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2013/4/10 21:28:31
Muvizu 23b link Here is a copy of muvizu 64bit 23b build clicky this here linky!
2013/4/10 21:23:30
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:

PS: are those the movement dots in the video?!
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yes they are
2013/4/10 20:38:31
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback okay cough ignoring the fact that I have to mortgage my house to render out a video here is the "what's wrong" with the timeline stuff with a ?? beside it

I would have gladly have signed an nda and tested this on a weekend for you and sent you this information. I am good at keeping my mouth shut despite outwards appearances ask ziggy and a couple of others re: NDA stuff.

okay so here is the problem

your timeline loads everything into it upon start up. What it needs to do is start out empty and we pick and choose from a menu what to add. Not subtract it afterwards. ...At present this timeline is hogging memory even if I uncheck the objects. I have 12 gigs of ram and a 1 gig graphics card and was able to create epics muvizuzu movies last week.

Having said that after spending far too much time last night (all evening actually ) unchecking boxes on a set that I use a lot without paring it down (metropolis set) even after doing that. I could record animations and walks that seemed to work well, but I was fighting with this timeline and all the open menus that kept flipping open even after paring it down to find the stuff I needed. We need to be able to select what we want to see in the timeline this includes the submenues of the characters otherwise it gets horribly gangly. So if i am working on dialogue and head movement I need to see only that in my character not anything else.

Now as for actually getting dialogue to work well. Unfortunately with the massive lag and delay I was experiencing there was no way to sync the voices up (timeline issue again)

It took me about 1 hour last night to realize that I could not use muvizu play but I wanted to persist to see what all was going on.

So in conclusion I have had to uninstall muvizu play and roll back to 23b to finish my current project lets hope I can do this.

(edited to remove some of my typos..)

found another bug.. this render took me like 8 hours of work due to the timeline issues

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2013/4/10 19:24:26
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Also, I worked out that the movie I'm working on is half an hour, and I typically use at least 4 cameras per shot, each shot can't last more than a minute due to the file size issue (which is still there, I checked), and it has to be the highest quality, so to do it without the logo works out as...£1800?! Whaaaaa?

Well, lets hope that you make lots of cash with it when you sell it to Pixar or something! ;-)

Actually DW13, my alarmed looking smiley was in reference to the fact that my movie is not going to happen, not with this method of pricing. Flat rate, one off, or nothing. It's just the way I make movies - I generate a ton of footage and direct it though editing (like real films, funnily enough). The current pricing method is of no consequence to me, unfortunately, as I'm never going to use it. If there's not going to be a 'pro' version, then this movie's not going to happen.


yeah I had something planned as well but as a "director" this present situation (something that I was worried was going to happen) is absolutely not the way I work or can work and never will be. This price structure (although even then its too high.. the reasonable price tag would be half a pound to a pound per minute max (even 1 pound is too high) will work for people who are into making small joke 1 minute/2 minute long videos on a whim for a friend. Anyone else is not going to be using this method its simply not practical. I just gave reallussion more of my money by the way. I had been saving it for muvizu but its a no go and I dont want to wait any longer for this project. My superman videos will remain in muvizu with hopes that something will be changing

*tries to stop whining*
2013/4/10 17:11:38
Watermark: new terms of use mos6507 wrote:

What that means, unfortunately, is that businesses need to have thick skins and tolerate being "called names". .

lol glad I live in Canada then.

Anyhow lets hope they fix this quickly. :/
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2013/4/10 16:20:52
Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:
Sometimes the truth hurts!

Actually I'm pretty sure you can now get iclone4 free and still use it for commercial uses. It's the content packs you have to pay for.

It is pricey and I agree they need to change their thinking on it. I dont agree you have to call people names and generally do the bnet flame thing. If you were to do that in real life you likely would have had someone hang up on you if it was a phone conversation or be ignored or asked to leave.

If you came into my office and said these things I would have you escorted away and the door slammed in your face. There is no need to bare your teeth and start brow beating people and calling them names. In this case they strike me as quite the opposite.

Its clear they might not have done a great deal of market research before launching this price plan. They did ask for input and people were honest who were reasonable about trying to put on a price tag they didnt seem to take the input that seriously though or maybe were in a rush to launch the thing. I dont anticipate they will be making a great many sales with this structure and they will notice that and rethink things. For me its business as usual unfortunately the project i had wanted to move into muvizu that was sitting on the sidelines however will be done in iclone because although it is a commercial project there is no way that prices are cost effective and will turn any sort of profit.

At present muvizu has the highest prices in the industry by miles and unfortunately wont be seen as viable for most things. Lets hope that changes

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2013/4/10 9:02:51
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback just about to go to bed but i have this issue with the characters I had to copy them and redo the scene.

Also with my sets unfortunately with all the objects in a mamoth set loading into the timelines and 20 bazzillion lights in some cases the entire thing grinds to a halt. I did manage to get one set usable but I can't shut muvizu down. I wanted to use rosie in one scene as I am almost done the video however it took me (must be crazy for attempting this) over 8 hours of unclicking lights objects as i did other work and sat and mindlessly clicked to remove them from the timeline. My hard drive chugged so badly at the beginning I thought it would crash but the set is now usable if i dont shut down muvizu. I consider this one a game breaker so will have to roll back to previous muvizu after this clip to complete the video (assuming I can find a copy hehe)

hopefully they hotfix this loading of every single item, character light etc into the timeline. So now I leave my pc on to do the animation in the evening tonight with a huge sign to not shut down muvizu or restart the pc on the monitor
2013/4/10 2:53:27
Poster well your very welcome feel free to post questions there is always someone around who knows the answer unless its some sort of bug or tech issue which requires staff to look at error files or something.

