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2010/12/15 10:16:05
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument Hi Pete,

Good point - the Keyboard is an object as well so you could import a Piano.

You could also import the guitars and have the characters perform the animations with the imported guitars floating in front of them - the results wouldn't be as good, as the guitars wouldn't animate with the characters, but it might be worth a try.

Take care,
2010/12/14 16:16:32
Import from Sketchup and replace instrument Hi Pete, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

At the moment the only things that you can import are static objects - anything that is attached to or held by a character cannot be imported.

There are plans to add this functionality, but the devs are currently doing a very labour-intensive engine update so it will probably be a while before it's added.

You could import a custom drum kit, as they are objects rather than attachments, but you might have difficulty getting the animations to line up with the specific drums.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2010/12/14 13:02:59
Awesome stop-motion Lego animation I stumbled across this and I think it's pretty cool:

2010/12/14 11:18:01
GAGA finalist At least the snow wasn't as bad as it was in Minnesota - the roof of the Vikings (American Football team) stadium collapsed:

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2010/12/10 13:19:28
Muvizu Portal Hi Ian,

Unfortunately we can only show videos that have been uploaded through - so if you want to have it on here you would either need to delete it and upload it again or make a small change (so it's not an identical video) and upload it again.

I mentioned that your vids remind me of the Young Ones, but that one also reminded me of this:

Take it easy,
2010/12/10 10:36:39
Will Not Run Hi Jeff,

Looking at the screenshots that you sent in it seems that the Muvizu installation hasn't completed due to problems with the in-build DX9 installer.

Could you please try installing Muvizu with all of the additonal components deselected? (Like the screenshot below)


2010/12/9 13:26:29
Will Not Run Hi Jeff, I think I might know why that didn't work:

I just realised that Microsoft changed all of their download locations and that link used to point to an offline installer but it now points to an installer that requires you to be online (it's about 286kb) - I did a bit of digging around and this installer is the newest one that I can find that will definitely work with an offline machine: (it's around 95.6 mb)

Sorry about that - I only realised when I looked at the page again today - this installer should fix your problems.

If it doesn't work you could still send us the screenshots:

You could upload the photos to the site via your profile or alternatively can host pictures. You could then use the attach image function on the forum and put the image's URL in the pop-up.

Alternatively you could simply attach the screenshots to an e-mail with a brief description of the problem (and a link to this forum thread, so that if it's not me that gets the e-mail they know what's been happening) and send it to

Sorry again, and hopefully the other installer should sort things out.

Take care,
2010/12/8 17:15:47
Will Not Run Hi again Jeff,

You shouldn't have to do anything to your Direct X 10 installation as it's files are independent of Direct X 9.

Updating Direct X 9 works for at least 90% of users who have problems - so here's hoping you fall into the majority .

Take care,
2010/12/8 16:29:21
Will Not Run Hi Jeff,

Your Direct X 10 status doesn't have any effect on Direct X 9 programmes such as Muvizu - could you please try updating to the latest version of Direct X 9?

2010/12/8 15:08:14
Will Not Run Hi Jeff, sorry you are having trouble.

The most common solution for startup problems is to update DirectX 9 - it actually has a separate update to DirectX 10.

The DX9 updater can be found at:

Please let us know how you get on.

Take care,
2010/12/8 12:19:14
How do I import with textures? I can't find a plugin for exporting the textures, but it can be done via the console - unfortunately it's not the simplest solution:
2010/12/8 12:08:38
How do I import with textures? Aah, right got you - in order to have the custom textures loaded into Muvizu they need to be saved as separate image files.

Sketchup models have the textures included with the model, and I am not sure if you can export the textures, but I will have a look.
2010/12/8 11:44:54
New Tutorial Vids That's what I was thinking - I would personally like to make one that has more detail about rotation points - but I just wanted to see if there was anything that a few people wanted us to cover.
2010/12/8 10:59:15
New Tutorial Vids Some of the testers are going to be working on producing new Tutorial Videos while the Engine Upgrade is being done by the Devs - so I was just wondering are there any requests?
2010/12/8 10:29:56
How do I import with textures? RightURKen wrote:
glasgowjim wrote:

*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

If you change the file name and path to the correct bitmap/tga then it should work. .

I not sure what you mean here. Are you saying change C:\ut3\toto.bmp? To what from there?

edited by RightURKen on 08/12/2010

You change the file path to the location where you have saved the custom textures on your computer:

For instance if your custom texture files are saved at C:\users\Ken\Pictures\texture1.bmp you would change the file path in the .ase file to that.
2010/12/7 11:33:32
How do I import with textures? Hi RightUrKen,

There is a problem with the Sketchup Importer's textures - it makes them all the defaultd toto.bmp but there is a work-around:

If you open up the .ase file using Wordpad or any other text editor (I use Notepad++) you will see the following sections for each material:

*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

If you change the file name and path to the correct bitmap/tga then it should work.

Take care,
2010/12/6 12:21:59
Christmas Muvizu laptop I have only found one so far, but if you get something with similar specs to these you should be ok:

Dell XPS 15 (£579 - £779)

It's the big brother of the laptop that I own, which can run Muvizu, so this one should have no trouble.
2010/12/6 12:05:54
Christmas Muvizu laptop True, the more RAM the better - I was just saying what I thought was the bare minimum.

It's also quite tough to get a laptop with more than 3GB, as a lot of manufacturers still only ship laptops with 32-bit versions of Windows.
2010/12/6 11:37:54
Christmas Muvizu laptop This is my personal opinion, not the view of Muvizu HQ:

If you are buying a laptop out of Currys or PC world (although I would personally recommend avoiding them due to their crappy service) they will take pretty much any working laptop and give you £100 of a new one - so you could buy a laptop from eBay for £50 and trade it into PC world, giving you an overall saving of £50. .

As for a specific model - if you go for a machine with a dual core processor, at least 2GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics chip with at least 512MB of ram you should be ok. I will have a quick look at some laptop sites to see what's available at the moment and give you some suggestions.

Things to avoid:

Celeron Processors (really slow)
Intel Graphics Chipsets (either don't work with Muvizu or work very badly)

Also, you might want to wait for a couple of months: AMD are releasing their new Fusion line of processors with in-built graphics cards in the spring. They are aimed at the low-price laptop market and should be a big improvement on the existing budget line.#

2010/12/2 11:47:53
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Dreeko wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
And for goodness sakes, give Dreeko his dragon! I think he's earned it! Applause

Dragon shmagon I'm after a griffon now Gotcha!

You just want to re-enact one of my favourite Family Guy moments:

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