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2011/3/1 11:29:46
Camera Actions Happy to help Huggy, one of the things that I love about this project is the community.

That key map only shows the basic functionality - there are other keyboard shortcuts while recording video etc. but if I put them all on the one picture it would probably be unreadable.

I am going to do a sticky somewhere in the forum with detailed instructions on how to change the key bindings - so that people can change their keys to something that suits them - it's probably going to be a cut and paste job from some of Neil's posts.

Take care,
2011/3/1 10:58:58
Uploading sets Hi Dreeko,

It's a bit difficult to go mad when you already are - there is a menu option for clearing Firefox's cache: You go to Tools > Clear Recent History > Change "Last Hour" to Everything > Clear Now.

If that doesn't work then it means the Mozilla group are conspiring against you!

2011/2/28 15:54:49
Camera Actions I cobbled this together - it's a little cluttered but it shows which keys do what:

2011/2/28 14:28:39
Camera Actions Hi Huggy,

W/S and UP/Down have the same use - moving forwards and backwards - if I remember correctly this was to give the users more choice and control.

I think that, given the increase in functionality, that a keymap might be a good idea........

Take care,
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2011/2/28 12:52:09
Help Hi prince1510, sorry you are having trouble.

Unfortunately theKodu is right - if a graphics card driver update didn't resolve the error it means that your pc cannot run Muvizu as the graphics card doesn't meet the minimum requirements.

You can get the latest NVIDIA drivers from:

And the latest ATI drivers from:

You should be able to run Muvizu with one of the following Cards/Chips but there may be performance problems:

GeForce 6 series card
ATI Radeon X1300
Intel GMA X3000

Take care,
2011/2/28 12:45:38
Making wind blow I am happy to help - and thanks very much for the kind words .

There are some weather effects that can be used but they don't have any effect on objects or characters:

Take care,

2011/2/28 11:45:45
Making wind blow Hi lisigef, thanks for trying Muvizu.

Unfortunately wind effects aren't present in the current version of Muvizu, but the developers and artists are working on it at the moment. I can't provide a timescale for when it will make it's way into Muvizu, but it could hopefully be in the next couple of releases.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2011/2/25 16:38:41
Walls Hi Mysto,

The no attachment shadows issue has been fixed and should be in the next release

2011/2/25 14:25:18
free range features! That bang that you just heard was Dave's head exploding.

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2011/2/25 13:00:55
Importing objects Hi Jimi, thanks for trying Muvizu.

You could have a character appear to stand on a ladder by creating a custom collision volume for it - the simplest way to do it would be to create a cuboid which went up to the step that you want the character to stand on.

I created tutorials for doing this in Sketchup:

Once you have created the collision and have everything ready there are a couple of animations that might suit you, although I would recommend using Fight > Miscellaneous > Uppercut KO.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2011/2/24 12:39:45
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! As Arnold Rimmer once said "You can't frighten me! I'm a coward, I'm always scared! "
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2011/2/24 10:23:34
My First Effort She also had the lesser-known superpower of always looking like she was going to a Pilates class.
2011/2/22 11:22:52
3DS Max ase does not open Hi again jimac,

Would it be possible for you to please send the file to along with a note of the error? This will allow us to have a look at it and see if there is any specific reason that it's not being recognised.

Take care,
2011/2/21 16:42:09
Staundoone Episode ! Nice one Dreeko - although you might be disappointed to hear that the DVLA has banned the licence plate BA11 BAG.
2011/2/21 12:22:58
3DS Max ase does not open Hi jimac, thanks for trying Muvizu.

What error message do you get when you try to import objects?

Take care,
2011/2/18 9:27:10
just wondering if this is good ... Hi again penman,

Thanks for the kind words

You can tell the size by right-clicking the video and going to "properties" - but I only needed to know the size if you uploaded it through Muvizu first - as larger videos sometimes have problems during upload.

The reason that you can't get your video on here is that, unfortunately, in order for a video to be shown on you need to upload it through the Muvizu application or website - and if it's already on YouTube you can't upload it again without deleting it from your YouTube account. Unfortunately this isn't something that we can change as it's part of the YouTube system.

If you have any other questions or feedback please let us know.

Take care,
2011/2/17 9:20:50
just wondering if this is good ... Hi Penman, thanks for trying Muvizu.

Did you try uploading your video to our site before YouTube? If so could you please let us know what size it is?

Take care,
2011/2/16 13:31:22
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? toonarama wrote:

This looks like a very interesting/exciting roadmap for the future - it's great to see that the team have such adventurous plans for the future.

By the way Jim, best of luck in your new venture you have been a tremendous help to me and many others with your informative, friendly and concise input in the forum. I'm sure you will be a great success in your new job.

Hi Mick,

Thanks for the kind words Mick - I appreciate it - although I will be kicking about for a while longer; you can't get rid of me that easily .

Also, as Barry said adding the importing is a truckload of work so it will be a while before it can be implemented. (which is why I never give a timescale )

Take it easy,
2011/2/16 10:33:24
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? inlimbo wrote:
Following up on when I can recreate Raising Arizona in Muvizu. After the Unreal Engine gets updated, when might I expect to be able to do something similar to this?

1. Ability to hold and carry a box (Huggies).

2. Ability to crawl.

Thanks for listening!

We all want to add holdable objects - it's something that the devs have been looking at for a while but is still quite a way away due to the complexity involved- but you could probably "fudge it" by having the characters perform the "Happy Pose: Object" animation and have a box float between the character's hands.

As for crawling - thanks for the suggestion, the artists are looking at extra locomotion types all the time and they do try to put in what people ask for.

2011/2/16 10:26:06
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Hi inlimbo/Pinguino,

The devs intend to allow importing of pretty much any custom content, and the current plan is to implement it in this order:

Objects (Done) > Character Attachments > Animations > Characters

I can't provide a timescale as the Devs are still working on other areas, and obviously there could be changes to the order etc. that things are done but they want to open up Muvizu as much as possible in order to increase creativity.

As for mocap, the most accessible way for this to be done is probably with the Kinect, as it has both PC drivers and Scaleform compatibility, but due to the fact that it's very new tech the dev's haven't had a chance to have a proper look at it to see if it's possible to implement.

Take care,
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