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2016/10/19 15:36:45
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) Ziggy had similar reactions when he first opened it and I emailed him a bunch of screenshots and explained the rooms to sort of guide him to figure out where to start, but you will need to go through their tutorials to show what buttons do what. It will sink in.

Your basically going to need to go from room to room and learn each room starting with the sculpting room which is the entire purpose of 3dcoat is to make "stuff". The basic order ignoring all the other things you can do on the side (like painting stuff made in another software etc) is scuplting, retopo, UVmap/bake, painting. This is where knowing the theory behind it helps..because no matter the software the basic process is the same its just the interface that changes. If you know how to do all this crud already then for me it took about a week and i was making my first character.

The reality is that no matter what software your starting with it makes no sense if you open it up its just that we tend to forget the moments of initially openening up stuff and not knowing what buttons does what.

I remember saying stuff to people when I was younger and more sarcastic that osmosis diffusion doesn't work that there is going to be a need to open a book or manual or watch an instructional video or twenty.

My grandmother used to tear pages out of a prayer book when i was a kid and put it under my pillow to learn. I never learned it LOL. (she was an interesting person very old country and extremely superstitious).

Anyhow eventually your going to need to learn some theory there is no way you can learn otherwise. Once you learn the theory picking up another software package is a breeze. As someone who is you know "old" well "older" learning is a good thing .. never stop learning unless you want to go senile Big Grin

excercise those brain cells to keep them all resilient I guess its like eating liver or brussel sprouts .. "its good for you" (i like brussel sprouts though but i know a lot of people dont lol)
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2016/10/11 15:38:12
HOW TO MAKE A LOW POLY TREE I thougth i had given this info before but its just the leaves are on planes and unwrapping the tree is you create seams at the branch joints and then another seam usually under the branch so it unwraps flat. Most of this I have posted before somewhere here. I can make a video tutorial on making trees I suppose. Its just that there are a lot of tutorials on youtube on the exact method I use so if its covered I tend not to make my own video.
2016/10/10 23:52:10
HOW TO MAKE A LOW POLY TREE this is basically how i make my trees they are very simple to make its just one of those things that people have trouble getting their head around

I make the leaves and then import the texture and then create a plane with as few poly's as possible that would accept the texture without distortion if i unwrapped it out flat.

I didnt notice if they show how to unwrap the trunk but you can if you like put the leaves and trunk on one texture although I get lazy and use two a lot LOL. But you just unwrap and place on the texture as you go.

the leaves make a few sizes of planes and then once the texture is applied just you know duplicate the planes holding the leaves and arrange it on the tree in a pleasing manner.

I stopped looking at the tutorial after I saw him arranging the planes on the texture he made. A good source of leaf textures is your house plants. LOL most of my trees are really just using houseplant leaves that I may have altered a bit.

I might as well post this up here as it kind of goes with it.. once upon a time i used to make textures including seamless textures for things like that guy is doing using photoshop (or something like it) but manually making seamless textures sucks.. and times have changed so a few years ago now I switched to this thing

I dont know if i showed this to ziggy or not but if you use 3dcoat this is great for making smart textures/materials of all kind


I now use all these guys products but the first thing I got from them was bitmap2material. Substance painter is nice too and substance designer is very useful but its also not very user friendly (the substance designer that is.. the substance painter is easy to use like 3dcoat for painting)

Anyhow if you like automated processes you can make all your masks and easily make seamless textures with a few clicks of a button and using some sliders.
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2016/9/25 14:24:37
Muvizu on Steam You can do this with any game however that does not mean the game is for sale or available on steam which is the entire purpose of having it on steam.

I personally only use steam if I cant get whatever it is any other way. You also can't rate muvizu if you did not purchase it on steam you can only rate copies you actually purchased through steam and at the moment you can't purchase it on steam.
2016/9/25 13:59:36
Muvizu on Steam ukBerty wrote:

not yet nope as of this posting its not greenlit yet so you can't actually use it on steam only vote for it to be on steam.
2016/9/24 17:52:16
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? .....so if this was on youtube and the hero program was in force and he said it in a video....

because he is speaking UK english and not american english and the word has a different meaning and was kind of stolen for misuse by one country he would probably have his video removed. Even though he actually said nothing wrong but offended someone who did not know the true meaning and original meanings of the word faggot/faggotry (stupid/stupidity).

I think this thread is a fine example of why a system like this is insanely wrong.

anyhow moving on.. *crawls back into shadows*

2016/9/24 14:47:32
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? yeah unfortunately ziggy your guilty of not speaking american. I understood what you said. Anyhow the reality is youtube is an american company adopting the same general viewing audience rules of network television which bleeps out everything among other things. Now they want to hold all youtubers to the same cultural standards..

If your starting to feel assimilated I dont blame you LOL. Lets just say that UK sarcasm doesn't go over well cause your not speaking american.
2016/9/23 20:33:20
Muvizu on Steam yeah i would imagine they need you to have one purchase or something you could say try to download a free-to-play game I think they have apb reloaded for instance is one I can think of on steam there are others but I dont play many steam games.
probably then you can vote. .. maybe download the steam version of blender or something
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2016/9/23 19:58:05
Muvizu on Steam did you download the steam installer and validate your account?
2016/9/23 19:07:16
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? fazz68 wrote:
i thought faggotry was a tree that produces faggots.... those nasty offal meat products ya mum made you eat as a kid...

