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2013/7/26 10:33:42
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics aberglas wrote:
Also, can Muvizu run at all on laptops that are not very high end?
Our minimum specs can be found here: http://www.muvizu.com/System-requirements <--- these details may be a little outdated now and we'll probably revise them soon, but as of last time we checked you should be able to run Muvizu:Play on any machine which meets these requirements. Obviously if you are bang on or not much better than those requirements, though, the app may run slowly or encounter problems than if you were a good bit better than those minimum specs.
2013/7/26 10:31:06
I'VE HAD IT There have been issues with uploading to YouTube from Muvizu:Play in the recent past, but from what I understand they were on YouTube's end and not ours so there's not much we could do about it. Hopefully this is a different thing and we can get it sorted for you.

Remember that there is an "Upload" button at the top of pretty much every page on the Muvizu website (including this very page you're reading, I hope!) that you can use to upload your completed AVI if you're having issues with the app.
2013/7/25 15:58:31
After Installation Error PipisMegas wrote:
There is no Muvizu folder in Programme Files directory. Although I did tried installing it in a different directory. Same thing!!! When I open it the same error pops up. wtf

If you have installed the 64-bit version of Muvizu:Play on your 64-bit PC then it will likely be in the "Program Files (x86)" folder, not the "Program Files" folder.
2013/7/23 12:58:09
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures urbanlamb wrote:
Not sure why it didnt end up in the gallery even though i uploaded it and such
It's in the Gallery as of this morning. We have to review each video submitted to ensure it does not breach our content guidelines before we can approve it for inclusion in the Muvizu.com gallery... So, sometimes when we're really busy, it's difficult for any of us to get the time to check longer videos like this one. We do endeavour to get around to doing it ASAP, though, and it's always appreciated that when we do sit through 25 minutes of video that it's of high a quality as your Old Tyme Super Hero Adventures ones always are! Good work, as usual!
2013/7/23 12:51:48
Hi i think your website is very broken :) urbanlamb wrote:
I dont know where to send bugs for the website
It's still bugs@muvizu.com, where you've sent your bugs in the past! If you could somehow send the files you are trying to upload to this address (either as an attachment or as a download link) then that would greatly help us in attempting to recreate and get to the root of your problem.
2013/7/18 16:53:43
losing textures on Favorited objects fazz68 wrote:
it only happens on imported objects that i have saved into favourites.

01) Open Muvizu:Play.
02) Create > Import > Choose An .ASE With A Texture.
03) Edit > Edit.
04) In the "Favourites" tab, save the imported object as a favourite.
05) Close Muvizu:Play.
06) Re-open Muvizu:Play.
07) Create > Objects > Favourites > select the imported object that was just saved.
08) "File > Save As" and save the SET with the imported object selected from Favourites.
09) Close Muvizu:Play again.
10) Open the SET file we just saved in Muvizu:Play.
11) This is where the bug should occur?

Again, I'm getting to the final step here and finding the object displays as expected, with all the custom texture slots intact. I used "ob_gianthamburger.ase" from UrbanLamb's "Hamburger 'n Slushy Shops Junk Food Expansion Pack 1" (http://www.muvizu.com/3D/27193/Hamburger-n-Slushy-Shops-Junk-Food-Expansion-). And also again, if I'm making a mistake in what you mean here, let me know!

fazz68 wrote:
ive sent you the set where i first noticed it and the test set i used for the example on this page. hope this helps
This hasn't come through to us yet, but I imagine the attachment will cause it to take a wee while. If you haven't heard that we've got it by Monday afternoon, give me a metaphorical kick up the backside to remind me to double-check the "bugs" e-mail account!
2013/7/18 16:03:03
losing textures on Favorited objects fazz68 wrote:
it doesnt happen when saving a set with imported objects only ones saved in favourites.
Hmm, I'm having issues recreating this. Dunno if it's because I misunderstand the problem or not, though. Would you be able to check through these steps and see if this would cause the problem for you?:
01) Open Muvizu:Play.
02) Create > Objects > Bar > Arcade Machine.
03) Edit > Edit.
04) In the "Edit" tab, change Arcade Machine's "Screen Image" property to an imported custom texture.
05) In the "Favourites" tab, save the Arcade Machine object with the custom Screen Image as a favourite.
06) Close Muvizu:Play.
07) Re-open Muvizu:Play.
08) Create > Objects > Favourites > select the Arcade Machine with the custom Screen Image that was just saved.
09) "File > Save As" and save the SET with the Arcade Machine with the custom Screen Image selected from Favourites.
10) Close Muvizu:Play again.
11) Open the SET file we just saved in Muvizu:Play.
12) This is where the bug should occur?

