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2015/4/27 20:58:47
Frickin Huge videos just convert it to something like 720p dont stick with 1080p. Mpeg is known to be huge so go with a type of avi or something. The muvizu codecs that come with the software are not the answer to a final video format they are an in between

However for 20mb and 3 minutes he is going to need to go to SD from HD or at least back down to 720p
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2015/4/24 18:58:34
File not found try the assets in the gallery to import those

here i know mine work and i know fazz's work



and if they give the same error report the bug here
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2015/3/20 15:50:37
Have an object drop from the sky They way i make rocks fall is to put them on 0 gravity and animate the gravity setting by moving the slider to full gravity and then it falls. You dont need to put them on a plane unless its a character those you need to place them on a plane or objects up in the sky.
2015/3/19 20:04:57
FBX UDK editor stuff. yes the loc/rot is because unreal 3 had some intersting ways of interpreting info and its only needed if your importing FBX formated files ASE does not suffer from this.

You should just need to worry about the origin of the model which sets the pivot point of the model and collision mesh which obeys unreal engine parameters but again these are all game engine things one learns.

These are all mechanics that are not limited to unreal but are present in all of these game engines so once you learn it with one engine you learn it for the rest. The modelling you learn in blender will be identical in maya or 3dsmax or any other 3d program the only difference is the blender user interface. And once your getting into FBX you start to need to understand some of the principles of things otherwise you will never learn and retain the information.

Any issues I have seen people have all have related to understanding what a material is or a uv map is or collision or some other basic modelling principle.
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2015/3/18 4:43:50
FBX UDK editor stuff. I didnt make videos on this stuff because its all over youtube its all generic info that applies to unreal and applies to any 3d software package and is not really specific to muvizu.

for loc/rot/scale this is something you learn its not needed with most things unless they are animated and contain a skeleton, but unreal is persnickity

so just apply loc/rot make sure its at the center of the scene at 0.0.0 and it should all be good. If its still not working apply scale but this is not usually needed.

the rest is in the muvizu wiki which is here

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2015/3/17 23:03:02
FBX UDK editor stuff. You kinda need to understand what is going on to learn a lot of this stuff unfortunately you need to learn how the basics unreal works and what is meant by collission and how to add it. There is a wiki you might want to read that unfortunately it might sound like greek if you haven't spent time to learn the underlying stuff.

It sounds like collission and where your origin is set because when it comes to fbx since its used for holding animation information you need to set the location, rotation and scale of the thing. You will need to look up info on blender and unreal engine if your using this stuff. (well really when working with any software) I posted some videos awhile back from youtube on an explanation of how to set up the loc/rot/scale they are generic videos but this is what you need to do. (add collission such that muvizu recognizes it and set loc/rot/scale of the objects and put the origin in a logical place for the object your working with)

I really can't teach this beyond telling people what to look up because most problems revolve around understanding the mechanics of it all.


Its not really hard once you learn it but it does have a curve to it.
2015/3/6 19:58:35
Coming Soon... looking good ziggy, but I am thinking maybe you should start a new coming soon thread the lag often when I open the thread from downloading photos due to the number of pages in the thread is starting to get noticable :P

It loaded well today but somedays its laggy if i dont open it up to the very last page ^^
2015/3/3 22:22:00
The Future of Muvizu revealed! yeah it can get creepy and wierd so i try to not go there :P
2015/3/3 19:48:36
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Pr0gr4mm3r wrote:
Love Muvizu, but surely this sofftware would be the best in the world if they put more realistic avatar as the iclone6, our WOULD BE PERFECT. Maybe one day

lol I am making cartoon avatars for iclone because I am not a fan of "realism" all those pixar movies and whatnot you will notice one thing about them. They never ever try to mimic real life too closely and always cartoonize everything. There is a reason for that

This is a first avatar so the will improve on the next round most of my time was spent learning how to comply with their g5 and now g6 constraints so the animations worked smoothly. You will notice this is definatly not an attempt to mimic "realism"

had to delete the video so here is a still shot instead..

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2015/3/3 3:52:07
The Future of Muvizu revealed! I might give this a whirl soon.. I must confess I am deeply burried in iclone6 at the moment and have made a decision to start producing full avatars for that software.
2015/3/3 3:48:27
FBX UDK editor stuff. blender has a new fbx version it was created when unreal 4 was released i can't remember now if it works with muvizu but you can get the autodesk free app converter and run it through that to change to fbx 2012 or 2011 .. which is what muvizu uses.. I think its 2011 but it might be 2012.. again I can't remember

but there is no need (assuming you are using play +) to use ase format for anything any longer

you need ASE for muvizu free version though.
2015/1/20 16:06:50
importin fbx files no they dont behave like the other plants they stay rigid

blender has an ase exporter if you want to try that but you said blender confused you so maybe you dont want to try
2015/1/19 16:13:45
importin fbx files muvizu for some reason does not have the alpha transparency map for fbx so trees have to be imported as ASE. You can use FBX for anything that does not need a transparency map as I have found it does not recognize them even though it has a slot for it
2015/1/8 18:28:19
New User Here Carole wrote:
Vital signs are still good... beep... beep... beep...

Lots of lovely new licence holders on board over festive season - we're hoping for flowers AND grapes.

I am a chockie bicky person myself.
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2014/12/24 19:48:09
Merry Christmas happy holidays
2014/11/24 18:12:15
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT you need to put in a support ticket its possible they have an internal build for you to try.
2014/10/21 23:21:39
Stop the spam! MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'd say he looks like a normal user, his message translates to: "Hello My Name municipality I live in Tel Aviv" according to google (looks like quite a dodgy translation).

here it is phonetically (hebrew was the first language I learned along with french dont ask me to speak anything about muvizu in it but I can still read it and translate basic stuff)

shalom koreem lo orat ani kora tel aviv (i think..)

which means 'hello I am kora from tel aviv'
my hebrew is very bad but it was the first language I spoke even though I stopped speaking it at 12 it sticks to this day..

(not sure about the name I need vowels to be sure which as you learn to speak/read hebrew you drop and vowels are only present in the bible and prayer books)

its probably a real user *goes back to lurking in the shadows*
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2014/10/21 22:38:46
Stop the spam! Dreeko wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
You probably want to get rid of iritberger as well looking at the chat list.

That Urbanlamb character seems well dodgy too

mm spam!

I feel old sometimes ^^
2014/10/10 16:53:51
Digimania News PCollimonster wrote:
Hi Muvizu users

It's Paul Collimore here from Digimania HQ. I have corresponded with several of you via email regarding the future developments of Muvizu and would like to take this opportunity to share with all users some more information about the projects Digimania has been working on.


I will keep you updated and expect to be in a position to provide you with more information on a monthly basis.

Thank you for your continued support.

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I dont care what you call it but i have been on the renderdigiwhatsits list and fully intend to try this new product. I just hope you have a price for small one man band operations otherwise my money goes to iclone 6 and daz again this year :/

I had resolved myself to using iclone 6 only in the future as the lighting etc will be improved. I just hope the renderdigiwhatsits price tag can compete with it because i want the renderdigiwhatsits with that clean adult interface
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2014/10/10 16:08:13
Features 2014 no one ever believes me!
go download it and have fun me i will be in a few weeks when life is quieter

They did exactly what I wanted them to do and make me "muviclone"
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