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2013/3/30 9:57:05
EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2 Wow! Don't mess with that guy!

Looks like you put some time into this. My only critique is the action is a bit slow-paced. I loved the slo-mo scene with the stools falling over. Very well done. The news cast made me laugh. SPOILER ALERT: Epic explosions at the end.

I'll be looking forward for more, EEF.
2013/3/28 18:02:47
EASTER SPECIAL!!! OUT NOW - Tales From Zombietown Awesome.
2013/3/27 3:34:01
please help I don't have a solution, but maybe a way around until a solution to this arises. See my post: http://muvizu.com/forum/topic2567-error-upon-install.aspx

After you have it installed, you cannot upgrade to a newer version or you'll start getting the error again. But at least you'll be able to Muvizu. Also, you won't need to reinstall the three extras (DirectX, c++, .net), but you must make sure to uninstall the errored Muvizu first.

Good luck and I hope it works for you.
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2013/3/26 3:54:37
New Wardrobe Whoops. Indeed there is. My bad. I think I just got carried away un the moment.
2013/3/26 0:30:04
New Wardrobe Yes! And a sombrero, a quiver of arrows for my back, a crossbow, and a construction hard hat, just to name a few others, for what its worth.
2013/3/24 23:43:46
The sweeney 2075 pt1 Very nice! I love all the extra stuff going on in the background!
2013/3/24 18:06:00
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? You can use a backdrop panel like a green screen and adjust your camera angles accordingly. Then put your background picture on the backdrop.
2013/3/24 0:25:43
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? Here's a little ditty I wrote a few years ago. Thought it might be relevant.

PONG - My First Game Console

It seems I've become long-winded in my young, middle-age. Oh well.
Let's take a walk down memory lane....

Believe it or not, my first game was Pong. I can't remember exactly, but I was probably about 8 years old (woulda been 1979) and the Atari 2600 was pretty new on the market. All the rich and spoiled kids were getting it and my dad found an old, used pong game and brought it home for us to play with. I remember my older brother and I were so excited. Thinking back on it now, I remember my dad being pretty excited about it, too, as he set forth to hook it up to the TV. Wow, we couldn't wait! Those big, twisty knobs called 'paddles' were the controllers and we couldn't stop messing with them.
But things were different back then.

You couldn't just plug it in to the TV. Remember, this was 1979. Plus, our TV was an older model and wasn't made cable ready. It only had hookups for antennas. The antennas had two wires to attach to the back of the TV. You had to get a screwdriver and loosen a couple of screws on the back of the TV to attach the wires. If you wanted cable service, you had to get a cable-to-antenna adapter (about the size of a AA battery) to connect it to your TV. We had cable, so the coaxial line (which hasn't changed at all since 1979) screwed onto the adapter, and then the adapter was attached to the antenna screws on the back of the TV.

My brother and I noticed switchable settings on the Pong console for difficulty, speed, 1 or 2 players, and such. This was going to be so cool!

Now as it was, the used Pong game my dad had acquired came with an adapter of it's own. It was a silver color and about the size of a pack of cigarettes with a black slider switch on the front. It had the same two wires as the cable-to-antenna adapter (to connect to the antenna screws on the TV) coming out one end, the male fitting for the coaxial cable poking out the other end, two antenna screws on one side to attach to an antenna, and a black wire coming out the other side that pluged into the Pong unit. The switch was labeled something like, "Cable <-----> Game <----->Antenna," so you could switch between the three.

If you've ever watched old people try to figure out cellphones or hook up a DVD player these days, you can probably imagine what this long, Pong process was like for my dad 30 years ago (and for us as we over-anxiously waited to play Pong!!). Yes, it was grueling. Thank god this was before cable boxes, VCRs, and home entertainment stereo systems. That would've been a nightmare!

Finally, the TV and TV stand were pushed back into place, the screwdriver and old adapter were sitting on top of the TV, the Pong console unit was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, and my brother and I got to watch as my mom and dad played Pong in our home for the very first time. Don't worry, it didn't take long for us to get our turn.... .... .... "Can I play next?" "Is it my turn?" "Can I do it?" "Can I try now?" "Can I play?"

But, I'm not sure if that was the first game I ever played, or if the first game I ever played was a stand-up quarter machine of some sort like Space Invaders. Pong was definitely my first in-home, free video game.... and we played the heck out of it.

Pong. What a dumb game, by today's standards. Here's a list of features that I can remember.....
-- One sound effect. --No start screen or game menu. You had to throw a switch on the game console to reset the game and score. -- No High Score table, or splash screens of any kind. No Intros... No logos... not even a company name. --No music. --No winner congratulations. And whatever you do, don't leave the game on and running because it burned lines into your TV screen that would remain visible when you tried to watch TV.

We really have come a long way.
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2013/3/23 19:02:11
How do I make a person sit down Also, in doing so as Ziggy pointed out, I'll say its not exactly "easy". This is where practice and 'fooling around' with directing come in to play.

Have patience and have fun!
2013/3/23 17:22:25
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? I'm with ukBerty on this one, as far as animation is concerned. This will be good for video games, tho.

Funny, they said you could use it for Tele-conferencing. Why not just use a camera?? Duh. A lot of hype.
2013/3/21 10:27:25
Muvizu Idol POPSPHERE - Around The World Nicely done!
2013/3/19 17:22:51
google hangout?? Oh, that's good. I was hoping to watch, also.
2013/3/18 8:33:51
Error upon install Ok - just like my desktop, the latest version I can get working is 19b (MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2012.01.10.01R_x64)

I don't know why I'm getting the error with the newer version, but I'm happy I got, at least, something working.
edited by HayManMarc on 19/03/2013
2013/3/18 7:35:54
Error upon install I tried disabling my anti-virus (Norton) before downloading and installing, but to no success. Got the same error. Seems like this happened on my desktop when I tried to update a previous version. I'm going to try downloading a previous version to my laptop now....
2013/3/18 6:58:46
Error upon install Found this thread: http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic2210-startup-error.aspx

Now investigating possibilities.
2013/3/18 6:47:42
Error upon install I just tried installing muvizu (MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.11.19.01R_x64) onto my laptop and got this message:

What's up?
2013/3/18 5:09:18
Coming Soon... Hey Ziggy, do you still need a voice for Ted? I'm 42, American, and actually live in Washington State. I'd be honored to perform a voice for you.

Also, very nice work by everyone, here in this thread! You are all inspirations and I hope to have something to share soon, as well.

Keep on keepin' on!
2013/3/16 4:56:02
Hello =) Introducing Myself Good luck with your endeavors! Remember.... baby steps. I'm still trying to scale myself back! lol
2013/3/8 21:16:50
Max size for import? Absolutely, it does. Thanks!
2013/3/8 18:17:48
Max size for import? What is the maximum length and width of an object that can be imported from SketchUp? (Not a complex shape)
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