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2015/11/12 22:19:54
African Village Set Wanted *cough* although I dont think rebel would be trying to resell this I thought I would take this opportunity to use it as an example of something that can't be resold

Some of the content in that set was created by muvizu and some of the content in that set was created by me and yet some more was created by a company called nevrax which only allowed for non-commerical usage and share alike type restrtictions. I used to have those items up here with the proper CC attributions, but took them down when the site started with the commercial store. (one of the trees was from a package that is only usable under a creative commons non-commercial type license so technically it can't be used in any commercial videos either if one is to split hairs)

So basically he cannot sell this set, but he can give it away LOL

Anyhow.. I just thought I would say something because these are things that muvizu is presently wrestling with as well and that are going to become issues in the future. When this site was all free stuff to give away it was not much of an issue .. it will become one soon though. I personally dont mind if you sell the trees I made although I might think it was you know profiting off my goodwill, but I would not want to see someone get in trouble because of the other stuff that is present that other companies hold rights too. The stuff I created was for use in videos that could be used for commercial purposes, but the assets were not meant to be resold themselves and that goes with the muvizu ones as well.

Better to say something before this becomes an issue then reacting afterwards. So anyone producing something read the terms of all the "ingredients" your using to create the assets including the textures.

.. okay back to the rest of the thread.
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2015/11/12 15:05:42
Hitfilm express 3 I did not mind the hitfilm I just found that I needed a good editor first and the other would be you know for compositing which.. I can do in blender if i need to lol.

I have done some composite work in blender and its quite good, but I have not done if for awhile since well I have gotten used to other ways. One day when I get round to it I may re-explore blender as I know they have upgraded the compositing abilities and of course having blender means I have any special affect I would ever want. So I may never invest in such a tool.

This is what I would most likely end up in future if i was to get more complicated. Or the red giant products.. as I love red giant's stuff. Basically I dont need a compositor I is what I am trying to say as I have one that rivals adobe in power and its free (I like free)


Exchange with other post-production programs The integrated alpha channel support of AVI files enables you to import sequences from compositing and 3D programs such as Adobe After Effects™ and Blender.

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2015/11/12 0:45:28
Hitfilm express 3 after trying hitfilm yet again I decided to purchase corel video ultimate again. I actually sat with hitfilm long enough to figure it out, but I came to the same conclusion that I always do.

A) its way more then I would ever need and its better as a compositor not very good as an editor
b) I would prefer a full blown compositor from another company due to the plugin availability
c) Blender is a compositor so if I really wanted one .. there is one there (its also fairly decent for video editing but i like the toys that come with the corel package)
2015/11/9 23:50:09
can't buy expansion packs without buying muvizu + For this i would contact support http://muvizu.com/Support and tell them what happened.
2015/11/1 19:37:28
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... you will notice cuda tech differences with certain things and I recently found out that for certain things nvidia and adobe got together to do some underhanded stuff regarding cuda tech. For instance the cuda tech exists on the 980 & 970 cards and is identical in speed to the titans, but they have partially disabled it to try to pressure people to purchase the titans.

Anyhow it does make a noticable difference with dealing with 3dstuff the amd cards make me wanna tear my hair out when using things like 3dcoat or other types of software but really I dont think it makes a huge difference with regards to muvizu because of what it is. However it makes larger difference elsewhere and I as a result purchase cards with it but tend to stay away from companies like adobe that has worked with nvidia to try to sell the titans. Not a fan of what nvidia has done regarding that but I need a good pc and unlike software so far I am left bowing down to nvidia because of this tech.

so if you like adobe after affects for instance or hitfilm your gonna want a card with cuda tech. It also makes a huge difference with iclone6 cause of how it works, but here not so much as muvizu is not as new and so it doesn't really tap into it a huge amount. (sorry used an evil word on this board but if your looking to progress and use your card for more then just muvizu and your doing 3d and particles and using voxel tech blah blah blah.. your gonna want a card with cuda)
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2015/10/30 18:05:54
uv mapping texturing there are some links at the top of the forum but these guys have good uvmapping tutorials

the concept is the same regardless of the object unwrap is to its not stretched and lay it out flat
2015/10/26 19:15:56
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
Well i did put it in the general discussion area
trying to avoid interrupting more serious technical matters involving Muvizu problems.
i didn't start the barbs and nastiness.

We are all different if you dont like what the person says you have the choice to ignore it or respond to it. Personally I tend to take the high road and not reply.

However again if you really want only a staff answer well dont post here LOL just contact them at support. I suspect their answer would be something like "we dont have any info yet but when we do we will share it".

As adults hopefully we all have the maturity to step away from the keyboard and not do the "he started it" thing. Anyhow I will go back to lurking but lets hope they dont have to start moderating these boards cause that means they have less time to do other things like building online stores that will accomodate the peanut gallery and them

anyhow "why cant we all just get along" LOL.

that is what i get for typing slower i need to go back and quote now lol.
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2015/10/26 18:57:07
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
No!! what i really want is the info i requested in my first post without anyone generalising what my intentions may be.
i never expected non staff members to comment on the subject .was just hoping actual muvizu staff to speak.

If you want info directly from them send them a support ticket. As has been said before they will share info when *they* are ready to share it and not before. "is it done yet" wont make it come any faster. If they are not posting info its because *they* have none to share. Asking on here a community board where the peanut gallery posts wont get only staff answers.

