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2014/6/21 13:49:51
anyone here use cinema 4d Cinema 4d is not very popular its really for movie making itself so people working with real time engines dont use it. You can check the wiki for generic hints if you like but really its not a widely used program for asset creation. http://muvizu.com/Wiki
2014/6/21 1:04:44
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? its a bit buggy and it likes just cubes for collision it hates more then one or it did last time I tried for that. Also in the wiki is how to make things shiny etc etc fazz wanted the info and since its something that everyone would want i plopped it in the wiki

as usual I created a highly technical and complex title for the info :/


for more complex collision with ASE format if you used cubes that had a slight gap between them then it worked well plus you have to name the meshes appropriately

so if the object is "house" you need to label the meshes UCX_house1, UCX_house2 etc theoretically if it was in unreal engine you could make one continuous collsion mesh as long as you obeyed the rules but it seems not to work well in muvizu. What was working was cubes (or rectangles whatever it was it was a box that I proportioned properly) i did not join them up or anything i just used a bunch of cubes with slight space between them although the only reason i needed it was for something like a flight of stairs. I actually just often use a single small cube and make most of my stuff 'almost no collission'

with the fbx what I found is that the collision was only calculated properly if you put the origin for the mesh at the center of mass and the collision cube at this spot as well with its origin at the collision cubes center of mass. Since I was never interested in making accurate collision unless it was for stairs this was good enough for me but that is what I did find out that worked consistently with the new muvizu play+ and fbx

However if you find the ASE exporter (there is one that works well with blender by the way) you can make accurate collision as with the 'house' example out of bunches of cubes. Dont join them into a single mesh though they must remain loose

here is the tail end of a video for ASE and in the description below is links to the ase exporter that was working (last I checked) I dont know if its up to date for the most recent version of blender since fbx format is more universal I just was using only that

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2014/6/21 1:01:44
A little Star Wars Parody rofl i must learn to speak whatever it is wookies speak. Nice stuff i expected a fighter to fly by near the beginning
2014/6/20 22:03:46
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
that would be his vocalization trumpet

well thanks for clearing that up okay then it be a "vocalization trumpet" Big Grin
2014/6/20 2:06:57
Coming Soon... lol maybe its lack of sleep but i feel compelled to ask you why that guy by the door tried to swallow a lamp Big Grin

anyhow looks nice fazz I like your little bed there
2014/6/17 22:15:26
weirdness ah cool yeah i dont fart with codecs in muvizu i use the uncompressed or targa but targa has no sound so if there was some sound you wanted to preserve it would be harder still so i didnt suggest it.

anyhow just make your videos strategically and use the little clips method to me this is easiest to work with any encoding can be a problem and there is not hard set rule to it .. and sometimes just a different pc will yield different results.

Glad you got it to work
2014/6/17 0:00:47
weirdness Yeah this is codecs I dont use xvid because well the quality is poor you could try uncompressed but the files are very large but it will give you max quality and then edit in an editor. Files need to be less then 2.0 gig for the pc to read so you will need to make small clips and piece them together.
2014/6/12 16:28:51
Rifle???? hi there

if your using regular muvizu you will need to do a stop motion put the rifle in the scene and take a shot of him shooting and then some other shots with the rifle down

if you want him to hold the rifle and move with it the only way to do that is use play + and import it in as an attachment.
2014/6/9 20:11:14
New mod! welcome muvizu_chap glad to see someone hanging around Big Grin
2014/6/5 1:21:34
I'm having a nightmare! do you have snap to grid turned on? errm i can't remember what menu that is in but turn it off and you should be able to adjust it easily enough.
2014/6/4 15:20:30
Plan B...err... I mean C... renderman is a plugin for a pipeline its been around for awhile it requires an entire server farm to run as its a cpu render. Its not new they just lowered their prices. It plugs into programs like maya or 3dsmax. Its not a real time engine or anything its an old fashion cpu renderer not usable for home use unless your a millionaire
2014/6/3 19:56:43
Cant render a video uncheck the box to pay to remove the watermark and just render it as you like if you leave the watermark in place you can use the software for free
2014/6/3 19:43:45
bunch of questions ... you would need to use play + to access the attachments option do you have play +?
2014/6/1 16:35:30
Can the world size be enlarged? yes unsure about this add message? thing lol just hit reply on the forum and you should be able to reply

