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2014/9/28 23:28:26
Coming Soon... Looking good to get the voices all the same combine the tracks and then use software to normalize them but it has to be one track. Was gonna comment on youtube but since you speak of the voices that is how you do the voice editing unless you want something to purposely be louder you leave that one out
2014/9/27 22:50:34
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Yeah you would have to make animations outside of muvizu and port them in muvizu characters dont work on the IK principle. So all that pupeteering we see in iclone can't happen. I dont know if they can make IK characters or if that tech is not a part of muvizu. However you have to consider they have a second product now and they both do 3D so creating two products that are in direct competition with each other probably isn't going to be something they do.

Since rederdigiwatsits allows for importing of fbx animations I dont know if they would add such a thing to muvizu (not without a price tag anyhow) because it would compete with its other newer product. Renderdigiwatsits which is essentially from what I have looked at and seen "muvizu pro".
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2014/9/27 15:11:33
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Inverse Kinematics

iclone has it

muvizu does not

It makes a huge huge difference. Now if you look at the new renderdigiwatsit (this is why i call it because i can never get the name right) they have set themselves up to allow it. If people want this ability i would suggest they download the renderdigitwatsit or .. there is always iclone
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2014/9/18 16:57:13
New Forum

Everyone knows that they are not a massive corporation. Let's put it this way knowing that they are alive as evidenced from mysto's reasonably speedy response when he contacted them and the fact that their turnaround time on ticket support is also pretty fast. Also knowing that our userbase is composed of like 1% forum users and 99% silent software users or something along that lines what is more important?

I have never believed in decentralizing user forums as it really doesn't work but they forums are here for people to use if they just post to them. As long as muvizu keeps its software running I think people have to accept that they just dont have the time or manpower to dedicate to a heavy social presence.

Also consider that the success or failure of the render engine (or any other project they undertake) will directly impact how successful muvizu is. I think people need to consider applauding their other efforts and not getting angry at them and upset at them for branching out to try to carve out their presence in this highly competitive area. I fully intend in the winter months to download their new product i will have time and give it a whirl. Perhaps others might consider doing the same you never know you might like it Big Grin

If your going to take part in the 3d industry in any way shape or form and want to improve and whatnot basically you have to set yourself to realize that its a constant learning process and you will need to keep up and be flexible. If you are not you wont succeed or progress and you get left behind. (steps off soapbox)
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2014/9/17 15:26:38
New Forum I think they have met their financial obligations they supply a product that does a job. There is no law or rules that say a software creator has to continue working on their software after its shipped. They refund money to people who can't get it to work which is all anyone can expect from any company. Future renditions of muvizu play + could possibly be sold as extra addons as other companies do when they improve their product. It works with windows 7 and there is no promise anywhere guaranteeing it to work with future editions of windows.

I can understand how people can be upset but from an objective point of view they in fact provide fairly speedy support and have fixed any bugs they can. The rest of the issues are due to the way muvizu works from what I can tell and more a software limitation then a bug. There is no obligation for them to do things like maintain galleries and forums and reality is forum users are usually a very tiny percentage of actual software users (yes its always nice to have a community but its not like a mandatory thing).

The software you have purchased now will continue to work even if muvizu doesn't exist although if you want to use it 5 years from now or more you will have to keep a copy of windows 7 for it to work on as windows 8 is not backwards compatible and it will get worse as time marches on.
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2014/9/12 5:27:12
New Forum lol dreeko
but yeah I agree with dreeko.... the only thing would be more control over moderation, but to be honest there is not enough of a demand to even worry about that. I would suggest utilizing communities that already exist instead of making yet another forum. There are communities out there already and they to are filled with tumbleweed so honestly I dont think it will help to add yet another.

I am simply not posting much as a conscious decision to avoid getting tangled up in internet drama moving the forum wont make me post anymore.
2014/8/31 18:10:24
Muvizu Versions they fixed a few bugs i cant rightly remember which ones but i had some horrible problems. They had an internal bug fix going on for awhile so they gave me a copy of the bug fix... was crashes and loosing data big time for me so they fixed that . I submitted a support ticket because it was pretty bad and i got a link to the update they were working on.

I dont know if they fixed anything else but i do know that they were sorting out some windows crashes and some wierd crashes due to loosing information on models (was fbx related too i think.) Their update did fix that and i know they were going to release it no long after to everyone, I dont think it had anything to do with the movement thing it was a show stopped type bug

they should release patch notes with their updates
2014/8/13 23:42:46
what are those twitter feeds erm um.. let me retweet something..
2014/8/13 20:08:41
Where to find appropriate models size for import I dont know how good this video is i looked at the first few seconds it seemed it might give info however... I dont know if muvizu changed the default udk units to something else i think they have, but since I use characters and simply import and test and then scale afterwards I dont worry too much. However there is a way to try to set blender up for scale better. I dont really find it anything to worry about because sets are not build "to scale" they are built for the camera and scale has very little to do with it beyond basic logic.

