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2013/3/24 18:21:20
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! Hey can someone tell me how to remove the watermark? I figured out about that greyed out button but for the life of me I cant remove the watermark!
2013/3/23 23:27:49
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? yes I was doing graphics when I was 20 and I remember the bits and then I got a hand scanner it was so much awesomness no more little squares that was a long time ago. For me I just like to oogle. I personaly dont know if anyone is truly trying to replace or mimic real life just add to it. the concept of games in rooms and in 3D etc (holodec type stuff) is something that many people work on but I dont consider it replacing anything only adding to it.

For me the fact that we can create such complex things on pc's now as just a hobby its mind boggling considering the first PC I ever touched was a commodore pet which had no real language to run it other then machine language and no software .. and the storage device was a cassette tape lol I remember those tapes and my dad sitting in the basement opening up casettes and combining them and rolling up the spool manually and putting it in a new case haha

I was ... maybe 12 ? 16? I cant remember now.. and the first pc game I played was on a black and white tv set and we had a square that myself and a friend bounced back and forth using two bars .. I think it was called ping pong.. lol

Oh and when I took computer programming in high school I was using punch cards.. and I used to go home with my shoeboxes of punch cards to fill out at home and bring them back to school and wait a week to see where my program crashed and then having to fill in all those cards all over again..

.. I feel.. old..
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2013/3/23 1:32:24
Use unreal maps with Muvizu... This is just a generic answer for modelling in general but your going to likely have to redo all the materials. Save the file as is. Choose a building and delete the rest of it (i would import it building by building muvizu is intended for you to build the sets from the ground up) save that building under a different name. Then You will have to redo materials so that you don't get any errors inside muvizu and associate the uv maps to the new materials so that the textures work. If that is the obj file its already triangulated and I dont know how the exporter works but usually there is an option to not recalculate faces and whatnot which would help keep it from increasing in size.

This is a huge task and often its simply easier and faster just to do it from scratch although the model is already looking okay (assuming its only got one layer of mesh)

I personally would use the file as a visual aid to recreate my own from scratch building by building. Your going to need to learn about collision inside muvizu in order for this to import.
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2013/3/22 18:51:16
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? hehe I dont know about muvizu as I dont know what their future plans are like but iclone is very close. Muvizu would need to intoroduce more pupeteering we can't get into that creepy close part until we are given more control but yeah graphics are moving forward making it more possible
2013/3/22 0:27:16
Use unreal maps with Muvizu... lol that is huge even to start with. Obj files are often not triangulated ase exporters will double the face count of an obj file. Personally I would say you need to optimize that model for use it seems rather large I would assume it has an inside as well? you might want to start deleting things inside. Whatever happens your going to need to reduce the obj face count. I dont know what your using to import if its sketchup maybe someone else can explain. I also wonder if all these parts are joined into one mesh as well. Muvizu requires everything to be on single continuous mesh. From the sound of it this is a unit that has moving parts and other things.

Anyhow so that is where the size change often are and depending on how the textures and materials are being handled. This can add more. Not knowing how its built to start with its hard to know what all the causes of the size are however 60mb for a single item is well massive
2013/3/21 18:40:07
alpha sort bug Hi not really sure where to put this.. its a visual bug.. annoying but only if you do something to create it

anyhow I wasn't going to post this thinking "oh they probably are aware" but changed my mind just in case.

I created some doors all one unit with handles that are solid and a solid door frame and then a large semi transparent glass window part. Anyhow your alphas are not sorting properly

Anyhow just posting in case you were not aware but you probably are but just in case ..

2013/3/21 17:22:06
Use unreal maps with Muvizu... hi there

if you have the obj file you can import via blender as well using the plugin

they just upgraded their udk plugin (i liked the older one) this one seems to crash more anyhow it works


These guy use unreal engine but they are not part of that commercial operation that created unreal tournament which is actually Epic games. All that stuff is copyright by epic games meaning they dont hold a license to use their architecture. Muvizu is muvizu and its owned and created by digimania. To be honest importing into muvizu from other engines is actually pretty easy. Unreal engine is simply that an engine anyone can purchase a copy to it and make their own products from it.

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2013/3/21 6:37:19
Coming Soon... Two grannies and a horse! Onwards to the next set ..

