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2012/7/18 14:10:09
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box WozToons wrote:
Also having trouble finding a decent point pose for firing the rockets or tracers. If there is one and I've missed it please let me know.
Are you looking for an end result like this?:

If so, then the "Gauntlet Blast" (found under Animation > Themes > Fighting when preparing character actions) should be suitable for all "gauntlet" effects!
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2012/7/18 12:13:19
Object Creation. Looks cool! I'm having some issues getting the two parts of your model to sit together in Muvizu, but you've already noted this. Hope it's something that can get sorted... Some turret-arms, a few minor modifications here and there and a new skin and that could even be quite easily made into one hell of an ED-209 model!
2012/7/17 15:01:07
Object Creation. Kreator01 wrote:
I have uploaded one file which is in my profile, but it appears from other posts that the 3D Assets are not regularly updated
Every asset must be screened by someone at Muvizu before it can be approved to appear in the Gallery (just to make sure no-one tries to slip-in something our more sensitive users shouldn't be seeing, etc.), and sometimes this can take a wee while if there's a lot of other work to be done. We usually endeavour to have all submissions screened within a matter of hours, though, and it would be great for us to have your work preserved in our Gallery for the ages.

Kreator01 wrote:
I am working on a Mech at the moment should be ready soon
I'm a lifelong fan of giant robots and am very much looking forward to seeing the results of you putting your hand to this!

Kreator01 wrote:
i really wonder how to animate objects in muvizu easy for rotation but anything more organic ie wheels props etc are a No No so it seems.
Animating individual parts in Muvizu can be quite pernickety... However, Muvizu is capable of importing AVI files as textures, so if it is a constantly animated piece then maybe you could try just using an imported AVI animation to pull-off the look of a moving part? This is something I thought might work when I read your posts earlier in this thread about animating the 'plane propellers.
2012/7/17 14:20:25
Motion artist This looks like exactly what I wanted Comic Setter for the Amiga to be like when I was a kid.

Sadly, Comic Setter was nowhere near as "boffo" as the box art claimed, though. But I'll definitely check this out. Cheers for the heads up!
2012/7/17 13:03:50
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this EEFilmz wrote:
when I wsa gonna play with Updated Muvizu yesterday is when the pain started...
I hope the two things aren't related! If anyone else experiences severe physical pain when opening up the new build, please drop bugs@muvizu.com a line detailing the problem!

Seriously, though, best wishes for the op. It'll be over in a flash and you'll be all better before ya know it.
2012/7/17 12:58:41
Object Creation. Re-downloaded your ZIP, and everything is now importing into Muvizu real nice! Great work!

Despite just asking you to include the TGA files, though, maybe it'd be better to just use the JPGs (but make sure you save the model this way so it doesn't keep asking for the TGAs)? I tried flicking between skinning the tank parts with the JPGs and then with the TGAs and there wasn't any majorly noticeable leap in quality from one to the other, even though the TGA files are about six times the size of the JPG files!

Also, have you considered clicking the "Upload" link at the top of every page of this here Muvizu site and submitting your quite-frankly-amazing models for inclusion in the Muvizu 3D asset gallery? It would be easier to put a spotlight on and share your great work with the community this way!
2012/7/17 11:44:22
Object Creation. Kreator01 wrote:
Added a tank asset as below quick anim

can be found here TANK
This looks excellent! I tried to download your files and use them in Muvizu, though, and although the "turret" works (and looks awesome BTW), trying to import the "chassis" results in an error because Muvizu can't find the "id_T54_1.tga" file.
There is a "T54_1.jpg" file included, though, so I'm assuming maybe you changed file type at some point and haven't updated everything in the uploaded file to reflect this? Would you be able to fix this and re-upload?

Also, while we're on the subject - any chance you could make it possible for the tank to transform into robot mode...?

Nah...? Stick Out Tongue
2012/6/8 16:48:22
HI, EVERYBODY... ...or, as they say on Cybertron, "Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong".

Just thought I should introduce myself - my name's Joe, and I'm the newest of the new testers at Muvizu. I have come to try and break things.

I pretty much scunnered myself in the "Leaving Things To Say About Myself In My Introduction Thread" department by putting absolutely everything there is to know about me in my profile already. So, ehh, in the words of Forrest Gump / Stone Cold Steve Austin: "That's all ah have ta say about that".

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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