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2013/8/30 14:10:40
The French Alps Wow! Some of those places look like Desktop wallpapers from Windows! Impressive stuff!
2013/8/29 7:35:07
Automating ZiggyMesh Very nice!
2013/8/28 8:06:35
The Intrepid ! I love this! Excellent!

Thanks for sharing
2013/8/14 9:01:37
Just have to share these guys stuff. Finally got round to watching these and have to say...those videos are AWESOME!

The amount of dedication and focus required must be huge!

Thanks for sharing Urban!
2013/8/12 9:15:01
I've been trying something new! Nice Dreeko!
2013/8/8 10:37:07
Can I direct a character to be visible / invisible Hi chuckles, although you cannot animate a character to be visible, then animate them to be invisible at the current time. It is something we are still ironing out before releasing it to the community. The current invisible tick box was initially only for objects, but we are porting it over to use on characters (not as straight forward as you think!). Hopefully in the near future you WILL be able to animate someone turn invisible!

Hope that helps,

2013/8/7 10:49:01
Can I direct a character to be visible / invisible You sure can chuckles! Simply go to edit the character and in the 'Body' tab you will now see a small tick box with the label of 'visible'. You can click this tick box on and off to show the character as visible/invisible in your final render.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the new feature!

All the best,

2013/8/7 9:18:36
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ukBerty wrote:
There is still a lurking little issue that I saw someone else post.

Sometimes the pink effects cubes can show in the cameras and make video window.

To get rid of them you have to close Muvizu and re-open.

Hmm, interesting one ukBerty, could you possibly send us a screenshot or video of the issue please?

2013/8/6 15:00:45
Sketch up model making tip Excellent! Haven't visited Sketchup for a while, but this might just inspire me to go back and have a look over some of my old models

Thanks for sharing!
2013/8/6 8:38:59
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS (animated film clip) Awesome work guys! Hope you get more work coming your way!
2013/8/2 8:32:15
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ziggy72 wrote:
just give me a name...

Hmm, this makes things interesting....

Gun puppy dog eyes
2013/8/1 9:25:21
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility ziggy72 wrote:
Well, it fixed the compatibility issue I had, so thanks! Big Grin

Glad to hear it Ziggy!

Now go make some videos! Mad

Jokes! Just go have fun with all your sets again Big Grin
2013/7/26 8:33:42
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Hi aberglas,

Is the slowness issue you are experiencing on a PC with the specs:
'mother board graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a. Win 7 rating 3.2. 256 meg ram'?
'Athlon 4 core 3 GHz with 4 gig ram. Win 7'?

Whats the graphics card in the fairly powerful PC you mentioned?

Muvizu can run on laptops that are not kitted out to be top spec, we have a few in the Muvizu HQ that run it fine. So it just depends on what the internal parts of the laptop are like.

2013/7/26 8:26:52
Soundtrack on multi sets Adobe Premiere also lets you stitch together video clips and add a separate audio track that can play throughout, but again, that isn't free.

You can also have a look on our Wiki to see if any of the useful programs might suit your needs.


Hope this helps!

2013/7/26 8:23:34
I'VE HAD IT Hi raybearmass,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the uploading facilities.

Is it just when you upload your completed video to YouTube through the program?

As ukBerty says, can you upload the finished video to YouTube directly?
2013/7/24 8:08:35
lip synch off after rendering Remember, you can upload your videos on to our site as well for other members of the Muvizu community to view also!
2013/7/24 8:06:17
Updated and now my videos will not load up Yep, as Fazz has beaten me to the punch

We are currently in the process of getting a patch out hopefully in the next few days which should fix the set loading issues some folks have been getting.

All the best,

2013/7/15 10:34:46
Iron Man 3 Dear God.....

Dreeko v2.0?
2013/7/15 7:25:19
Iron Man 3 MrDrWho13 wrote:

Single most horrifying thing I have ever seen on the site...

No sleep tonight then.
2013/7/11 14:41:00
sketchup plugin sofie9536 wrote:
very very thanks

You're welcome!
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