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2014/4/17 22:21:49
Almost human lol that is such a cheesy series it warants the treatment :P

fun as usual fazz!
2014/4/17 17:06:06
Keep Getting shot down. Carole wrote:

We deleted the videos from this thread for the same reasons we deleted the originals - your 'clean version' was linked to the original version in what we viewed as an attempt to bypass our decision.
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you left me talking to myself
2014/4/17 17:03:11
Keep Getting shot down. Dreeko wrote:
... So nazi porn is out then? (mental note to self)

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okay that made me laugh today thanks for that!
2014/4/17 7:01:47
Keep Getting shot down. I watch them in evenings i was just answering your post lol
2014/4/16 22:44:39
Keep Getting shot down. I didnt watch it but they do reserve the right to reject anything if there is any adult or inappropriate stuff in it its highly likely it will get rejected. Anyhow I would talk to them and you probably want to remove the contents of any private pm's its a no no to post the private dealings in public places

They are starting to be more careful these days.

If its not kid friendly your run a risk of being told you can't post it here.

I run into few issues all my stuff is kid friendly and its usually something else causing it to be blocked like last block was the network I was in trying to do me a favour and syndicate my stuff without telling me so i had to send them a little note and flip a bunch of switches .. and tell them "dont touch please without telling me"
2014/4/16 20:35:53
Time for Unreal engine 4 for Muvizu? yeah unreal 4 is um epic they are learning that you know us "little people" like things too so more and more things are being made "user friendly" for the artist types I was looking at those videos awhile back some interesting new bits. The studio bit for unreal 3 is pretty nice too you just need to download and install and play with it.. its not as user friendly shiny though

*cough* you can use this for non commercial right out of the box as with unreal 3 if your curious
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2014/4/16 19:13:20
Keep Getting shot down. did they actually reject it or did it just not pop up in their cms ? youtube is interesting anyhow if your asking this is the gallery for mostly us the peanut gallery if you want a clear answer quickly use their support ticket system they can tell you why.


Lots of bugs and reasons for it. Make sure its not syndicated in your youtube settings as well before you ask them its possible its somehow syndicated by accident youtube seems to arbitrarily turn things on and off so make sure syndication is turned off and you have it set to be accepted by all website types etc.
2014/4/14 22:03:15
Coming Soon... haha nice photos yes crowds are hard to make them no all look like clones
2014/4/11 17:46:41
Transparent AVI? yes you can do this you have to change a setting inside your config file.

2014/4/11 6:30:41
Asset Creation ukBerty wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I dont want to burst to many bubbles but that error was there when they launched fbx so its been there for awhile.

Oh Urban, let us dream......

haha no problem they are working on a pro version so that might be from that just the backbone is basic muvizu architecture although it needs to share its render between cpu and gpu in the pro version i think or it will throw a hissy fit
2014/4/10 19:51:22
Just One Piece Competition I read this yesterday but I had a migraine and alas it made no sense to me so I made not to return and reread that blog today when my neurons would fire in some sort of semi-organized fashion.

First I must think. If I have an epiphony I will do something with it.
2014/4/10 19:30:36
Asset Creation MrDrWho13 wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sounds like a pretty good concept.

Now they need to give us the ability to import characters/actions

well with error messages like these id say its not to far away lol

LOL, Easter egg!
That must have been left in from whenever the last update was.
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I dont want to burst to many bubbles but that error was there when they launched fbx so its been there for awhile. When they opened up fbx import and play + I poked around and tried to cause errors to see what was 'not there yet' one thing i did was import a simple skeleton (at the time it allowed the import, but that ability soon got turned off) then I started getting errors about not having that version and needing to choose things in such and such a menu lol so things are there just you know not connected yet but these errors have been there since launch of play +
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2014/4/10 19:25:47
Asset Creation Dreeko wrote:
Any more movement on the plans for a replacement to the assets page which suffered a premature death a while ago?

I saw this today..

Player Studio user earns more than $100,000 creating in-game items http://www.polygon.com/2014/4/10/5600354/player-studio-user-earns-more-than-100000-creating-in-game-items

Seems like supporting user created content for your products can be quite lucrative...


yeah shsh :P
2014/4/9 0:57:57
Question About Music Rights yeah you have to research each case individually and be very very sure. Really in the end though if your just using it to make a video and not worried about someone slapping ads on it then just ignore the content id matches. I am fussy though if its a fraudulent match it makes me cranky I dont mind actual legitimate matches but I get cranky if i am continually dinged with fraudulent matches and tend just to pull the video down.
2014/4/8 18:52:41
Red Road Flats I guess the buildings are old and need to go but I think its tacky to blow em up for some games lol. In Ottawa areas that I was in when I was a kid are gone and sometimes the infrastructure has changed to much that the street doesn't exist anymore, but I dont think blowing em up for entertainment is the way to go ...
2014/4/7 21:00:26
Question About Music Rights If your using it from a vinyl recording I can tell you right now a record company has in fact extended the rights to it and he is in the right and clear. If I can find a tie to a record company yes they have gone to the library of congress and extended the copyright to 99 years.

