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2011/6/1 12:49:12
audio crash again Hi artpen - can I offer a quick suggestion? (I don't know if it will help but it wont do any harm)

Try opening the audio file in an editor such as audacity and saving it using the default settings and then try using it again. It's always worth trying defaults in a situation like this.

2011/5/30 18:12:12
The newest Muvizu release... Windproof houses! Pfft, I didn't even have a house - I used to live in a hole in 't' middle of road!
2011/5/26 13:21:14
Size does matter after all. The "8" series cards can run Muvizu (I had a 8600 on my laptop and an 8800 on my main PC) the 8400 is the entry-level model of the series so it might struggle a bit, but I think it should be usable as it has 512mb of memory.

And Shader 4 is not necessarily "better" but Shader 4 cards have Shader 3 support
2011/5/26 13:08:00
cannot download and run muvizu Hi Penman, could you post a screenshot of the error message? That might let the staff know if it's Windows, the installer or another piece of software causing the problem

2011/5/25 19:16:13
The newest Muvizu release... The hardware requirements are almost the same - the only real difference being the need for a Pixel Shader 3.0 graphics card.

Pixel shader 3.0 was introduced with the GeForce 6, ATI Radeon x1300 and Intel GMA x3000 so any card above that should be able to start Muvizu, but obviously the amount of memory it has and the more modern it is will make a difference to performance.
2011/5/25 18:50:07
The newest Muvizu release... I haven't been able to use the new version yet (thanks to a graphics-card related mishap) but I know from when I was testing the object importing that cars can cause crashes as they are actually pretty complicated with lots of curved surfaces and internal structures (seats etc.) - I would say that 80 percent of cars didn't import correctly and maybe 10% crashed as they were badly made models.
2011/5/22 11:29:18
Does Size Matter Hi John,

Emily created a sticky detailing the correct aspect ratios for each backdrop, as well as the size of the skydome:

Take care,
2011/5/15 20:09:06
Youtube and copyrighted music On a slightly different note, the estates of Marty Feldman and John Law (i.e. their lawyers) have taken down ALL of the Class Sketches on YouTube, including the one that I made using Muvizu.

I am in the process of appealing this for many reasons:

1. The copyright may belong to the BBC as they were BBC employees at the time (I have submitted an FOI request to get clarification)
2. The BBC only removes sporting events from YouTube - they consider other clips (as long as they are of decent quality) to be a form of free advertising
3. The clip was made 55 years ago and the copyright of broadcasts only lasts for 50 years after initial creation in the UK
4. It was a bloody tribute - I made sure that I credited the BBC, Frost Report, the actors and the writers (Feldman and Law) - the lawyers are being overzealous to say the least - they even removed a clip of a school play involving the sketch!
5. There is no way to buy this sketch or any other site to view it on, as far as I can tell, so it's not like people watching a tribute is depriving the families of income!
6. I hate lawyers milking corpses.
2011/4/24 16:09:53
Borderlands Video This was a really cool thing to do for a fan - pretty funny too.

2011/4/21 12:15:30
Life on Muvizu 'Mon the Zombie Jesus!
2011/4/18 12:38:15
Object Properties Bug You can find the logs in:

C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs or C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs if you have a 64-bit system.

But the logs aren't always generated but the .dmp files can be used by the devs to have a closer look, but don't always shed a lot of information on the problem.
2011/4/15 10:55:50
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Morning folks,

I checked before uploading my stuff, Google's T&C's are as follows:

11.(c) By publicly posting or displaying the content you give other end users of the Services a perpetual, sublicensable, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute (subject to the restrictions set forth in Sections 11.4 and 20.3 of these Terms) any Content or derivative works thereof which you publicly post or display on or through the Services.

11.4 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, without Google’s prior authorization, you may not: (i) aggregate Content obtained from Google Services for redistribution, or (ii) use or distribute Content obtained from Google Services in a mapping or geographic application or service.

20.3 Models created in Building Maker include proprietary imagery. You may not disassociate or separate the imagery from any Building Maker model and use or make it available outside of Google Services.

This means that we have the right to download Google warehouse models, modify them and redistribute them as long as it isn't purely for creating a model database - so uploading models that we have used in videos should be fine.

Take it easy,
2011/4/8 18:19:52
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Someone also did the Round Table with Team Fortress 2:

2011/4/8 18:16:50
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) I feel happy!

2011/4/3 19:51:08
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Simon,

398mb is about 150mb too small - it's possible that there is a problem between our download server and your PC, so I would recommend downloading it from one of our mirrors:

If that doesn't work please let us know.

Take it easy,
2011/3/29 18:02:06
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl Dell have actually updated the laptop that Dreeko bought - it now has a 2.0GHz i7 processor, updated graphics card and 6GB of Ram

It's a bit more expensive than the one you are looking at (£879) but it's a great machine.

I tried to have a look at the processor specs for the machine that you are looking at but the i5 2620M doesn't exist - that model number belongs to an i7 processor, so the manufacturer is listing incorrect specs which would make me a bit wary.

Due to it being a dual core it won't perform as well as a Quad Core i7, which would make me think that the 2.0Ghz i7 would be a better option, depending on the model numbers, as Intel have recently released a bunch of new i5s and i7s which are a bit faster than the first generation ones.

The machine that you posted is probably the equivalent of a £500 desktop machine but the Dell is the equivalent of a £650-£700 desktop - the big plus that yours has is the 3 year guarantee.
2011/3/18 18:19:17
Random faces/heads Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Glad to hear Jim's send off was a good un! He will be missed I'm sure..

True, but it'll be months before they find the body.

Just Kidding

2011/3/18 18:16:25
Eyes?? barrys wrote:
It's my plan to change ALL the eyes in Muvizu to include:

recessed (not embossed) pupils to avoid all the cut-throughs with eyelids
the ability to shut the eyes completely

Thanks for the feedback


**Cough** Don't forget custom textures **Cough""
2011/3/18 18:14:22
New character? Now that I am no longer Muvizu staff I can make suggestions on the forum!

Can we have Cthulu? Pretty please?

2011/3/18 18:10:40
Straight lines This is something that I would love to see - although I would personally prefer a waypoint system.
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