foreground, midground, background are set building rules scale stuff down in the rear to fake distance and larger in the foreground etc..
2014/8/9 0:18:42
Coming Soon... looks nice mr hamster

I like the lion as well he is kinda cute and 'muvizu' like

If your in a bind for music try partners in rhyme they have a sister site where they sell one track at a time http://www.musicloops.com/. I use another site primeloops but they are "loops" true loops for use in projects so you might not be able to find anything there. There are a ton of sites out there but my fall back is parnters in rhyme and most composers sell on their site anyhow lol.
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2014/8/2 16:45:57
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set okay glad you got it yeah sounded like something was blocking it. I dont go to a lot of websites to be honest i am pretty careful. My stuff is virus free if its not feel free to yell at me lol. I will apologize profusely.
2014/8/2 1:33:00
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I will put it on dropbox but its probably the size and bandwidth I have that download limit to prevent kiddies blowing my bandwidth I will upload it to dropbox tonight and post the link here. If your getting connection lost your timing out somehow so I am unsure if moving it to dropbox will help but I will give it a shot if that does not work I am out of ideas. Sounds like your isp is throttling you back.

here is the dropbox link just right click here and select save link as

hope that helps if its still giving you trouble you might want to check your isp and make sure your not running any software that blocks stuff (firewalls, antivirus etc )
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2014/8/1 0:45:05
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set okay i just downloaded it and its 242 mb so you only have half (one horse town?) so your isp is messing with you. I am in Canada even though the server is in the US I dont care they are good to me and its central in north america. Anyhow it downloaded very quickly and unzipped fine so its something not letting you complete your download.

these are "mega sets" its my way of filing things away I build these huge sets and then use bits and pieces as needed in this way if i need an overhead shot or something I have the master copy for that.
2014/7/31 23:28:32
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set do you have a copy of winzip? you might need that to unzip it. I dont remember if i made them *.rar or *.zip but i did use winzip to make them smaller (its a free download) dunno that is all i can think of is that i am pretty sure i used winzip or winrar software instead of the native windows zip but it should not make a difference.

my winzip is ancient try these http://www.oldversion.com/windows/winzip/
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2014/7/31 22:38:36
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set My server is in the central US if that helps so if your in the UK its probably gonna give you some issues. Last time I checked the files they all looked fine so its probably a bandwidth issue. (On both ends they keep trying to get me to move to a better server type lol but i am a cheap so and so and keep saying 'next year' and i just renewed my fees for the year and decided to not move to a better server again..)

One day they will be tired of putting up with me and demand I move I guess but so far its been 5 years on that server maybe I can squeeze another year or two before they complain and threaten to boot me unless i move to a dedicated package..
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2014/7/31 22:18:56
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I know it works but the backbone is well its a tiny virtual server you might need a download manager as I have not checked how much bandwidth I get lately. I just got an email from my host about cloud storage so I might have to stop long enough to do some work on the site anyhow let me know if it wont download and unzip I can try to upload it to dropbox for you temporarily . It should be a zip file 110 mb sounds about right its possible i mis-typed it or something.
2014/7/30 1:59:17
the man who lived twice fazz68 wrote:
thanks muvizu dudes, can i have one of those tester thingys too so i look like the rest of the moguls. i feel naked without one Big Grin @ urbanlamb cheers mate

yeah give him a tester label so he matches. I think he asked once but possibly they were not looking for testers at the time

congo rats! Big Grin
2014/7/29 23:03:03
the man who lived twice haha was wondering when this would happen its something that most of us have suggested over time. Myself included. I was wondering if muvizu no longer did moguls or something. Nevermind welcome fazz to the mogul lineup
2014/7/15 3:11:25
Shiny new xbox 360 controller Its my fault again this controller but glad you read the sentance i added at the very end about "you know you can use it for more then games"

I keep corrupting fazz with all my suggestions and ideas and "hey did you try this" and so he buys things .. so at least this purchase had multiple potential uses Big Grin
2014/7/4 22:01:37
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? hi wabby blender 2.71 works as well as the previous.

when i make collision in blender i just make a small cube so its like the ziggymesh unless there is some practical reason to do otherwise (eg i made floors just flat floors for use with something and it seemed fitting to add collision in this case)

the fbx works fine if you dont add maps if you add maps then you have to do some fiddling. The pivot point issue is something that I see when i use other software and get it into muvizu and its only with the fbx. Theoretically it should work like unreal engines method for setting it but for some reason it doesnt work all the time.

Anyhow i am burnt out creatively now which is why i am so slow to put up any info or make any videos (its also summer and i live in canada and our winters are long and so i am outdoors if i am not working or sleeping in summers) anyhow I will make a video regardless perhaps it will help you figure it out. I can get the map layers to work if i use an autodesk converter after i export it from blender using the binary version which they just added recently. They have not touched the ascii version so it still works as before. (only lets you export diffuse texures)
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