 3D: Sketchup, Blender 3D, etc .. Esto puede llevar unos dos meses completos, porque mi tiempo es limtado.
Hago poucos videos por falta de tiempo, sino también porque sólo voy comenzar uno cuando me surge una buena idea. Defecto de perfeccionista ... ahahah!

La moneda la puso en la mano durante la edición de vídeo y no dentro del Muvizu. A continuación, la versión que uso no permitía todavía poner objetos en la mano del personaje. He utilizado una foto de una moneda de formato PNG con fondo transparente.

2016/9/21 22:06:11
MASTER PEACE tonyob67 wrote:
Hey guys, I found this excelent video on youtube, I think the artist is a Brazilian guy, do you know him?, I loved his work, and I wonder how he did some of the character movements and scenes...He most be one of the PRO muvizu people ...

Hi my friend

I've to rectify your last words. Actually I'm not Brasilian. I'm Portuguese. You know, this little country in the far west of Europe...
Anyway thank you for your comments. I really like a lot Muvizu stuff and all things people has done with this wonderfull software.

This forum has the most gentle and educated animators I ever saw.
I regret not being able to be more participative but my life as Surgeon takes me space and lot of time .
One thing is certain I'm still in love with animation as always.
Within my limits I will always be willing to cooperate in this forum.

Thanks so much

P.S. I speak spanish and french too. That's why my last reply post was in spanish Tonyo.
2016/9/20 23:47:51
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE Hombre ! Que video mas chulo !
Una idea perfecta de lo que ocurre todos os dias en nuestras familias.
Felicitaciones por mas este video.
2016/8/29 19:42:01
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Very well PatMarrNC!
How did you get time for such awsome work ?
I saw that cat legs were moving at same time. Not a natural cat step but if you try to use crossed models; I mean right front leg with left rear leg it could work.
2016/8/16 13:21:28
FATAL ABDUCTION ( English Subtitles) Wonderfull

Last videos posted are good examples what is achieved with Muvizu. Creativity is great, inventivity is astonishing.
I don´t know if Digimania is catching this ! If amateur animators work so hard to get near perfect movies knowing muvizu limitations they deserve more.
Why not work hard cleaning a lot of Muvizu bugs. Think what would be possible if they were not there.
Congratulations to all.
I wish I could have more time to participate in this forum.
2016/8/14 23:41:54
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. More pictures with assigned transparency and animation fbx objects

and more

give a eye on
2016/8/14 23:38:07
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. primaveranz wrote:
OK had a few more tries with Milkshape-created ASE and FBX files.

When I talked to support about this a while ago Jamie said that the FBX file I sent him had no material assigned, so somehow that is being lost in the Milkshape export and is not fixed by converting to a later FBX format. Maybe I need to talk to the the Milkshape developer because Milkshape could open up prop creation to all those people who find the Blender learning curve too time-consuming for their purposes.

Hi primaveranz

I put my eyes on Milkshape some time ago and I understand it has some advantages converting many formats.
To be sincere Blender is not so hard to learn like it seams. Last versions are more user friendly and if you only need to export to fbx with assigned transparency and face smoothing the last exporter plugin does a perfect job. Steps to do that are easy if you search instructs among many youtube videos devoted to blender fbx export.
If I had more time available I could make a tutorial about. May be some day...
Meanwhile I attach some pictures where you can appreciate models with double layer transparency made in Blender and imported to Muvizu. You can play with transparency and add normal maps to any model. If you have time, you can make animated normal map like I did in this scene and change normal map texture for animated map. Playing with lights is possible inside Muvizu to simulated relief on flat surfaces.

2016/8/13 18:33:18
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 Thank you MrDrWho13. I prepared myself against Muvizu imperfections. That' s why I love this software. He is always pushing our creativity to the edges. I've to confess that sometimes I got angry with his weak consistency although it was an everyday challenge. A real game....
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edited by Rodrisilva on 13/08/2016
2016/8/13 18:01:26
Version 1.8 Feedback 08.08.2016 HI GUYS

I need to confirm another 1.8 version bug. Is Dry Ice effect working for you ?
It didn't work for me, even after a clean install.
2016/8/6 9:17:06
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! eugenecheese wrote:

I shall wait a while, to see if you can guess how I did it !
I will show you how soon.

