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2013/1/23 9:35:15
Game, SET, and match... :) InsaneHamster wrote:
as I am one that is model making difficent. I greatly appreciate people like Urban, Danny and Dylly. Try as I might my model making just isnt up to par so a big thanks from the Hamster Man!!

Totally agree. Some of their work is astonishing Digital Architecture at its best!
2013/1/23 9:09:06
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN SEASON 2 EPISODE 11 Another classic guys! I loved how you got the superhero characters involved

Can't wait to see what comes next! Keep up the good work Applause
2013/1/11 11:05:09
Moo Demolition Moo?
Saving Private Moo?
Moo-ry Poppins?
Moo-lie and the Chocolate Factory?
2013/1/10 10:36:03
Game, SET, and match... :) I agree, I really enjoy making my own and tinkering with the objects Muvizu provides as well as make my own from time to time

I do like the lighting sets by Dreeko though....

I am horrible with lighting, so those help me constantly.
2013/1/9 9:49:27
Game, SET, and match... :) There has been some absolutely cracking sets coming through of late (urbanlamb - Xmas 2012), (Dannynw23 - Friends/Tardis/Eastenders), but to name a few....

The quality is tremendous and we can only expect greater and better things to come!

Just wondering... what has been your most favourite set(s) you guys have used over the days/months/years... One that you have come up with? A preset from Muvizu? One from the Gallery?
2013/1/8 12:29:39
Really good text to speech ! So after watching that vid....your saying all I need is a robo-version of myself, then have some sort of Cereproc text to speech program running hooked up to my mouth, then I could literally just stay at home and let Robo-Me do all my work....

Take all my money.....all of it.
2013/1/8 11:48:25
Really good text to speech ! Ok, so, that's my morning spent.

Typing in overly Scottish slang words and listen to 'Stuart' (Scottish - English) sound them back to me, might actually be better than all Christmas' EVER!

So funny.

*Just found Dodo (Glasgow - English)..... Best. Text to speech. EVER.
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2012/12/12 16:08:10
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Heard some talk of when Youtube changed a bunch of stuff the last few days/weeks, they have bumped a user's own Subscribtion/Video choices, with a bunch they now 'recommend'.

The long and short meaning, If someone has subbed to your channel, they won't know you have put out a video, because Youtube would rather spam them with their stuff instead of the stuff they have chosen to be notified about.

Quite a few people have been feeling the effects of reduced view counts as a result.
2012/12/7 10:00:26
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Hmm, tis an interesting case and no mistake!

Might be with Christmas coming up, some folks just don't have as much free time on their hands to view all the videos coming through?

I like having Twitter and Facebook linked to my Youtube to promote the stuff I do as well. That is another route you could explore if you don't already?
2012/12/7 9:30:25
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:

2012/12/7 9:28:59
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? Have you been changing anything in regards to your tags?

There is lots of information of the web/Youtube about SEO and alike.

Think I saw some Youtube vids that actually go into it in detail, about what tags to put, what to name your file...etc, etc.

Might be a nice place to start off?

Hope that helps a bit
2012/12/5 11:58:28
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE TFZ CHARACTER ? I'm going for the colonel, just for his raw courage...reminds me of myself boxer *Flex*

Or um...Jezza

Oh, but I also like Zombie Dog....

Are you allowed three choices?
2012/12/4 10:28:11
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Dreeko wrote:
Where's no.4?

It's on now

2012/12/3 16:15:08
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Teaser Trailer Man, that just looks champion!

Can't wait
2012/11/28 16:21:29
Help me If you have Windows Vista/Windows 7, you can use the small search function when you click on the Windows start button.

and try to find it that way.

Or follow the default install path, if you didn't change the destination folder.

C:\Program Files\Muvizu

Hope this helps

2012/11/28 10:25:41
Caption Me! Ok, a wee something I chucked together...

Garrrggg, it's me ex-wife! Quick! Harpoon the beast before she grabs more o' me treasure!
2012/11/27 14:09:58
Caption Me!

This takes 'Hands Free' to a whole new level.
2012/11/26 16:53:09
The Clones Dreeko wrote:
episode 2

Haha another beauty!

Can you imagine though...a world full of...DREEKOS?!
2012/11/26 10:22:36
Caption Me! Dylly wrote:
See what happens when you let private companies into the 'National Elf Service' !

2012/11/23 9:32:24
The Clones EEFilmz wrote:
That's what SHE said! LMAO
urbanlamb wrote:
was funny just wish it was longer :P

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