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2015/3/3 7:33:22
FBX UDK editor stuff. THanks Berty I got it now thanks!...Now the onoly thing I'm wondering is about s the sizing thing, I made 2 versions of a model and (when I just import them as objects seperate from a character one I made much larger(taller) than the character & the other is close to his size) the thing I wonder about is this: when I do the "attachment" method to try adn fit it over the character the one that was much larger is now unfortunately alot smaller than the original model so i cannot fit that one, but the other model that was loser to the character size is still close to the same size as it was but even that was I notice they were both kind of downsized close to the height of the character is about the max i can set the size when used as an order for the one model to fit right it has to be much larger than the character so how do I do this? is there some way to either retain the size of the model when attaching? or are we stuck with using models not much taller than the character? or am I not understanding something correctly? any ideas? mostly I used the .ase files but i tried fxb - same results.

ukBerty wrote:
EEFilmz - You can attach imported objects to characters using Play Plus. You can use FBX or ASE files.

You pick which point you wish to attach so you could create a suit of armour and attach it to his chest. After a bit (OK, hours and hours) of adjustment you could position it so it looks convincing.

The trouble is with movement - the armour will move with his chest, so his legs and arms will keep poking out of it and the whole thing will look weird.

I have one character that I have done something like this for and let's just say he's not as mobile as he used to be (in fact I've cut him out of one scene completely as he's now too much of a pain).
2015/3/2 22:52:05
FBX UDK editor stuff. ok just updated & upgraded and have a gun in scene and a character - how do I "attach" items to characters? I know stupid question but I haven't had any sleep...please help lol
2015/3/2 21:45:39
Unreal engine 4 free! ukBerty that's too weird you posted this cuz last night I went to that site for the first time in forever adn noticed that too!! lol ukBerty wrote:
Looks like they are now giving away the software but have created a market place.

2015/3/2 21:32:30
The Future of Muvizu revealed!
  • Here's my UPDATE to Muvizu!! I'm excited about the New Muvizu UPDATE, I will be UPGRADING my UPDATE to Muvizu:Play+ for that GREAT PRICE and FINALLY be able to adorn my characters w/ATTACHMENTS!?!? I cannot wait! I'm glad I came back now when I did!!
  • 2015/3/2 7:11:28
    FBX UDK editor stuff. I was very easily able to create in another program a 3d object, export it as .fxb into blender then export as .ase and import into Muvizu pretty easily first time awesome; I tried it using a 30 day trial version of Curvy3D which I intend to buy as I am learning it now and it is great for artists learning 3d modeling and not ready for blender full on yet!

    I'm hoping something will be in the muvizu update that will allow more 3d objects/attachments etc I'm a noob when it comes to doing this part of 3d but I'm learning, unfortunately my hands go extremely numb/pain now w/my peripheral neuropoathy which is more frustrating than ever: I agree with above statement "the less clicks the better".

    THE QUESTION IS: I'd like to know if there's ANY way to attach an imported 3d object to a muvizu character (like over his body)?

    or possibly modify existing muvizu attachments outside of muvizu then reimport as something else? (unless this is a not possible, plausable, or not allowed by muvizu)???

    please reopen the asset gallery 8)
    2015/2/21 0:13:21
    The Future of Muvizu revealed! That's because people want to achieve certain things and if Muvizu fails to deliver the required improvements then ya need to find another program to achieve it, but Muvizu is so great as is and easy to use so people want to use Muvizu as the preferred method for their projects.
    Dreeko wrote:
    Ha ha!

    It never fails to deliver! Give a glimmer of hope for a new update and the feature requests start rolling in!

    Hopefully the next update will be the first of many to come!

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    2015/2/14 9:28:30
    The Future of Muvizu revealed! HELLO AGAIN Finally MUVIZU!! & MUVIZUERZ!! I've not been using Muvizu or anything else for a long time, (because I cannot create my long standing project/character/comic/stories how I want to exactly in MUVIZU!) I missed you guys you are all like friends/family; very supportive; So I decided to check out the site again, and from reading this post apparently Muvizu went to deep sleep on it at the same time as I did too?!? wow! lol OK so here's the skinny on the poop - I cannot/will not do Anything until:

    A. Muvizu makes #1 (see below) possible!
    B. I figure out what great video editor I NEED to switch to (I've researched ALOT); I need to be able to do the following in order to use Muvizu:

    1. I am in SERIOUS NEED (and have been since day1) for WEARABLE PRODUCE of all kinds!! (think Fruit Of The Loom outfits); attachable COSTUMES for the ORIGINAL CARTOON CHARACTERS to WEAR in Muvizu, so I can finally create my comic/character stories from many years ago along w/some new ideas...Otherwise not sure what software I can use to achieve it!!...looked for things similar to Muvizu

    2. maybe some new characters...

    3. a Hollywood movie.set w/props soundstages etc...

    4...the sweet love O animation/film Muvizu please make my project possible soon...Machinima is big now I'm reading so HELP US ALL CREATE!!!