Happy muvizuing! Applause
2013/4/10 2:38:05
Poster There are probably a few other surfaces inside muvizu that will take a photo that you can use but I forget them all some tv's or consoles so there is quite a choice of items for something simple like that
2013/4/10 2:12:02
Poster To make a poster you can use muvizu stuff already inside there is a prison set with a poster you can change the image on ,or you can use the backgrounds and there is a picture with a frame in house items. These all take images that you just load from your desktop jpeg or png files.
2013/4/10 1:26:20
Outside Of My Bar! bars just click assets and type bar into the search engine box it pulled up 4 not sure which one you saw before

2013/4/10 0:18:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback The timeline is a bit hard to work with at the moment I am unchecking all the objects in my set one by one (i can see no other way) it seems to upon loading the set load eveything into the timeline each time even if you uncheck everything and save it that way the next time you load the set you have to sit there and uncheck all the boxes again (time consuming it is)

I am redoing one scene with the handcuffs as I found that animation.

Unfortunately as I said above and as ziggy said. If you make videos as a "small timer" we are not huge enterprises here the price tag for me to produce a 20-30 minute video in canadian dollars is (at the sale price) 300 - 450 pounds sterling which is about 750-1125 canadian dollars and maybe 20 dollars less in USD. At regular price its 1,500 - 2250 canadian dollars this is assuming there are no outtakes and I am able to do camera cuts precisely inside muvizu which is entirely unrealistic. I tend to export several camera cuts per take so i am looking at something like 5k to produce my 20-30 minute videos which might possibly make me a couple hundred bucks total :/

I know muvizu is way cool but these are not realistic prices
This is a tad disaapointing but I suppose for a one time pixar special that is going to be sold at the box office its a great deal :/

re: website i dont know if this is a typo or true (havent tried it yet)
- Max set file size: 25MB
- Max 3D asset size: 25MB
however 25mb for a set file is well way small :/
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2013/4/9 23:52:48
Watermark: new terms of use you publish inside muvizu and it will calculate how much to charge you. If you go into the video publish section you choose from the menu watermark free and size and then it calculates price and you press a button and it takes you to a payment page
2013/4/9 23:09:40
join music and sound? it sounds like you need a video editor programe. There is one with windows that is native to it. You will need to trim the videos to match the sound up. I myself never use anything inside muvizu unless its to lip sync dialogue. Otherwise you will need to inside muvizu match the start and end markers of the clips exactly for each segment if your using the video joiner.
2013/4/9 22:51:06
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback fazz68 wrote:
An unexpected surprise when i got home today, thank you muvizu had a bit of a play with it. looking good so far but just one gripe...... why have you changed the watermark? this new one looks a bit pants Big Grin
edited by fazz68 on 09/04/2013

pants eh?
well actually even though its a bit pants in its defense if your like me and put the footage into a video editor and want to use pan and crop its easier to duplicate now so that its not all over the place

other then that yeah I agree i liked the old one
2013/4/9 22:07:22
Batman.. Where are you? Dreeko wrote:
There's just no predicting how they will perform on youtube it appears. Best just to enjoy making them and see what happens after....

Yes make it because its fun. Since the average youtuber well the bulk is apparently between 13-17 unless you want to deal with tween blogging issues like your latest hot date, justin bieber or the harlem shake its better just to have fun hehe.
2013/4/9 21:14:44
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback just finished quickly playing with it and I wont be redoing my present video but was playing with the new stuff

the little textures for the regular original characters are kinda nice. Rosie is nice she has so many different 'sits' something I had missed on the other characters and liked her moving hair and um small jiggle in the chest area *cough* and the tie on her uniform is also way nice.

I liked the timeline, but when I loaded a set in it had all the objects on the entire set on the timeline so I spent about half an hour unchecking all the boxes as there was no way that I could see to simply clear all object or all characters with a single click. Liking what i see so far with the exception of what happened when I loaded a set I was working with the other night. When I hit filter it has everything on the timeline I dont know if that is because it was an old set or not.

Rosie is way fun for sure!

I downloaded the costumes afterwards I didnt see it install but once I found them I found them fun saves me some texture work!

Not really seeing the price structure as working it set up with the assumption that everyone is going to be making a lot of money or very few videos I guess I found it rather high in price which saddens me so I had another project planed which I had hoped to move into muvizu unfortunately it will be staying with iclone because my pockets are simply not that deep
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2013/4/9 20:24:24
Is it ready yet? ooo it *IS* ready!

just got home downloading now

thanks the gods of readyness and digimania of course perhaps today is also the day I should go buy a lotto ticket!

tonight I play with muvizu play! perhaps reanimate my superman video that I had almost finished ^^
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2013/4/9 14:39:12
Is it ready yet? well i don't know, but...

I got a t-shirt in my mail box today it even had my username on the back

its like this if i finish this video you will release it. If i wait and not finish it you wont release it.

otherwise I dont know either, but i do know that you know that I dont know .. you know?

thanks for the tshirt!

Big Grin
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2013/4/8 20:39:25
How to create own character? Yup only existing characters. Maybe in future they will add this
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