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2010/7/27 11:34:12
Locomotion/ clothing Morning Simon,

Clothing and locomotion additions are both being investigated by the Art team and may be added at a later date, depending on the results of their tests- any changes to clothing and locomotion may have a negative impact on other areas of the application which is what they are currently assessing.

Take care,
2010/7/27 11:18:17
My Wishlist for Muvizu Hi Scott,

Animated Cameras are currently being tested so they should be making their way into the app pretty soon.

Individual audio tracks are something that we would like to put in but it's not being worked on at the moment.

I am glad you enjoy using the app, and I enjoyed your video on YouTube - was the Woman in Red a Matrix reference?

Any other questions just ask, I check the forum every morning and if I can provide an answer I will.
2010/7/27 11:11:55
wish list/suggestions Hi again civicbynature - some of the things that you have suggested are currently being looked at. I have spent the morning pestering the Developers and Artists in order to find out the specifics:

*This maybe a long shot but worth mentioning. Maybe a collaborative effort on new character and object designs. I'm sure many people in our community like myself have a lot of experience with 3d software like Maya,3dmax,poser etc…….would be more than willing play around with new designs. If we were told what formats and such that is required to be compatible with muvizu there could be a place in the forums for submissions. where you the admins could decide where they should be integrated in new updates or perhaps available for download. Just and idea that could help you help us.

The Devs are currently looking at Object importing (see and they may add Character Attachment and Character Model importing in the future. There aren't any plans to add the user generated models to the Application at the moment but you should be able to upload models to the website and mark them as public so any registered user can download them.

*moving objects perhaps in the same manor as character or might be achieved seemly by inputting x ,y and rotation over time in a frame by frame basis like rotoscoping frame by frame. Or perhaps just applying gestures to objects such as the charactors but only with 90 degree rotations.

*as above but with cameras as well. Or more cameras. Not sure which would be harder on resources but either one would be spectacular.

Moving Objects are being worked on at the moment - Movable Cameras are currently being tested, so this is the one you are most likely to see in the next release

* the ability to turn lights on and off at certain times via timeline instead of just on or flash.

This is being looked at - the Devs have called it "Animatable Properties" and it will apply to things like Light Switches and Camera Zoom.

*Ability to further skin characters. As with the face and chest areas but with the hole shirt and pants as well.

This is something that we would like to see, but it is not being worked on at the moment.

*option for multi-monitor. The ability to float windows such as the camera view ports out of the work area.

This may be added in the distant future, but it would require the User Interface to get completely re-done.

*option for hud and/or shortcut keys to move characters around. Moving characters close to other objects can sometimes be difficult when the clickable area is hidden in a wall or under object.

This is being looked at at the moment - the camera movement uses keyboard short-cuts and the Devs are looking at copying that over to characters (and objects, once they can move)

*Perhaps separating character movements from gestures in the time line. Rerecording gestures when movement has been previously recorded. Movement is erased and must be rerecorded. perhaps and easier work around may just be the ability to just place gestures on the timeline from the list. This way timing can be adjusted as is now but without rerecording.

Separating movement and animation is being looked at just now - placing animations directly on the timeline is not something we are looking at currently but once the animations are separated you will be able to scroll to a specific point on the timeline and record animations independently of the character movement.

*Additional rendering codec's like quicktime. or perhaps the ability to add em via a plugin folder.

Not being looked at just now but it is something we would like to add.

Thanks for your feedback, feel free to suggest anything else,
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2010/7/27 10:30:49
google 3d warehouse The Devs are currently looking at the ability to import .ase files with the aim of adding support for COLLADA and .fbx later. (see

You can download a plugin for SketchUp that allows you to create .ase files ( and I don't know how well they run but hopefully they will allow you to use your models when the importing feature is added.

Thanks for your feedback,
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2010/7/27 9:56:36
Raindance film festival 2010 I believe that is the case - if you are the winner we would be looking to use your .set file to create a High-Resolution version of your video to display on a big screen but if you have used any after effects then we wouldn't be able to recreate your video.

I will double check and get back to you later.
2010/7/23 9:45:22
Missing characters and objects You only need to be online when you run Muvizu for the following:

1. To build the list of characters and objects after a fresh install
2. To download an update
3. To use pictures from a shared project Assets folder on the Muvizu website
4. To upload videos to YouTube directly from the application

Take care, and enjoy using Muvizu - if you need any more help just post on here - it's checked frequently.
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2010/7/22 16:44:12
Missing characters and objects Glad to hear it's working, but just to check one thing - did the "Failed" message appear at all this afternoon or did it only appear last night/this morning?

Have fun with the app, and if you have any other questions, problems or suggestions just let us know.
2010/7/22 14:20:47
Missing characters and objects You can see examples of each Remote Manifest message here:
2010/7/22 14:13:50
Missing characters and objects Hi again Mach and blaineremer,

I was hoping to get some more info from you if that's ok;

Is this the first time that you have installed Muvizu?
If so, did you download the installer after the 28th of June?
Is the computer connected to the internet when you run Muvizu after installing it?
When you run Muvizu the launcher window appears on the top left of the screen (this may happen very quickly, depending on the speed of your processor) - does it say "Downloading Remote Manifest....Done" or "Downloading Remote Manifest....Failed"?
Is Muvizu currently blocked by a Firewall?

Thanks again,
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2010/7/22 13:30:26
Missing characters and objects Hi Mach and blaineremer,

The first time that you run Muvizu it connects to a database in order to generate the list of Characters and Objects, but at the moment there appears to be an issue with that connection.

We are looking into it and will update you when there is any more news.

Thanks for letting us know,
2010/7/19 11:48:36
Question? Explicit Language in vid? civicbynature wrote:
I recently did a scene from pulp fiction. And of course as with the movie there is strong language. Didn't know if this would be a problem or not. As I'm currently waiting for my recent video to be moderated, I guess I'll find out very soon. Thx in advance.

Shouldn't be a problem as there have been a few videos made by Muvizu staff with strong language in them. The videos only get moderated during office hours which are 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri (see so I imagine that it will get moderated at some point today.
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