    Oh and P.S. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE IN THE PAST! You guys are the ONLY ones that can HELP me ACHIEVE this cuz you're the $#!%

    Sincerely, EEFilmz 8)

    p.s. - Happy V-Day!
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    2013/4/25 23:58:23
    the avengers radio series Congrats Fazz; the page looks great!
    2013/4/23 4:01:41
    What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? Thanks to the cool people who posted here! wow I thought everyone would post!? So much for solidarity huh?
    2013/4/18 0:35:52
    Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion ziggy72 wrote:
    EEFilmz wrote:
    LOVE the SCENE WINDOW and ALL that it does, like being able to select a ton of items at once and select to animate the same objcet property in one click like I did with the bikes, and then just adjust the timing in the timeline slightly

    Didn't ever think of doing that - nice one EEF!

    EEFilmz wrote:
    What if you took the old layout, plus the added features that now exist like snapping etc whatever (I haven't used it so I dunno), and display Timeline and scene window together side-by-side with linked-usage capabilities of the scene window with the Timeline?

    Yes, yes, bloody yes! That is much better than my version

    Glad that was helpful ziggy! believe me I am lazy so when I created all those bikes my brain thought hmmm wonder if I can do this...and I hwas happy as a pig in $%^ when I found out you could animate multiple objects' properties in one click! plus it makes it easier to find an object when there are alot of objects or objects not necessarily in view. It just seems like a no brainer to link those 2 very useful tools (Timeline & Scene Window) to work together simultaneously in tandem..

    @ Urbanlamb, sorry if I missed it but I had a bad bad headache and had to stop reading and starting skimming the forum after getting lost in reading. Also, in the past, as far as "lag" during production, Muvizu staff told me I think back when I did one of my KISS videos I had SERIOUS lag time messing everything up, and they said try working in UNLIT mode, and then revert back to LIT mode when rendering. It worked for me on that particular set, not sure if that's help you though. Good luck! - EEF
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    2013/4/18 0:13:51
    Showing off my chopper Look at dat! great chopper Woz!
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    2013/4/17 7:16:41
    Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Hello all, I haven't created in "play" yet, but I will say this, I tried to read everything in this thread and found myself drifting with a bad headache and a stomach ache. I liked the old layout, I basically adapted to the changes over the last 2 years. In the previous Timeline version, the only beef I had was the UNDO feature would screw up everytime trying to undo a change, and all actions etc in that line were lost! That was Hell. In my last video: EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2, I had approximately 27 bikers(and other characters), 27 bikes, 27 explosions, at least 27 fires, and other actors, furniture actions, and everything had to be Timed perfectly to sync with the music I wanted to use. I LOVE the SCENE WINDOW and ALL that it does, like being able to select a ton of items at once and select to animate the same objcet property in one click like I did with the bikes, and then just adjust the timing in the timeline slightly=HUGE timesaver! ...SIMPLE IS GOOD, LESS IS MORE and the old Timeline layout wasn't an issue for me, but that's my own opinion, and maybe it's impossible, but here's one Idea I have: What if you took the old layout, plus the added features that now exist like snapping etc whatever (I haven't used it so I dunno), and display Timeline and scene window together side-by-side with linked-usage capabilities of the scene window with the Timeline? so, if you have 35 out of 40 characters jumpin or dancin or whatever, all you do is select them in the scene window, now ONLY the 35 jumping show up in the Timeline window, then you assign the action, or property animation etc, and then tweak in the Timeline while viewing both scene window and timeline at the same time in side-by-side windows with all the buttons and listings on the same level, and at the same size! Personally I don't like the idea of having big overlay buttons over smaller lists behind on the timeline like some of the images I see in this's not something I want to deal with at all...For me simplicity in Timeline layout and something close to what Muvizu has always been great and the scene window is just genius, so if those 2 were linked and displayed together or the option of that was available that'd be awesome. Sorry I don't wish to upset or disagree with anyone's thoughts or ideas, just adding my own opinion if it's feasable. I'm still wondering why Muvizu felt the need to change the "layout" of the Timeline anyway. As I said, I haven't really used the new version yet, so take this for whatever it's worth...I quote the great Rolling Stones: "We can't always get what we want We can't always get what we want but if we try sometimes, we just might find we get what we need..Oh Yeah..." Thanks - EEFilmz
    2013/4/4 1:56:02
    Arms open wide for a "Jesus" (How to?) Glad it worked out for you atacar atacar wrote:
    EEFilmz wrote:
    Not sure if you can do the one foot over the other, the only "pose" that comes to mind that would be close is the "buddha levitate" or "hoedown" or "relaxing on back a/b" but you might have to grab still images from those actions. Check out what I did a long time ago see if that helps?