The TV series and the recording in that series is in fact public domain yes. Your going to have an uphill battle that is not worth your time because the youtube bot system can't tell the difference. Put the video on some other hosting service and save yourself some anguish and frustration.

the general rule of thumb for music in the public domain is yes they have released it to the public domain but your going to have companies come after you if you try to gain financially from it because somewhere there is a recording on vinyl so its okay to use the music free and clear and have no worries its public domain so long as you do not try to benefit from it and make money off it then yes capitol records (the main one that holds 99.99999% of vinyl rights and has relicensed) will come after you for it.

I dont know if that makes any sense but you have to spend a lot of time navigating capitol records and reading all that stuff that goes with it I have a lot of public domain recordings that capitol picked up rights for and extended for VINYL stuff.

The youtube content ID system does not really have a whole lot to do with copyright lol it has to do with making money lol. All these matches people are upset about are some 3rd party entity claiming it. Regardless of where your particular recording is from. :/

Anyhow personally I would not place that on youtube your going to have multiple claims from multiple entities all the times. Its not worth the trouble or time to be bothered with it. But then again I am not giving you advice I only have spent a very very long time figuring out the youtube content id bot system because this sort of stuff interests me. So yes they are picking up the recording and wanting to make money off it even though its not their recording or the ones they have preserved but another recording. Its up to you what you want to do with it, but no they do not own the copyright

here this sort of explains it but public domain usually means "creative commons non commercial"

so your recording is in fact public domain but dont try to make money off it because someone will come after you with guns a blazing!

here is info its accurate from what I can tell on how certain recordings are in public domain

again there are tons of companies that claim copyright to stuff that is in public domain. They are bigger then you are you can fight with them if you so wish to, but its not worth it to be bothered.
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2014/4/7 18:13:59
Question About Music Rights errm music isnt always 99 years it depends on the music and if the copyright holder filed for it. If the film is marked "public domain" then it really is public domain. You will have trouble on youtube because eleventy seven small potatoes music companies will have purchased said music and fed it through the content ID system in order to make money off it, but that doesnt mean the music is still being held as copyright.

You can dispute it and often the dispute is dropped unless Sony gets their hands in the pile (which they will sorry sony but when it comes to music you sucks..) in which case they automatically reject all claims and you must challenge them to prove they hold the copyright (which if its public domain they dont) and then they will actually watch the video and drop the match,

but .. it will get matched again right away so its kind of a loosing battle.

You will be working 24/7 hold back the youtube bots.. so if you want to do something like that post it on another host. My personal favourite is dailymotion.

So this 99 year thing only applies to people who have actively gone out and copyrighted the music again which is rare and its usually a surviving relative that does this and often they dont do it.. However if its clearly marked public domain eg: a truly public domain video (and yes there are lots of them especially foreign films) everything in it is public domain otherwise it would not hold the public domain sticker. Do your research thoroughly though and check with the governing bodies that hold such info dont just check a wiki or something. I use a couple of accredited content providers (even if i dont use their stuff) however they do the research and have all the bits of paper to prove something is public domain or not and so if they say its public domain it really is. One of them if fesfilms. He has a commercial division and the owner and proprietor is a nice guy I have spoken to him several times and even purchased a couple of hard to find things just for watching. I tend to use public domain dialogue a lot and one of the projects on my back burners is a remake of a public domain film using some of the sound and whatnot from the film. To try to make it as campy and cheesy as possible (I love cheesy campy tacky B stuff) .
2014/4/6 22:31:41
The Duck Song lol that was cute and the set was very pretty and being a girl I like pretty
2014/4/3 1:56:33
thumbnails this happens to me from time to time i think it looses its registry settings and therefore the pics it generates. I just ignore it and hope it goes away :P
2014/4/2 23:50:01
Facial motion capture lol where did dreeko's post go? or was i hallucinating again?

I keep waiting for reallusion to update their set up with kinetc because it now works differently but still waiting
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