Your encountering annoyance because your posting more then one thread asking. If you get silence you dont like that either so some of us answer. Asking repeatedly and bumping threads wont help you and that is what your doing. The thread was dead and gone you nuked it and replied to fazz one month later. Just relax if they have no info to post they wont answer and obviously they have no info to post.

26/10/2015 18:28:03Someone who couldn't give a toss about the store eh?
Then is complicit in releasing monitarised assets.


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2015/10/26 18:44:22
The Users content output store......errm promised? drewi wrote:
Are you now privvy to the info i sought?
at least at a technical level or do you have to be part of some clique?
more laughs
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If you really want to sell content NOW that is muvizu compatible just go make some and sell it online wherever you want and carry on. There are a lot of sites that will let you set up shop. Renderosity https://www.renderosity.com/ is one of the most common that I remember off the tip of my head

another one is CGtrader https://www.cgtrader.com . ShareCG, turbosquid.. I could go on lol.

Their store their rules. (whatever they are gonna be when we get there) .
okay my links work now.. I need to slow down when I post ..
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2015/10/24 23:18:12
Animate sky I used to use an avi file small one and basic but I would plug that into the background texture and point the camera to it and then put that onto the skydome
2015/10/24 19:06:38
FBX UDK editor stuff. that one is new, but document stuff so next time you can just open up the file on your pc and go from there. This way you can avoid asking the question more then once because honestly. I dont know what I said/did last time.
2015/10/24 16:31:03
FBX UDK editor stuff. render? you want to export so I am unsure what your doing.

You can convert a 3ds file to an fbx file I made a video as well on it very similar but also about collision

also check out the wiki there is information in there as well http://muvizu.com/Wiki

Once you figure out how to do it I would suggest writing it down and saving the information on your pc if your using something like this sporadically put in notepad all the information including links to things you used for future use so that your not trying to solve the problem from scratch each time.
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2015/10/24 0:44:06
FBX UDK editor stuff. I use windows 10 and I have no compatability issues with it. ? And the version of fbx you use is 6.1 not 7.4 there are two converters now. Use the 6.1. Make sure you have tried the right version of fbx there are eleventy seventy million versions. However Muvizu's FBX format is the same as its always been.

there is a 32 bit and 64bit version of the blender make sure you install the right one.
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2015/10/10 15:42:25
The Users content output store......errm promised? lol

they wont be giving full details I dont think as they are still thinking. They wont say when until they themselves know when so if there is no detail its because they dont know themselves.


However keep up with their blog. I have not tried lately but can you still upload free stuff? if so just carry on until they move forward with the next phase of their plan. They actually will have to build the site to accomodate the needs of the people using it. They have to decide if they are going to create a virtual currency or points or whatever or just use cash for it.. and its an affiliate type set up so they have to set that up as well.

Its a lot of work and I think there is like one person working on the backend to accomodate it so its gonna take time.
2015/10/9 17:39:59
The Users content output store......errm promised? It will happen but they need to sort out the backend first. This is new stuff to them so give them time to get it set up. I would assume they are also trying to integrate it with the steam workshop stuff since they put muvizu onto steam so more coded bits to go through. Then there is the legal mess to worry about which takes more time as someone has to write all the gobbly gook that goes with it so they can cover their butts appropriately.

Since the team is very small it wont happen overnight.

In the end if they said they will do it ....they will
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2015/10/2 23:40:22
Just stay cool okay that one was awesome LOL
2015/10/2 23:38:54
Jar Heads: Episode One (Call for Backup) lol that one is pretty cute. Lotta work at the beginning with those guns going off and the bullet ricochets.
2015/10/2 13:44:43
Why can't I use my free Content Packs? They needed a way to make money in order to keep the lights on. One cannot begrudge them that. Its not very expensive so give them 30 bucks as a thank you for all their hard work and then you can use the content again.

Unfortunately for people like me its very hard to sell me content of any kind but I do purchase software. However since I can make most anything I tend to go for solutions that allow me to use almost anything I make. I will continue to use muvizu and likely purchase their characters as a thank you for the years and years of free time they have given me. Its only fair. So I await their new lines of characters patiently.

I have pretty much switched directions to "them other softwares" because my needs outstrip what muvizu can realistically do but I will continue to make some small little projects in them from time-to-time because they are quite fun as their animations are very cute. I just ask that they not make "one" of any type of character (so I guess call this input) as mixing styles is a bit difficult. I point to mandy with the manga eyes .. she has no male counterpart so it makes things a wee bit difficult.

Anyhow my new pc is almost ready for use.. I just need to put all the software back now (including muvizu).

So if you want them to do well put your money on the line and buy a copy of muvizu so they can keep the lights on. Consider that the amount of money they charge is the equivalent to a very cheap night out .. maybe a burger and a beer .. if your lucky.

*goes back to setting up my new pc of doom*
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2015/10/1 21:26:02
Content store opens it's doors! I might sell some stuff we shall see. I will decide later on however when I sell stuff I am shall we say more fussy and only like to put a price tag on my "perfect" stuff LOL. It will also be more complicated items. Most of what I created for free where "not that hard"

I burned out on content distribution for like money years ago because people can get pretty mean over 50 cents but I might give it another shot (we shall see...)
2015/9/9 16:45:11
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ haha well then hopefully in a few days you will be able to use the blender UI and do your models in there. So glad I remembered it at the last minute
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