I thought it was a cigarette too?

"give me a fag" one of those words with lots of meanings

oops reads next post.. been covered oh well I will leave my original reply up as well.

ziggy72 wrote:
Never eaten a faggot (snigger) but I imagine they taste... er, not nice Still, after that, you could have a fag... ! That means 'lighting a cigarette' in Britain, SJWs, so calm down.

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2016/9/22 18:51:54
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? yeah that is a pretty hilarious system LOL.
2016/9/20 22:36:56
muvizu pro............. I am fairly certain that if they did release renderdigiwhatsit for a sane price under the muvizu brand name it would sell. I can't say at this point that I would purchase it as i have spent a fair amount on a newer product that does what I want it to do, but for those around who have not spent their money on something else it would be a good thing.
2016/9/20 18:30:54
muvizu pro............. fazz68 wrote:
link from a tweet below.


not the muvizu pro we are looking for though me thinks....

we want your renderdigimania thingamebob to play with....
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your an 'amateur' why would one want to use a 'pro' product /end sarcasm

LOL sorry can't resist. Alas I have taken my amateur wallet and given the money to someone else at this point. I waited and nothing happened so I got tired of waiting and well wanted to make some videos and do some things that were bouncing around in me head screaming to get out like a dancing banana and a guy with bad teeth making money off a giant hole he blew in the ground so.. i did :/
2016/9/4 15:02:29
The Motherland Calls she's very good

For the retopology though seeing the entire thing your going to have to go to manual or you will make yourself crazy LOL. Once you get good at it its not too difficult and its fairly fast and some of us wierd people even enjoy manual retopology. Its kind of like knitting I guess.
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2016/9/3 14:59:52
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers ukBerty wrote:
. This must mean something.

The system to get things into source are mind boggling the file system is very bad basically its just a game (that game) they glued a filming sort of looking thing on like you would get in any film editor package and a way of recording things (which was already part of the unreal engine).

so yeah *cough* there is something geared towards movie makers that is easy to work with ... and then unreal 4 has released its own film package for making movies/videos so there is no need for source any longer.
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2016/7/19 1:48:30
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem lol i must have missed something ... *confused* Whaaaaa?

anyhow uh back to my video and characters and crud.
2016/7/19 1:20:55
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem bigwally wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I have literally thrown out pc's that were capable of running muvizu... so that being said I think he can get a servicable nvidia 560 or 660 for 0.00 and see if it runs it

I wish that was true.

Oh well i have thrown out two pcs like less then a month ago both were using muvizu one had a 560 and the other a 660 and those are the cards I ran muvizu with. Even the play+. I only recently replaced my pc and didnt install muvizu on it. I moved my muvizu to the pc with the 660 and found it worked fine. The purple seuss thing was done on the pc with the 660. Everything else was using a 560. So I dont know why it suddenly wouldn't work unless there is something wrong with muvizu in which case throwing money at a card wont solve the problem.
2016/7/19 0:05:32
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem lol you guys

what i was trying to say is basically he probably can get a graphics card for free that will run muvizu if he is trying to get past that error. Although the cpu is also pretty weak it could be the entire system. I personally would not sink money into that system although I guess if the card didnt help you can move it over, but the idea is to not throw money at it if its the cpu as well.

I have literally thrown out pc's that were capable of running muvizu... so that being said I think he can get a servicable nvidia 560 or 660 for 0.00 and see if it runs it

unless of course one is just wanting to build an entire new pc in which case more power is a good rule to live by Big Grin
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2016/7/18 20:59:07
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem I presently am using a 980ti and have a hexcore i7 with 12 logical cpu's and 32 gigs of ram and its water cooled and has 3 internal 2 terrabyte hard drive so of course anything above the recommended specs will run it better. However that is a bleeding edge computer and muvizu does not require a bleeding edge to run it.

It ran extremely well on my old system which was using a first generation i7, 12 gigs of ram and a 660ti .

I would not tell someone to use this software on a beast system as a starting point though.
2016/7/18 20:45:55
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem you dont need an nvidia 750ti i have never run muvizu on a card like that I used a 560 and a 660ti with no issues.

I would suggest looking at the "recommended" specs because those cards although nice are exceeding the recommended specs. The muvizu recommended specs are 460 and above. I would say the cpu is the issue here more then anything.

I would avoid the minimum specs that means it will barely run, but no you dont need those cards to run it it ran quite well for me with a 560 I just wanted to build bone crushing sets and use 20 characters at once so i then upgraded to a 660ti.

OSWindows 7 - 64bit

ProcessorQuad Core Intel i5/i7 or AMD Athlon II X4

Memory8 GB RAM

GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 5850 (Hardware Shader Model 3.0 compatible with 1GB of RAM)


Hard Drive2 GB free space

SoundDirectX Compatible (Recommended Surround Sound 5.1 capable)

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