as for the world second life is a totally different beast. This is software specifically geared towards making little movies or videos. Dont build to scale that is not what the thing was intended for scale an a few avatars down and move them around the set but you build for the camera views etc so the concept is different you create an effect of distance by changing sizes of objects near the edges of the dome down to small and angle streets inwards and create bends and illusions of things. Its not a world building platform its a movie making platform so totally different beast. I just enjoy stuffing things in sets so i know it can be done lol but when I actually make a video I use the set like a master copy and I will save it and then use it in bits for the video and rearrange bits as I work through scenes its just that since i am there I might as well stuff it all into one file but even then you will notice in some of my sets I create a "far away" affects by making trees and things very small in comparison to what is at the center of the set.

anyhow no this does not work like second life that is a virtual world building tool this one is not
2014/5/31 6:38:10
Can the world size be enlarged? If you build to scale you can make some massive sets the dome size is pretty large and to be honest they way muvizu stores info and stuff (all graphics card) your going to run out of power before you fully build the set. You can try to load one of my larger mega sets they are on my website the smaller ones are on the muvizu site. Basically if you need something larger you will need to create some logical breaks to it and put the second half into another set it is possible. I created a set using two .. um domes or set files whatever one with a city center openining up into a suburb. I never did upload the suburb portion to my website but it is possible to do it if you sort it out logically. You have to be very polygon and texture conscious though or you will run into issues. I like to build full environments and find it fun but a dome well you can put an entire city in there if your careful about it. You will need a very good pc though as huge a graphics card you can get your hands on with lots of memory 2+ gig and as fast a processor on the card as possible.
2014/5/27 22:03:05
lip sync .... It should not be that bad if you put all the dialogue together into one audio file using audacity like we said above and then using the same audiofile for each it should work the other method is hit and miss I have found and have never successfully used it myself despite all the instructions it just doesn't work for some people. The method muvizu was created for was for you to put all the dialogue in one file and use the shush and talk and all use the same clip. The crashing I have no clue lol maybe you need to patch your muvizu however the lyp synch should work if you use the classic method outlined in the tutorials here.

2014/5/24 15:35:25
lip sync .... not sure i would just edit all the voices together and use shush talk I when I want each character to talk and not talk. Make sure to assign the clip to the character in the prepare menu and then run the clip for each character and tell him when to shush talk. It should work. Its looking to me one of the clips is not actually assigned to a character And that you have some on shush and have not told them when to talk and some on talk and have not told them when to shush
2014/5/22 18:10:44
Just One Piece Competition congrats use your new software in good health !
2014/5/21 18:23:45
Some more trees haha glad you enjoy the trees. They were one shape that wasn't in there yet for some reason trees seem to be hard to make for some people. There is not really much to them though.
2014/5/20 22:45:11
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP well the debate started myself I have spoken with several over time on what i am up to and you will have noticed a lack of activity with muvizu. I did try but as I said I had to can my superman series due to the fact that the next episode was not doable in muvizu. Every approach I tried turned out to be insanely tacky. I had a choice to move the entire project to iclone or put it on hold to see what muvizu does in the future. I chose the latter.

I now have two projects i am working on in iclone but there will be no visible movement for a long time one is bordering on insane the other one is not so insane :/

plus I have a third that i am writing the screenplay for but its slow because i keep getting blocks and have to sit and wait till my mind comes up with a solution and 'unblocks'. (this is an age thing if i were 20 it would have been done 5 times over by now lol)

I know likely what muvizu's original intent was unfortunately the market is too wide and varied for that and so they moved onto plan B which I think is doable. We shall see meanwhile one day I may get round to putting things up for sale on iclone or something i dunno since they are so open ended I feel less inclined to share anything and keep it all "custom" i posted a photo once of a half rigged character once on this forum there are others now.
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