2013/3/19 18:50:41
I need a mirror please! Yes a mirror in 3D is an interesting trick (if you want to try this) it depends I guess on the way your using your mirror

to have a reflection here is "the trick" you create screen in the mirror in this case since this is a "new thing" for you probably the best way is to size down their background to fit. Place it inside the frame of the mirror whatever you choose

Then have your character do its act in front of the mirror and record that video with a camera facing the character from behind that mirror. Then use the background to play the video back and then do the action again (for real) with the cameras where you like them so that the actions in the mirror seem to be reflected from the glass.

You can make the mirror frame from anything as long as you can downsize and set the background piece inside it.

I dont know if fazz's method works I am old and stuck in my ways and this is what I learned years back :/
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2013/3/18 16:59:18
ageing woman? if you open up the timeline there are are triangles you need to drag they are both set at 0.0 so you need to pull one over to the right for the length of video you need when you drag them a pink line will appear. You might also run a few questions when actually publishing the video but I will leave that until you actually run into the problems which are pretty common but some people dont encounter them so maybe you wont
2013/3/18 2:14:23
Coming Soon... This is what I spent the weekend on.. lots of trees wierd ones ,ordinary ones, trees made with tropical plant leaves, shrubs as trees and trees as shrubs. Oh and the town too lol but I went outa my tree this weekend playing with tree ideas.. :/
2013/3/18 1:15:04
Help please - you only live once

As long as the thing was manufactured you know recently and is in a good pc store and you ask the guy in the store "does the graphic cards meet x requirements" your probably safe.
2013/3/17 18:33:06
Muvizu Play Launch! okay I did see a fat lady in there ...she looked like "matilda" in iclone and I thought "ooo look new character"

anyhow I will be holding out for the version where you pay for it lock stock and barrel as they mentioned two versions

It looked good anyhow and hopefully their new version that you can get a full license to is a decent price because that is what I want cause I love to make muvies and more muvies .. and since I am approaching retiring (yes I am that old..) I will be doing stuff like this full time
2013/3/16 23:22:04
google hangout?? They didnt say when its coming "soon" is all that they could say. I would imagine it will be compatible with anything done now. I am still working on my next up and coming "not so blockbuster". They are redoing the website as well I would imagine they are trying to launch this new version and the website all at once.

2013/3/16 21:13:48
google hangout?? nonono your animating days are not over lol

they have always strived to have a free version and this will continue even with the new version. They are just busy upgrading their software like mad and have apparently been working months on coding for hand held props.

There are some things that dont work well in this version so they are just redoing it. They added an entirely new ui etc so it means a rerelease. And I dont know if I heard this or not but there will be 1080p resolution I am pretty sure he said that, but I didnt hear if that will be in the free or paid version. So no your animation days are not over
2013/3/16 21:05:43
Help please - Maybe someone from the uk will come along soon sorry. Haha I'm "old" to but I am a hardcore nerd from well my childhood so all this stuff I learn easily because of the fact that I have always been a very curious person and just must learn what makes things go.

Anyhow good luck hopefully someone can come by with a link to a store in the UK you can get to
2013/3/16 21:03:36
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? oh gee see i learn something new everyday I thought "wow they give like some sexy model to do the work in sketchup or something"
2013/3/16 21:01:01
google hangout?? Sound was a bit low I found well for me but I think I got most of it.

The spoke of the new version of muvizu and how they started which was actually as a virtual reality type game which gave me a chuckle. That part I didnt know but it all sounded very promising and I thought I saw an avatar in there that was new actually it almost looked like one of the ones from iclone lol but the picture was to low rez to tell for sure but it almost looked like the avatar model "matilda" in the iclone G5 package but again the stream was not high enough definition for me to tell for sure.

Anyhow okay im ready for this new muvizu *holds out credit card*

Big Grin
2013/3/16 20:48:06
Help please - The only thing you want to avoid is a pc with a video card that is wired onto the motherboard most of them really dont support muvizu well even if they are brand new and video cards are one of the most common components to wear out. Anything that is new quad core with a decent graphics card and some decent ram to not get bogged down. Muvizu runs mostly off its graphics card so for instance I build sets that really a card with low ram wont even load because its doing the bulk of the work so for cards the bigger the better really but just avoid those "deals" on places like amazon and ebay
2013/3/16 19:59:35
Help please - yes be careful what you purchase and never purchase a used pc from a private person unless you know them well
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