    I had not seen this video, just something like what I'm doing, but based on a Spanish language song, I've been very helpful the scene where the soldiers nailed him to the cross!
    2013/4/3 5:34:12
    Arms open wide for a "Jesus" (How to?) Not sure if you can do the one foot over the other, the only "pose" that comes to mind that would be close is the "buddha levitate" or "hoedown" or "relaxing on back a/b" but you might have to grab still images from those actions. Check out what I did a long time ago see if that helps?

    atacar wrote:
    Hi there! I need to build a RELIGIOUS set (Jesus in the cross) but I don´t see any Idle pose for that.
    Then, I start to record, and just stopped and using the timeline it´s the result:

    (Note: Sorry by my english, I am Venezuelan, I´m not an expert writing in english)

    IMAGE 1 OF 2:

    IMAGE 2 OF 2:

    2013/4/3 5:19:53
    Arms open wide for a "Jesus" (How to?) urbanlamb wrote:
    hi there

    I guess this got burried

    To have his arms open about you can stand him on a cube and make that invisible and use the animation happy -> pose -> arms out and set his expressiveness to 0 to remove the smile then raise the cube up off the ground once its in the right place you remove the texture and make the cube invisible before doing the video.

    This is one way
    i AGREE WITH YOU URBANLAMB, OOPs caps...Have u seen this? I did this a long time ago using an invisible ground plane raising three up on the crosses w/the happy pose...however My Jesus just kept on smilin! LOL I didn't even think of changin his expressiveness at the time.
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    2013/4/3 2:12:18
    What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? Thought it would be beneficial if WE ALL listd what 3rd party programs/sites we each use, maybe even a lil short write up of what you like or dislike about what you use, so each user including myself can get an idea of what is capable with each program/site simply by reading the polls and reviewing each others vids. We all want to upgrade and/or change our ways of production to improve, why not help each other out? Let's flex some Muvizu solidarity muscle:

    EEFILMZ: I use Muvizu, So far along with
    Video Editor(free version): VideoPad
    Audio Editor: Audacity(limited knowledge of it though)
    some sites like:,,,, and some others I can't think of but will post when I remember!
    NOW here is what I DON'T like about VideoPad:
    1. the preview window is an illusion as you work, things look bigger than they actually are meaning Titles adn text (credits for example).
    2. What you see is NOT always what you get from final output to UPLOAD onto the site - not sure though if that's a Videopad or muvizu/youtube issue(my last vid is case in point)
    3. It uses SLIDER controls for font size controls! It should have more precise controls to input a fontsize.

    NOW here is what I DO like about VideoPad:

    1. Ease of Use - very easy to learn
    2. Has alot of effects like split screens and inputting images/video, as well as chroma keying.
    3. Has the ability to output an AVI using H264 which dramatically shrinks video sizes and maintains HD quality - that alone is why I haven't switched so far even though other things are annoying and limited! I have now outgrown this I think though and the Free version from what I read is not much different than the Paid version. Here's what it can do:
    2013/3/30 22:35:30
    Special Effects Missing or not showing correctly!! Thanks Woztoons very helpful, I didn't think to do a search on youtube. 8)
    WozToons wrote:

    There's three to start you off.

    It is always best to check the licence or ask permission before beginning production. Many copyrighted works can be obtained with a polite permission request.

    With uncertain stuff, once you have chosen the music do a search on YouTube to see if it gets flagged in other videos before you start.

    Hoe this helps, Happy Easter.
    2013/3/30 10:26:23
    Special Effects Missing or not showing correctly!! Thanks alot HayManMarc I will check them out and watch for anything else you post my friend. 8) - EEF
    2013/3/30 10:10:18
    EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2 HayManMarc wrote:
    Wow! Don't mess with that guy!

    Looks like you put some time into this. My only critique is the action is a bit slow-paced. I loved the slo-mo scene with the stools falling over. Very well done. The news cast made me laugh. SPOILER ALERT: Epic explosions at the end.

    I'll be looking forward for more, EEF.

    Thanks HayManMarc Yes, I did put alot of time into it, and some effects got lost in the upload somehow(ugh)
    2013/3/30 6:33:42
    Special Effects Missing or not showing correctly!! 1. Is it a Youtube issue? or VideoPad issue?
    In my latest uploaded animation SEQUEL EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2 to youtube via my Muvizu profile, once the video was uploaded I noticed in my Preview still-frame shots of the 1st episode the only stillshot that turned into a Black&WHITE still corrcetly was the final stillshot (the one w/the Titleshot: "EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2"). ALL the Preview still shots turned white in MY video on my PC, and once uploaded onto YouTube, only the last shot had the correct white-still-shot effect! I hope to get some answers to this, because if it means I need to upgrade to the pay version of VideoPad so be ir, or if I need to use a better video editor so be that I'll have to get one sucks because I spent a month on this project and didn't have any issue until the upload. Please Help? any educated answers are appreciated...Thanks in advance! 8)

    2. ALSO, I noticed one of my songs that was supposed to royalty FREE that was free to download turned up copyrighted on youtube which could possibly pose another problem of not showing up upon upload to Muvizu's website which could also be a problem as I want all my vids to show up on Muvizu's site! which was why I was searching for royalty free download music in the first place! So I guess the question there a site or something I can look for that I'll know definitely for sure in advance if it's copyrighted material or royalty free to use? From what I THOUGHT, if it was on a royalty free site it'd be free to download, free to use, with no issues. Guess NOT! So far I download from,, Jamendo, SoundCloud=I think this was the problem?, and now and I forget if I have any others....again Thanks in advance! 8)

    - EEFilmz
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