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2012/9/14 14:41:27
Sardine (Adult Humor) Here is my newest film. Sardine! Based on Alex Broun's 10 minute play of the same name.

A big thanks to Alex for giving me permission to use his script. YAY!!

I hope you all enjoy it. As usual your feedback is most welcomed.

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2012/9/14 13:55:03
My thinkings So as I play around with Muvizu there are a few things I noticed that I would love seeing. So I thought I would share my ideas for someone else to take it and repackage it and sell them as there own!! (sorry had to do it! It was way to tempting!)

1. Color coded cue points
2 audio in wave format to be able to line up audio much easier

Character actions
1. would love to see the superhero characters have alot of the same actions as the normal characters. I.E. romance pirate...blah blah blah

2. Character action screen I personally hate this screen. For me its to small and would love to have it bigger and more than 9 actions to a page. the whole having to flip through pages to do an action at a certain point in your animation annoys me for some reason.

3. some eating chewing, drinking actions would be great. high five action, crawling, (dang just had a brain freeze. cant rember what else i was going to list lol)

Content pack ideas

1. Fantasy type pack (castles and all that)
2. Pirate pack
3. animals

would love to see a snapping action for lining up walls and such that would be great.
anywhoo just my 2 cents.
(will edit as i remember what i was wanting to list. man getting old sucks Not Found )
keep up the great work.
2012/9/13 9:49:12
The Garage Band Blues Episode #5 "Winning it all" I have to say that was amazing! Great job!!
2012/9/13 7:00:01
Sketchup to Muvizu Looks amazing Dylly!! As always!
2012/9/10 3:48:05
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here I would say both! I use people's sets and then did some changes to them to fit my needs kinda like a template kinda thing.

but then again sometimes you might just need that one object. Im no expert here for sure Im still trying to wrap my head around the whole importing stuff from sketchup myself.
Sooo there you go. Back to square one lol.
2012/9/9 13:21:42
Ghettoblaster Hey Rob85.

Go to where Sketchup is installed like C:/programs/sketchup there is a folder that is named plugins unzip to there
2012/9/1 14:04:15
The Raven The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Narrated by the great Vincent Price.

I love how this turned out except the small video overlay, worked all day on that. Going to work on it some more and try to get it more ovalish and transpiritish (is that a word) need to tighten up some walls i noticed but, Anyways by far I think it's the best work i have done by far. I hope you all enjoy it.

2012/8/18 13:52:55
New ASE exporter with ZiggyMesh Woot thanks!

This will be awsome. Downloading now
2012/8/8 2:24:54
Get well soon Eef! Get well soon Eef! We will see you back soon!!
2012/8/3 0:30:53
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. From one Grunt to another welcome to Muvizu! Looking forward to seeing your creations.
Not only is the program great but the community is to.
Good luck!
2012/8/2 21:51:53
Oculus Rift That would be sweetness! Wonder what the price would be.
2012/7/25 2:13:57
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congrats!! Being a grandfather is great...especially when you spoil them rottten and send them back home to let the parents deal with the sugar high's lol.
2012/7/21 14:52:04
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Lol that was too funny!! I don't think i will look at toffee the same again lol.
2012/7/21 0:22:19
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this That really sucks about the bleeding the rest of it was a little TMI lol. Hope you get to feeling better.
2012/7/20 11:54:32
Crying Out Loud music Video Here is Crying Out Loud singing their latest song "Like A Zombie"

Lyrics by: Farisha

Music was mixed by me. I love how this turned out. I noticed a couple of things that needs fixing but over all not bad i think.

Hope you all enjoy it.

2012/7/20 1:43:05
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Do I see a movie coming from this

Glad your alright and back home. I would suggest flip flops
2012/7/19 14:37:27
Male Superhero face textures! That looks great.
2012/7/19 14:35:56
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Good Luck and speedy recovery!
2012/7/14 18:23:44
Need a model or set made? Hey Dylly.. I was wondering if you could make 2 Muvizu Sheep?
one standing and the other eating pose.

Muvizu sooo needs animals!

Thank you!
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2012/7/13 19:59:13
A Public Service Announcement! Thank you Mogul! I don't even know if any kids now a days even know what a projector is lol!!
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