How about one character with 3 attachments. One for horse body and one fake leg in each arm.
Could it be ?
2016/7/26 18:10:42
hello,I followed the instructions on the importing the red mustang video and I was finally able to import from sketchup to Muvizu, I imported a small suitcase, was very big, but I changed the size and finish with a pretty good results. but when I want to import a plane or a boat, Muvizu stays loading and then closes. I think it could be that the object is too large .... please help

The maximum number of vertices you can have is 65535. Above this, muvizu attempts to import any model creates unexpected distortions or closes it.
2016/5/27 20:17:36
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Hi guys

I have been doing some tests around FBX importing, trying a way to get UV mapping tree foliage in planes. I believe muvizu is not able to use opacity maps like other 3d softwares. Imported trees always show textured planes and if I apply any transparency on it, tree leaves took the same polygon transparency level.

Do you have any idea how to get plane transparency without make leaves transparent too. I have trying something in blender that could succced but muvizu doesn't save the opacity map when you save the set.
2016/5/26 0:18:48
Rendering animation as MP4s theotherguy wrote:
Hi Y'all, unexpectedly the (lagareth) .AVI files I use as archive files from MUvizu have stopped working (!) I don't really want to render as uncompressed so I thought I'd try the new render as .MP4 that Muvizu supports, problem is there are no presets just a value slider for bits per second. I don't know what value to use.

Bitrate isn´t the problem. Greater bitrates produce best image quality. If you are not able to open mp4 files in your video editing software that is for sure a codec issue. The best image quality is always obtained using uncompressed formats or image sequence. MP4 is a very compressed format and his edition is even nowdays a hard task to the majority of editing software including professional ones.Some time ago I had similar issues with Premiere Pro and I solved that searching for right codecs.
2016/5/21 18:07:41
avi import Hi people

I tried some video converters identified in this forum and after searching in the web I began to understand Muvizu problems managing video files. Unreal Engine last edition didn´t goes well with video textures and might be the problem. Anyway I tested three converters: 4 Videosoft video converter, Aimersoft video converter and Freemake Video Converter. The last one didn't get sucess. The others are able to convert any video file to Muvizu friendly AVI. There are many others converters that could have success in this task. They only need to have avi convertion capability using the msmpeg4 encoder. This enconder was made many years ago by microsoft. It was one of the firsts mpeg4 codecs abandoned later by microsoft and catch by Divx makers, who changed it. That explains why Xvid avi is not working. Both converters have msmpeg4 enconder inside them and are able to codify any video to AVI but you have to choose that enconder. Those old encoders released by microsft (I think in 1997) had 3 versions.

To prove that this enconders are working with Muvizu 1.7 see this little video with timelapse sky and ground moving waves.

2016/5/16 17:41:10
Wheels animation trick PatMarrNC wrote:
... I doubt I'll ever produce anything remotely as powerful and compelling as any of your videos, but I like having your work as an inspiration. Thanks for all the contributions you make to this forum. My hat is off to you.

Thanks Pat for you kind words.
Although some of my videos were so applauded I've to confess that I'm a perfect amateur. I never studied arts, animation or design in any school. My professional formation is opposite to art if we put things at this level. I'm an autodidact. That means, I always learn from you all.
If I was able to make this movies, you will be too.
Keep trying.
2016/5/13 23:34:04
Workaround to simulate falling water It's possible to simulate falling water using some of Muvizu effects. I made this waterfall asset with a chain of stem leak effects, smoke effect, dry ice and candle effect. To add some scene realism I put animated texture on the waterfall bottom and a rainbow 3d model made in blender with transparency activated. Rochy mountains were made in blender too.

2016/5/13 14:53:45
Wheels animation trick drewi wrote:
Yes thanks for the submissionCool,The properties of the 'Handlers' vehicle and other objects are most interesting.I haven't seen anything with such detail re material properties.Including normal maps, transparency and emission controls etc.Were all the texturing intricacies applied in Blender?
edited by drewi on 11/05/2016

Yes, Blender 2.77 allows that easily. After selecting properties for each material you have to export ita as FBX only.
2016/5/9 18:46:19
Wheels animation trick PatMarrNC wrote:
above and beyond the turning wheel, I like the parallax movement between the foreground and background scenery as the truck drives past. Did you make all of those layered scenes?

No I didn´t . I took them from a website. Anyway making them it's not so hard if you have some time to spend drawing.
Trying to share my last animated wheels trick I put animated textures and a car stylized by me on my Google drive account.

Download it at and try !
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