At step 12, I'm just getting my SET file opening fine with the Arcade Machine with the custom Screen Image that I had chosen from my Favourites appearing as expected. Am I not following the procedure correctly? If not, could you tell me where I'm going wrong? If this DOES cause the bug for you, could you e-mail a SET file that it has happened in, with the bug saved, to bugs@muvizu.com?

2013/7/11 11:57:03
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - EPISODE 13 OUT NOW!!! Some excellent Muvizu improvisation on display when the Terminator zombie rips off the handrail and throws it! Props on the inclusion of a Bane action figure, an Alien pod and a Big Trouble In Little China poster as well. Cool SHATTAPP MISTER BURTON.
2013/7/10 16:12:26
[Request] Tutorial about stop motion in Muvizu PatrickDFTBA wrote:
Lol, in Holland we also have something like that: Hoelang is een Chinees? (Howlong is a Chinese guy? not as funny in English)
That actually still works quite well in English! Well, I laughed!
2013/7/10 9:37:22
Iron Man 3 SixsenceShen wrote:
After seeing the movie, I like Iron Man, though he is not perfect.
How ironic that you should make this forum post in the midst of a conversation about sockpuppets... *Disables Account*
2013/7/9 14:44:35
[Request] Tutorial about stop motion in Muvizu This is just regular computer animation, not stop-motion, and the joke is an adapted version of the old Abbott & Costella "Who's On First?" sketch:

It seems unlikely we'd incorporate a stop-motion tutorial in Muvizu in any way, since we'd rather our users just animate characters in the app, but if it's something you're interested in then there are already plenty of tutorials online you can check out!: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=stop+motion+tutorial
2013/7/8 14:38:16
How can I do assets? and in which program? ziggy72 wrote:
Bring into Google Sketchup (which is free) from your programs, and export as .ase using the HSKP2UNR plugin (which is available somewhere out there, on the world wide webbyverse)
The little rock out in the vastness of the World Wide Webbyverse that this plugin resides on is right here: www.muvizu.com/download/muvizuaseexporte­r.rb

And an old-but-still-helpful tutorial on exporting ASE from Sketchup can be viewed here:

Hope this helps if you decide to go down the Sketchup route, lunablackkuran!
2013/7/3 16:16:44
importing film to backdrop problems As you noted, your 2.30GHz processor is just shy of the 2.40GHz requirement, so I'd confidently point a finger at that being the source of any issues you may be have trying to get Muvizu:Play to behave.
2013/7/3 10:11:07
importing film to backdrop problems prole wrote:
Is it my computer not being up to the task
We'll need a little info on it to be able to answer this question! Info on your operating system, processor, graphics card and available hard drive space would be handy for helping us figure out if the problem is hardware-related, or you can check out http://www.muvizu.com/System-requirements and see for yourself how your PC measures up!
2013/7/3 10:06:56
What do you do in your spare time? Watch Iron Man 3, think about Iron Man 3, wear Iron Man 3 shirts, post about Iron Man 3 on the internet, eat and sleep.
2013/7/2 12:34:01
Which book gave you a deep impression? Why? "How To Speak Like Barry White" was a book that really left me with a deep impression.
2013/6/14 10:22:20
Remove the Muvizu watermark DgBlogs wrote:
I can't find anywhere in the Muvizu about removing the watermark ... pls help.
If you have the latest version of Muvizu:Play then you should be able to remove the watermark by changing the options in Video > Make Video.

All the information you need on watermark removal should be available somewhere in these pages on our website:

Hope this helps!
2013/6/13 16:37:48
Hello Community Huzzah!
2013/6/7 9:40:49
Icons B/W after update digitalartsguy wrote:
Am I going crazy?
I'm afraid this may be the case, yep. At least you'll fit in better around here that way! The "Tools > Timeline" and "Video > Upload To YouTube" icons have a wee bit of colour, if that makes you feel any better?
2013/6/3 15:01:35
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Doesn't anyone else really want a system implemented that will allow characters to hug and hand each other teddybears instead of crying out all the time for characters who can hold swords and guns...? Just me, then? Right, okay, cool.
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